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Download Widgetable MOD APK Premium latest version to make your phone screens more adorable. It features trending widgets in diverse niches, including pets, plants, and social.

Information of Widgetable

Name Widgetable
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version 1.5.021
Size 61.21 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd.
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Vip unlocked

About Widgetable

Widgetable Mod APK is a unique personalization tool Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd. It replaces mundane widgets on your phone screen, adding life to your phone usage. 

The app features numerous widgets tailor-made to enable you to communicate your feelings in the most authentic way possible. The in-game widgets are spread through diverse niches, including pets, plants, social, and mood bubbles. 

widgetable mod apk

Even better, the app is quite minimalistic, ensuring you have a clean screen to work with. You will never feel overwhelmed by the options available. A simple touch will apply the effects immediately, passing your desired message fast and hassle-free. 

Besides, there is practically no learning curve when using this app. Even beginners will decipher how it works within minutes. This simplicity makes Widgetable MOD APK 2023 your go-to personalization tool. Download it now! 

How to Use Widgetable Mod APK 

This application is super easy to use. It has two main functionalities, including:

  • Screen personalization 
  • Passing cute messages (to friends/partners)

On-screen personalization, you will be required to select a widget that you wish to apply to your screen. Once you apply it, it will transform your screen immediately, giving it an unrivaled dynamism and eliminating boredom. 

widgetable mod apk download

On the other hand, you can link your device with your friends to use various social media widgets together. For example, the Distance Widget will show the real-time distance between you & your partner. This way, you can track their movements and understand what they are up to, further enhancing your connection. 

Other practical widgets to share messages include Notes Widget (send cute messages to your friends) and Status & Moods Widget (send cute mood expressions like hugs and kisses). This way, you can be sure that this app will strengthen your bond significantly. 

A Detailed Analysis of Various Widgets

Widgetable APK introduces an exciting assortment of widgets that are aimed at transforming your phone's home screen into a canvas of emotions and connections. Here are some revolutionary options to explore:

  1. Pet Widget & Co-parenting

Imagine having adorable virtual pets right on your home screen, ready to share their lives with you. Widgetable's Pet Widget takes virtual companionship to a whole new level. These loyal virtual friends accompany you throughout your day, spreading joy with their random and endearing interactions. 

But it's not just about receiving their affection – taking care of them is essential to maintain their cleanliness and cheerfulness. Frequent interactions create a sense of responsibility and attachment, making it an engaging experience. 


What's more, Widgetable allows you to co-parent your virtual pets with friends or partners. This unique feature fosters collaboration and teamwork, creating opportunities to nurture and bond over these delightful digital companions.

  1. Mood Bubbles

Expressing emotions can sometimes be challenging, especially in the digital realm where text and emojis can only convey so much. Enter Mood Bubbles – a whimsical feature that allows you to translate your feelings into captivating visual representations. 

widgetable mod apk premium unlocked

By blending different colors of potions into bubbles, you craft personalized mood bubbles that mirror your emotional state for the day. This innovative concept adds a layer of creativity to communication, enabling you to share your sentiments in a fun and engaging manner.

  1. Plant Widget

Nature has a soothing effect on the human spirit, and Widgetable recognizes this by introducing the Plant Widget. With this feature, you can cultivate and nurture your own virtual plants directly on your home screen. 

The application offers a diverse range of plant species, from vibrant flowers to lush greenery and even delightful fruits. As you care for your virtual garden and witness your plants grow and mature, you create a sense of accomplishment and connection with the natural world.

  1. Fostering Connections

Beyond adorning your home screen with visual delights, Widgetable aims to facilitate meaningful connections between individuals. Let's explore the range of social widgets that work to bridge the gap and strengthen relationships.

  • Distance Widget

In a world where physical distances can separate us from our loved ones, the Distance Widget becomes a beacon of togetherness. 

By providing real-time updates on the geographical proximity between you and your friends or partner, this widget offers a tangible representation of nearness despite the miles that may lie between. The Distance Widget transforms the abstract concept of distance into a concrete visualization, enabling you to stay connected uniquely.

  • Status & Moods

Life is a tapestry of emotions, and the Status & Moods widget weaves these emotions into your digital world. This widget provides insights into your loved one's latest status, allowing you to share in their joys and provide comfort during times of frustration. 

widgetable mod apk latest version

The ability to give virtual hugs and display them on the home screen serves as a gentle reminder of your constant support and affection.

  • Notes Widget

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and the Notes Widget enhances this aspect by allowing you to leave charming digital notes for your friends or partner. 


These cute notes grace their home screens, brightening their day and reaffirming the special bond you share. This feature adds an element of surprise and thoughtfulness to your interactions, contributing to the overall sense of connection.

  • Miss You Widget

The Miss You Widget encapsulates the essence of yearning and affection. By displaying the number of times you miss your friends or partner, this widget enables you to express your emotions in a simple yet impactful way. Tapping the "Miss You" button becomes an act of love, reminding your cherished ones of your constant presence in their hearts.

Aiming for Emotional Expression and Closer Bonds

At its core, Widgetable MOD APK for Android strives to facilitate genuine emotional expression and cultivate closer bonds between individuals. The diverse range of widgets offered by the application empowers users to convey their sentiments in creative ways while simultaneously fostering connections with their friends and partners. 

The team behind Widgetable acknowledges the importance of privacy and consent; hence, the request for location permission in the app is directly linked to the Distance Widget, ensuring that users have control over the information they share.

widgetable mod apk for android

In a world where digital interactions are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, Widgetable's innovative approach adds a touch of authenticity and warmth to our virtual connections. 

By infusing the digital sphere with the essence of emotions, Widgetable bridges the gap between the tactile world and the virtual realm, creating an immersive experience that resonates with users on a personal level.


As technology continues to evolve, it's heartening to witness innovations that prioritize emotional connections and meaningful interactions. Widgetable MOD APK download emerges as a shining example of such innovation, seamlessly integrating virtual companionship, creative expression, and real-time connectivity into our everyday lives. 

With its array of captivating widgets, Widgetable transforms your phone screen into a canvas of emotions, enabling you to express love, share moods, nurture virtual gardens, and maintain connections with loved ones, regardless of physical distances.

In the ever-expanding landscape of mobile applications, Widgetable stands tall as a testament to the power of creativity and technology working in harmony to enrich our lives. So, why not embrace the Widgetable experience and embark on a journey that adds a touch of adorability and connection to your phone screen and heart?

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