Spatial Touch Mod APK 1.0.32 (Premium Unlocked)

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Download the latest version of Spatial Touch MOD APK for Android in 2024. Experience groundbreaking app control without touching your screen.

Information of Spatial Touch

Name Spatial Touch
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.0.32
Size 73.69 Mb
Category Tools
Developer VTouch
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About Spatial Touch

Dive into the future of digital interaction with Spatial Touch APK, a revolutionary tool that redefines how we engage with our Android devices. Offered by VTouch, this application stands out on Google Play as a beacon of innovation, inviting users to navigate their favorite apps without ever touching the screen. It's a leap forward in technology, designed to enhance convenience and accessibility across a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets. With Spatial Touch, your device responds to air gestures, turning mundane interactions into a seamless and futuristic experience. This breakthrough tool opens up new dimensions of control and interaction, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Reasons Why Users Love Spatial Touch

Spatial Touch has captivated users with its blend of Hands-Free Convenience and Enhanced Privacy, setting a new standard for interacting with apps on Android devices. The magic of Spatial Touch lies in its ability to understand air gestures, allowing users to play, pause, scroll, and navigate without making contact with the screen. This hands-off approach is not just about keeping the screen smudge-free; it's a boon for scenarios where direct touch is inconvenient or impossible, such as while cooking, eating, or with messy hands. The ease and flexibility of controlling devices from a distance up to 2 meters away have transformed user interaction into a more comfortable and adaptable experience.

spatial touch mod apk

Moreover, Spatial Touch prioritizes user Efficiency and Enhanced Privacy. Every gesture is processed locally on the device, ensuring that personal data never leaves the user's handset. This commitment to privacy, coupled with the app's ability to streamline and enhance user interaction with devices, has been a game-changer. Whether multitasking or simply enjoying a hands-free experience, Spatial Touch delivers unparalleled Efficiency in controlling various apps and functions. It's this blend of innovative control and stringent privacy measures that has made Spatial Touch a beloved tool among Android users, redefining what's possible with gesture technology.

How Spatial Touch APK Works

Spatial Touch transforms user interaction with apps through intuitive air gestures. No need to touch your screen; control is at your fingertips, literally in the air.

  • Tap: A simple gesture to play or pause videos, skip ads, or move to the next item in your favorite apps.
  • Drag Left/Right: Navigate through your media with ease, fast-forwarding or rewinding videos as needed.
  • Drag Up/Down: Adjust the volume without touching your device, sliding your hand up or down in the air.


spatial touch mod apk download
  • Two Finger Tap: Engage full-screen mode or return to a previous video, adding a layer of convenience to your viewing experience.
  • Two Finger Left/Right: Scroll through content or switch between videos seamlessly.
  • Two Finger Up/Down: Navigate menus or web pages effortlessly, scrolling up or down with a simple gesture.
  • Pointer (Pro version): Activate an on-screen cursor for precise control, allowing you to interact with on-screen elements as if using a mouse.

Features of Spatial Touch APK

  • Air Gestures: Spatial Touch brings a futuristic way to interact with apps through air gestures. Users can play, pause, navigate, and more without ever touching their device's screen.
  • Remote Control: Operate your device from up to 2 meters away, offering unparalleled convenience for controlling apps, media playback, and settings without the need to physically touch your phone or tablet.
spatial touch mod apk premium unlocked
  • Gesture Recognition: Advanced gesture recognition technology ensures Spatial Touch accurately interprets your movements, minimizing false detections and enhancing the user experience. Customize the gesture sensitivity to match your personal preference for a smoother, more intuitive control.
  • Background Auto-Start: Upon installation, Spatial Touch cleverly initiates when you open supported apps, running quietly in the background to be ready whenever you need it. This feature ensures that the magic of air gestures is always at your disposal, seamlessly integrating with your device usage.
  • Strong Security: With Spatial Touch, security is paramount. The app uses the camera to detect gestures but never stores or transmits any images or videos. All processing is done locally on your device, ensuring your privacy and security are never compromised. This Strong Security feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your interactions remain private and protected.
  • Compatibility with Major Apps: Spatial Touch is designed to work harmoniously with a wide range of apps, including popular video streaming services, social media platforms, and music apps, enhancing user interaction across the board.
spatial touch mod apk latest version
  • Easy Installation and Setup: Getting started with Spatial Touch is a breeze. Available on Google Play, it can be quickly downloaded and set up, allowing users to dive into a touchless control experience without hassle.

Tips to Maximize Spatial Touch 2024 Usage      

  • Calibrate Gestures: To ensure Spatial Touch responds accurately to your movements, take the time to calibrate gestures within the app. This initial setup can significantly improve recognition accuracy, making interaction with your favorite apps more seamless and enjoyable.
  • Explore Supported Apps: Spatial Touch is compatible with a wide range of apps, from video streaming services to social media platforms. Dive into the settings to discover all the supported apps and experiment with different gestures to enhance your user experience. This exploration can uncover new and efficient ways to interact with your device, making everyday tasks more fun and engaging.
  • Keep Camera Clean: Since Spatial Touch relies on your device's camera to detect gestures, maintaining a clean camera lens is crucial. A clear lens ensures optimal gesture recognition, preventing misinterpretations and enhancing the overall responsiveness of the app. Regularly wiping your camera with a soft, clean cloth can make a significant difference in Spatial Touch's ability to accurately recognize your movements.


spatial touch mod apk for android
  • Customize Gesture Sensitivity: Tailor Spatial Touch's gesture sensitivity to match your personal preferences and environment. Adjusting sensitivity can help avoid unintended gestures, especially in dynamic or cluttered settings, ensuring that your commands are intentional and accurately captured.
  • Utilize Gesture Shortcuts: Spatial Touch offers a variety of gesture shortcuts designed to streamline your interaction with apps. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts to make quick adjustments, navigate content, and control playback effortlessly, maximizing the efficiency and convenience of your touchless experience.
  • Stay Updated: Spatial Touch is continually evolving, with updates that include new features, improved gesture recognition, and expanded app support. Regularly updating the app ensures you have access to the latest enhancements and functionalities, keeping your experience fresh and efficient.


Embracing Spatial Touch MOD APK represents the pinnacle of touchless technology, offering a unique and intuitive way to navigate your device. With the option to download and integrate this advanced tool into your daily digital routine, users gain access to a world where convenience and innovation converge. Whether it’s for navigating through apps, controlling media playback, or ensuring privacy, Spatial Touch stands out as a testament to the possibilities of modern technology. This app not only enhances the way we interact with our devices but also redefines the boundaries of user interface design. Engage with the future of device control today by embracing Spatial Touch.

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