PK XD Mod APK 1.37.1 (Unlimited money and gems)

Icon PK XD Mod APK 1.37.1 (Unlimited money and gems)
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PK XD MOD APK 2023 is a cute social game where you get to create an avatar and interact with other players from across the world through exciting mini-games and activities.

Information of PK XD

Name PK XD
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.37.1
Size 499.10 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Afterverse Games
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited Event Points
  • No ads

About PK XD

PK XD APK for Android by Afterverse Games is a beautiful 3D social game with so much to do and countless opportunities to make new friendships and share new experiences. A popular genre of games that has garnered much popularity in recent years is social games with the likes of PK XD APK and Roblox leading the flock. These types of games intertwine gaming with social media to create experiences that enable players to engage in fun mini-games while also making online friends.

pk xd apk

These types of games give players the best of both worlds as they get to enjoy games differently. While most games are mostly solitary escapes, games like PK XD APK for Android are at their best when enjoyed with others. Social games force players into social interactions by requiring them to work together and interact to enhance each other’s gaming sessions. They do this by removing /reducing CPU-controlled characters making it so that most players in a session are actual players.

Games like PK XD APK 2023 encourage creativity and expression by giving players multiple customization options so they may be able to distinguish themselves from other players. Go from looking like a trendy hipster to an elite ninja in just a few clicks in the character design menu. There are hundreds of accessories and clothes to choose from making designing your character extremely flexible. Outside of just clothing, you will also be able to change your character’s body features such as their skin tone, hair type and build.

PK XD APK latest version also lets you build a home where your avatar can return to change their clothes and access some of their gear. These virtual homes are fully customizable with a ton of decorations and gadgets that you can add to your home to make it stand out from the rest. You can also purchase other types of houses with multiple models available such as palaces, Artificially intelligent homes, DJ houses and so much more. It could get lonely sometimes so it’s only fair that the game also lets you purchase virtual pets to keep you company during your adventures.

pk xd apk download

The game wouldn’t be a truly social game without a chat feature now, would it? don’t you worry though, the developers of PK XD APK 2023 already got you covered in that department. PK XD APK features a robust chat feature that allows you to communicate seamlessly with players inside the game world. Engage in fun conversations as you work together to complete challenges and activities creating lasting relationships with the different kinds of players you will encounter.

Game Guide for PK XD APK for Android 

  • PK XD APK 2023 sets you off on your journey by first letting you create your own character
  • In the beginning you will have few accessories and clothing to choose from, but you will be able to acquire more as you play
  • Your character can then get a house that will act as a hub for your possessions
  • PK XD APK for Android uses an in-game currency that you can use to buy things such as gear, accessories, clothes, houses, and pets.
  • To make money you will have to compete in challenges and mini-games
pk xd apk 2023
  • You can also make money by picking a profession with a couple of careers available to choose from such as pilot, astronaut, chef, and social media influencer.
  • You will get some objectives that you will need to complete as you play to gain XP and gold with some objectives requiring you to change your appearance.

What PK XD APK 2023 Has to Offer

  • A World That’s Alive

The world of PK XD APK is truly alive with players swarming the map at all times meaning there are constant opportunities for eventful interactions. Players can be found all over going about their day completing quests to make money for upgrades. You can approach any one of them and spark a conversation, who knows? you might make a new best friend.

  • Character Creator and Customization

PK XD APK for Android features a rich character creator with tons of unique customization options to help you stand out.

pk xd apk latest version

It’s really hard to find two identical characters as there are enough accessories to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

  • Build the House of your Dreams

Your in-game avatar will also be able to purchase a house where they can store all their belongings. The home will act as a hub where you can change your outfits and customize your appearance at any time.

  • Get a Pet to Keep You Company

There’s tons of players to keep you company during sessions but sometimes you may need to have a close companion you can take care of. This is why PK XD included the option to have virtual pets. With a virtual pet, you will need to nurture them and keep them happy to allow them to evolve, adding an extra layer to gameplay.

  • Live Chat Feature

With the game’s Live Chat Feature, you will be able to engage in conversations with other players during gaming sessions.

pk xd apk for android

Organize fun escapades and adventures through the chat box or even just hang out around the world while getting to know the friendly community of PK XD APK for Android.

How to Get the Most out of PK XD APK?

  • Take Part in Cool Events to Win Prizes

Depending on the season, the game will have cool events whether it be Christmas or Halloween. These events come with new decorations and change the atmosphere of the game world. On top of that, there are also unique activities that pop up which once completed can earn you cool prizes.

  • Look After your Pets

Having a pet poses a new responsibility to players as you will be expected to take care of them to ensure their survival and growth.

pk xd apk new version

Make sure to cater to their needs to keep them happy allowing them to evolve.

  • Earn Money through Mini-games

To fund your lifestyle and purchases in the game you will need to play tons of mini-games and compete in challenges against other players to earn cool rewards and money.

PK XD APK Download

PK XD APK latest version is a unique game with very few games much like it. You get to create your own character and live in a virtual world with other players interacting with each to enhance each other’s experiences.


If you’re a gamer who is fond of making new friends and loves interacting with other players in engaging ways then PK XD MOD APK is the game for you. The tons of mini-games and activities will always keep you active while the chat feature will help you make new bonds along the way.

Download PK XD (499.10 Mb)
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