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Dive into action with That's Not My Neighbor APK, the new version for Android. Download now to unravel game mysteries in an immersive experience.

Information of That's not my Neighbor

Name That's not my Neighbor
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.5
Size 251 MB
Category Action
Developer That's not my Neighbor INC


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About That's not my Neighbor

Start an exciting adventure with That's Not My Neighbor APK, a game that raises the bar in mobile gaming with its suspenseful journey. This exhilarating adventure, created specifically for Android devices, immerses you in a world of secrets and obstacles. Being selected as an Editor's Choice featured game demonstrates its distinct appeal and engaging gameplay.

Developed by the creative team at Nacho-Sama, known for their forward-thinking approach to gaming, That's Not My Neighbor challenges players to immerse themselves in a game where each choice holds significance. Discover the concealed mysteries of this game while you make your way through its carefully crafted stages and challenges.

What is New in That's not my Neighbor APK?

In the latest iteration of That's Not My Neighbor, the game developers have introduced various features designed to enhance players' experience significantly. These updates promise to deepen the engaging puzzles and immersive atmosphere that fans have come to adore, alongside offering rich data insights and introducing captivating new characters. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Puzzle Complexity: The Engaging Puzzles have been intricately designed to challenge players further, making each decision more impactful and rewarding.
  • Richer Storyline: Deepen your connection with You (The Doorman) and Various Neighbors through expanded backstories and interactions. This update brings characters to life like never before.
  • Improved Data Analytics: Players can now access detailed Data insights, allowing for a more personalized gaming experience. Track your progress and strategies to become more efficient in identifying doppelgängers.
thats not my neighbor apk
  • Advanced Graphics and Sound: Dive deeper into an Immersive Atmosphere with upgraded visuals and audio. These enhancements bring the game's world to life, ensuring players feel every heartbeat of suspense.
  • New Levels and Challenges: That's Not My Neighbor has expanded its universe with additional levels that introduce novel, Engaging Puzzles and scenarios, pushing players to strategize differently.
  • Character Customization Options: Personalize You (The Doorman) with various outfits and accessories for the first time, adding a personal touch to your game experience.
  • Community Features: Engage with a global community of players. Share tips, strategies, and experiences to enhance your gameplay and connect with others.


These updates are tailored to ensure players remain at the edge of their seats, eager to uncover what lies beyond every door in That's Not My Neighbor.

Features of That's not my Neighbor APK

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

That's Not My Neighbor introduces groundbreaking gameplay elements that set it apart. At the heart of its innovation is the Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.) The setting is where players assume the role of a vigilant doorman tasked with safeguarding the apartment from sinister doppelgängers. The gameplay intricacies include:

  • Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.) Setting: Immerse yourself in the 1955 backdrop, serving as the first line of defense against doppelgänger infiltrations.
  • Thorough Examination: Every visitor presents a puzzle, requiring keen observation and quick thinking to differentiate friend from foe.
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  • Emergency Button: A crucial tool for immediate action upon doppelgänger identification, ensuring the safety of the apartment's residents.
  • End-of-Day Results: Reflect on your vigilance with daily summaries, learning from mistakes and celebrating successes.

This unique blend of gameplay features ensures each session with That's Not My Neighbor is as thrilling as it is engaging.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

That's Not My Neighbor elevates the gameplay experience by incorporating elements designed to engage the player fully in its suspense-filled world. The features contributing to this immersive experience include:

  • Suspenseful Arcade Mode: After the sun sets, the game's atmosphere thickens with tension, especially if a doppelgänger has breached your defenses.
  • Dynamic Challenges: Each day introduces new challenges, keeping players on their toes and the gameplay fresh.
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  • Realistic Scenarios: The Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.) Setting and the mechanics of Thorough Examination and using the Emergency Button mirror plausible situations, adding depth and realism to the gameplay.
  • Compelling Storyline: Beyond the mechanics, the narrative woven through each interaction adds layers of intrigue and motivation.

Together, these features craft a gameplay experience that is as rich and detailed as it is captivating, making That's Not My Neighbor a standout adventure in mobile gaming.

Best Tips for That's not my Neighbor APK

Mastering That's Not My Neighbor requires quick reflexes, a sharp mind, and strategic thinking. Here are the best tips to excel in the game, ensuring you become the ultimate guardian against the doppelgänger threat:


  • Pay Attention to Details: The minutiae is the key to success in That's Not My Neighbor. Each neighbor and their documentation hold clues to their true identities. Overlooking even the smallest detail could mean letting a doppelgänger slip by.
  • Use Emergency Wisely: The Emergency Button is your best defense against confirmed doppelgängers. However, its misuse can lead to unnecessary panic and false alarms. Reserve it for moments when you're certain of a threat, ensuring the safety and trust of your genuine neighbors.
  • Learn Signs of Doppelgängers: It is essential to get to know the typical characteristics and differences that separate doppelgangers from actual neighbors. That's Not My Neighbor gives clues in the game through small differences in paperwork and behaviors that can help identify intruders.
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  • Adapt to Each Day's Challenges: Each day in the game presents its own set of obstacles and personalities. Remain flexible, adjusting your tactics as the game changes, and you encounter various kinds of duplicates.
  • Engage with the Community: The game features a lively community of players who exchange insights, strategies, and experiences. Interacting with other gamers can offer fresh insights and strategies essential for progressing in the game.
  • Practice and Patience: Mastery of That's Not My Neighbor doesn't come overnight. It requires practice to hone your observation skills and patience to learn from each mistake.

By following these suggestions, players can greatly improve their gaming experience in That's Not My Neighbor and ensure they are prepared to confront the clever look-alikes with certainty.


Exploring the universe of That's Not My Neighbor doesn't just offer exciting entertainment but also helps improve cognitive and strategic skills. This game serves as a shining example for mobile gamers seeking depth and challenge, thanks to its mix of suspenseful gameplay, engaging puzzles, and immersive story.

Navigating the creepy hallways of doppelgänger identification entails continual education, adjustment, and thrill. For those eager to start this journey, downloading That's Not My Neighbor APK offers hours of captivating gameplay. Accept the challenge and be the protector your community requires.

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