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GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK is here to offer features like Auto Reply, DND Mode, and Anti-Delete to give you more control than the old WhatsApp.

Information of GB Whatsapp Pro v 17.85

Name GB Whatsapp Pro v 17.85
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 70 MB
Category Communication
Developer GBWhatsApp Pro Dev
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About GB Whatsapp Pro v 17.85

Alright, let's assume you have no idea about what the freaking GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK latest version is.

Basically, it is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, amping up your messaging game with a suite of features that the regular app doesn't offer. The difference? Features only, but plenty of them!

We're talking about Auto Reply, which makes staying responsive a breeze; DND Mode to silence distractions when you're off the grid; and Anti-Delete messaging, which ensures that the chats you have appear, no matter what anybody does to unsend them.

Of course, it does not end there.

The application also offers many customizations, such as effective emojis. With many more emojis and stickers, you acquire expressive power.

All these extra features make GB WhatsApp better than its standard application; therefore, it is the choice of every user.

The Differences Between GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK 2024 and WhatsApp?

So, as the heading says, what's the deal?

At a first glance, the apps seem pretty similar in appearance and structure. But once you dig deeper, the differences become clear.

gb whatsapp pro v 17 85 apk

What makes GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 different from the official application is the number of extended features that would not be available to you otherwise.

This version, available for Android smartphones, is much better and richer in feature variation than traditional WhatsApp. It is perfect for people who want a feature-rich but user-friendly messaging application.

Give it a go if you're ready to elevate your chatting game, okay?

The Upgraded Features of GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK Download

If you're wondering what makes GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 shine above the official app, let's compare their features head-to-head.

With standard WhatsApp, your file-sending limit caps at 100MB—fine for everyday use, but what if you need to send a large video or high-quality images? Enter GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85, which lets you send files up to a whopping 999MB, making sharing larger files effortless.

Forwarding messages is another area where GB WhatsApp Pro steps up. While regular WhatsApp restricts you to forwarding messages to just five chats, this upgraded version lets you forward to unlimited chats, meaning your meme-sharing game is instantly elevated.

gb whatsapp pro v 17 85 apk download

Want to share your life’s highlights on your status? The official app limits status updates to 139 characters, while GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 stretches this to 255 characters, allowing for more expressive storytelling.

These enhanced features allow you to customize their messaging experience, share freely, and engage your audience.

Whether personal chats or business updates, GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 puts powerful tools in your hands for an elevated messaging experience!

The Unique Features That Only GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK Has

GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 sets itself apart with a series of powerful and exclusive features unavailable in the official app.

DND Mode

It's a real lifesaver, honestly.

If you are tired of notifications that come in and out because they keep coming to disturb your zen moments or focus time. The DND Mode will come to kick their asses.

GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 helps you stop incoming messages and notifications, which allows you to work or relax without any disturbance. This feature comes especially in handy while moving, in meetings, or just when you need that tech break.

Just turn it on, and you will have an undisturbed, peaceful moment without fearing losing your important messages until you are ready to catch up.

Calls Disable

If you are a person who uses WhatsApp mainly for work, like me, you surely don't want to be bombarded by calls. The Calls Disable feature lets you switch off incoming calls from specific contacts or groups altogether.

This is perfect when you want to limit calls to only essential contacts while avoiding unsolicited or unwanted callers (clients are annoying sometimes, trust me!).

Customize who can reach out to you directly via calls, and keep communication streamlined and stress-free.

Auto Message

Life gets busy, and sometimes you just can't reply right away.

With Auto Message, you can create predefined responses to send automatically when unavailable. These responses could be friendly lines like "I'll get back to you soon!" or personalized ones for different contacts.

This allows you to stay responsive without actually typing a single word.

Bulk Message

Sharing important information with multiple people? Instead of repeatedly and boring sending individual messages, Bulk Message lets you send a single message to multiple recipients at once.

gb whatsapp pro v 17 85 apk latest version

This feature is ideal for business promotions, event invites, or updating your social circle. Unlike the broadcast lists in regular WhatsApp, Bulk Message ensures that each recipient gets the message without knowing who else received it, which is perfect for giving it a personal touch.


Customization is key when you want your app to feel like it's really yours, and themes let you personalize your GB WhatsApp Pro experience down to the last detail.

Choose from a vast collection of professionally designed themes or mix and match elements like chat backgrounds, colors, and fonts to create a look that's distinctly you.

Whether you're into sleek minimalism or vibrant hues, this feature ensures your app always matches your mood or personality.

Plus, switching between themes is quick and seamless, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Online Status

Need a bit of privacy while browsing your messages?

The Online Status feature is your ally in hiding your presence. Unlike the standard WhatsApp app, where your contacts can see when you're online, GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 lets you toggle your status visibility.

You can read messages and check chats without revealing your online status to others. This tool is perfect for keeping conversations low-key or avoiding interruptions while still staying in the loop.

Custom Font

Tired of the same old fonts? GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85’s Custom Font feature lets you select the perfect typography style to suit your mood or enhance readability.

Changing fonts, from whimsical cursive to sleek sans-serif styles, is a fun way to add flair to your conversations.

This feature ensures that every chat screen is personalized to your taste, making each message more distinctive.


Accidentally deleted messages can confuse and disrupt conversations, especially when important information is lost.

With the Anti-Delete feature, you can view messages even if the sender tries to delete them. This ensures that nothing crucial slips through the cracks and you maintain full context in your chats.

Whether it's an accidental deletion or a quick change of heart, this feature helps you stay informed.

Security Lock

The Security Lock feature adds another layer to your chats.

gb whatsapp pro v 17 85 download apk

You can create a unique password or even biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint or face print, to lock the application, therefore concealing the messages from everybody else's view.

Secure that chat from nosey roommates and inquisitive colleagues by adding a little extra lock on your device.

Icon Change

Why stick to the default icon when you can make your GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 experience stand out on your home screen? Icon Change allows you to pick a new icon that aligns with your personal style or blends in better with your home screen setup.

Choose from various icons, including classic designs, colorful variations, or minimalist alternatives. This small but satisfying feature adds a final touch to your fully customized messaging app.


So, what do you think of the feature-rich GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 APK? Are the customizable themes and enhanced privacy controls enough to sway you? Or maybe the Anti-Delete feature and Security Lock pique your interest?

With this powerhouse of an app offering so many unique upgrades, it’s easy to see why users turn to it for an upgraded messaging experience.

If you’ve been craving more control and personalization in your daily chats, GB WhatsApp Pro v 17.85 might just be the game-changer you're looking for!

What features will you explore first?

Download GB Whatsapp Pro v 17.85 (70 MB)
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