Super City Mod APK 2.000.64 (Unlimited power/VIP Unlocked/One Hit Kill/Menu)

Icon Super City Mod APK 2.000.64 (Unlimited power/VIP Unlocked/One Hit Kill/Menu)
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Download the Super City MOD APK for Android and dive into the action-packed world where you create your superhero. Experience thrilling adventures in this 2024 new version!

Information of Super City

Name Super City
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.000.64
Size 42.91 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer MDickie
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlocked

About Super City

Enter a world where Super City APK turns your mobile device into a superhero universe. Developed and offered by MDickie, the game invites players to design their own heroes and villains, unleashing their power in an immersive single player adventure. With dynamic combat mechanics, sprawling cityscapes, and a vast roster of characters to interact with, the game keeps the action exciting as you navigate through endless possibilities. Download it on Google Play for Android and step into a shared universe where creativity and imagination come alive.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Super City

Super City offers a unique blend of freedom of creativity and immersive gameplay, allowing players to craft their own superheroes or villains. This game stands out for its open-ended approach, enabling you to shape your character's appearance, abilities, and backstory. The diverse interactions with over 150 other characters create a rich tapestry of relationships and conflicts, making every playthrough a fresh adventure. This level of customization and depth ensures that no two experiences are the same, keeping players engaged and invested in their stories.

super city mod apk

Another compelling reason players are drawn to Super City is the stress relief it offers. The ability to set up fight scenes and engage in dynamic battles provides a cathartic outlet, allowing players to blow off steam in a fun and entertaining way. Combined with the endless replayability of the game, where there is no fixed endpoint, you can continuously evolve your character and explore new storylines. This perpetual gameplay loop, filled with action and discovery, keeps players coming back for more, making Super City a must-have on your mobile device.

Features of Super City APK

  • Create Your Own Superhuman: In Super City, players can design and customize their own superhero or villain. Tailor their appearance, abilities, and backstory to craft a unique persona that matches your creative vision. The possibilities are endless as you unlock new powers and equipment.
  • Shared Universe: Engage with a vast, interconnected world populated by over 150 other heroes and villains. Your loyalties shape your path in this dynamic game play environment where alliances shift and conflicts arise, giving a sense of unpredictable excitement.
  • Inherited Combat System: Borrowing from MDickie's wrestling series, the inherited combat system lets you unleash devastating moves using a rich arsenal of new powers, advanced technology, and impressive costumes. Combine your character’s unique abilities to create thrilling fight sequences.
super city mod apk download
  • Character Customization: Every character you interact with in Super City can be saved and upgraded, allowing for continuous improvement. Refine your hero or villain as you progress, ensuring they remain a formidable presence in this chaotic landscape.
  • Endless Gameplay: Start with any character you like and explore endless gameplay possibilities. There's no predetermined ending, so your journey is defined by how you choose to evolve and interact with others in the shared universe.
  • Fight Scenes: Need to blow off steam? The fight scenes feature lets you set up intense, adrenaline-fueled battles without consequence. Stage epic confrontations in any of the game's detailed environments, using objects and the terrain to your advantage.

With these features, Super City delivers an unparalleled superhero experience that celebrates creativity and strategic combat. Whether you’re building alliances or breaking bones, the world is yours to explore and conquer.

Super City APK Alternatives

  • Gangstar Vegas: For those who enjoy the open-world action of Super City, Gangstar Vegas is a perfect alternative. This game offers a sprawling urban landscape filled with missions, customizable characters, and high-octane combat. The immersive gameplay lets players explore the city, engage in street races, and take on the criminal underworld, providing endless excitement and opportunities for mayhem.
super city mod apk unlimited energy
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: If swinging through the city as a superhero excites you, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers a thrilling experience. Play as Spider-Man, battling iconic villains and saving New York from various threats. The game features dynamic combat, web-swinging mechanics, and a story-driven campaign that keeps players hooked, making it a fantastic alternative to Super City for superhero enthusiasts.
  • Marvel Contest of Champions: For fans of superhero combat, Marvel Contest of Champions brings together heroes and villains from the Marvel universe in intense one-on-one battles. This game allows players to assemble a team of their favorite characters, each with unique abilities and special moves. The competitive gameplay and extensive roster make it a great choice for those who love the action-packed battles found in Super City.

Best Tips for Super City APK

  • Experiment: Try different combinations when creating your superhero or villain in Super City. Mix up powers and abilities, customize their backstory, and explore various strategies to discover what suits your game playstyle best.
  • Master Controls: Familiarize yourself with all the controls to maximize your effectiveness in combat. Learn the timing for attacks, grapples, blocks, and special powers to keep your character prepared for any enemy.
super city mod apk for android
  • Save Changes: Regularly update and save your modifications. As you progress, use the character customization feature to upgrade equipment and abilities, ensuring your superhero or villain remains strong against evolving threats.
  • Explore the City: Take time to roam through the streets and buildings. By exploring the city thoroughly, you’ll uncover secrets, hidden locations, and random encounters that add new layers of depth and challenge to your game play experience.
  • Create Fight Scenes: Set up custom fight scenes where you can practice your combat techniques without the pressure of consequences. This allows you to get creative and perfect different strategies for the main storyline.


Dive into a vibrant world of limitless creativity and action by downloading the Super City. With fully customizable characters, a vast shared universe, and dynamic combat, it's the ultimate playground for superhero enthusiasts. Experiment with different powers, explore an unpredictable cityscape, and unleash epic fight scenes. Whether you're teaming up with allies or conquering foes, download the Super City MOD APK now to experience the thrill of forging your own legendary path!

Download Super City (42.91 Mb)
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