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Discover the new version 2024 of Chrome Valley Customs MOD APK on Android. Restore, tune, and trade classic cars like never before. Don't miss out, download today!

Information of Chrome Valley Customs

Name Chrome Valley Customs
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version
Size 191.22 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Space Ape
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MOD Features
  • Auto Clear

About Chrome Valley Customs

Chrome Valley Customs APK is a game that embodies the passion and nostalgia of classic car enthusiasts. Crafted exclusively for Android, this mobile adventure immerses players in the timeless allure of restoring and trading vintage vehicles. With its intricate designs and immersive gameplay, the developer ensures a seamless experience that encapsulates the thrill of the automobile world.

What is New in Chrome Valley Customs APK?

Dive into the updated world of Chrome Valley customs, where every update ensures a richer, more immersive experience for automobile enthusiasts:

  • New Levels Added: Players can now tackle more challenging levels brimming with excitement and intricate details to conquer.
  • Expanded Garage Space: The garage has significantly expanded, allowing more room to house your growing collection of classic car marvels.
  • Match-3 Puzzles Revamped: The match-3 puzzles have been enhanced, offering a refreshed gaming experience that challenges players to think strategically.
chrome valley customs mod apk
  • Advanced Restoration Tools: Restore your prized vehicles faster and more efficiently with the latest tools introduced and handpicked by top mechanic experts.
  • Broader Customization Options: Dive deeper into customization with various novel options to personalize your classic rides.
  • New Rewards System: Players can earn more rewards at every stage, incentivizing them to achieve greater feats.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Significant improvements have been made to make the game more user-friendly, optimizing the player's navigation experience.

These updates reinvigorate the gameplay and ensure that every player's journey in Chrome Valley Customs is filled with newfound wonder and exhilaration.

How to Play Chrome Valley Customs APK

Restoring Your Classic Collection

Dive into the heart of Chrome Valley Customs, where the magic of vehicle restoration awaits:

  • Deep Dive into Designs: With each vehicle, you're presented with a unique design challenge. Whether it's a sleek '70s coupe or a rugged '60s truck, your skills are tested to the max.


chrome valley customs mod apk download
  • Fix and Refurbish: Use your tools to fix the rust, replace worn-out parts, and polish to perfection, reviving each vehicle's majestic charm.
  • Rewards for Restoration: The deeper you delve into the restoration, the more rewards you earn. From in-game currency to exclusive vehicle parts, the benefits are vast.

Customization and Challenges by Space Ape

Crafted meticulously by space ape, this segment of the game allows players to infuse personal touches and tackle challenging puzzles:

  • Puzzle Game Perfection: Delve into the intricacies of the puzzle game mechanics. Match parts, earn points, and use these to advance in your car restoration journey.
  • Customize to Your Heart's Content: The game offers many customized options to make each classic car your own. Whether it's a flashy new paint job or vintage leather seats, your customer preferences are catered to in every detail.
chrome valley customs mod apk unlimited money
  • Mastery in Gameplay: The gameplay is designed to be intuitive yet challenging. Players are introduced to new customization techniques, challenges, and puzzles with each level that keep the enthusiasm alive.

Best Tips for Chrome Valley Customs APK

Chrome Valley Customs is more than just a game; it's a great adventure. Some secrets should be unearthed:

  • Tune into the Storyline: Engage deeply with the storyline. Donna, the engine specialist, and your Uncle, the big rig aficionado, offer invaluable insights that can enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Harness Power-Ups: Don’t just play; play smart. Utilize power-ups to your advantage, especially in challenging levels. They can be the difference between a win and a redo.
  • Know Your Crew: Building a rapport with your crew members can be beneficial. Each member, from the engine specialist to the paint expert, offers unique skills that can aid in restoring classic cars to their former glory.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The essence of mastery in any game is practice. Dedicate time to understanding the mechanics, especially the intricate facets of car customization.


chrome valley customs mod apk latest version
  • Race for Rewards: Embrace the thrill of the race. Racing offers an adrenaline rush and rewards that can be pivotal for your progress.
  • Be Strategic in Car Selection: Always choose the right vehicle for the task. Select wisely Whether to restore a vintage sedan or a 60’s big rig.
  • Replace with Care: A big part of the game revolves around replacing old parts. Ensure you always replace with the best quality available. After all, quality work demands quality materials.
  • Casual Yet Focused Gameplay: Approach the game casually but maintain focus. Balancing relaxation with attentiveness can lead to better decisions and outcomes.
  • Bonus Hunts: Always be on the lookout for bonus opportunities. These can expedite your progress and enhance your resources.

With each task, embrace the joy of reviving memories, and with each completed project, relish the accomplishment of breathing life into timeless beauties.


Chrome Valley Customs MOD APK is a testament to the ever-evolving digital world where a game can offer entertainment and a journey back in time. It captures, with finesse, the nostalgia of classic car restoration while challenging the gamer to dive deep into strategy and decision-making—a must-have for every mobile gaming fan. 

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