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GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK brings customization, privacy, and unique features for an upgraded chat experience. Discover infinite themes, high-quality images, and more.

Information of GB WhatsApp 17.80

Name GB WhatsApp 17.80
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 33 MB
Category Communication
Developer GBWhatsApp Pro Dev
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About GB WhatsApp 17.80

You probably depend on messaging apps just as everyone does: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, but mostly WhatsApp. What if I told you that chats could do much more?

Here, GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK comes into play!

This modded variant of the classical WhatsApp has many boosted characteristics. It's an application that really takes it to the next level in messaging, and the original WhatsApp can't even be compared to this. Think tailored themes, advanced privacy settings, and more control over your messaging experience.

gb whatsapp 17 80 apk

Plus, here’s a little bonus: you can use both the official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp 17.80 on the same device without uninstalling anything.

So, if you’re looking for a messaging upgrade, GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK might be your answer to all those extra features you’ve been craving.

How Does GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK Latest Version Exist?

Back in late 2016, Meta (formerly Facebook) made WhatsApp Messenger’s foundational files open source, allowing anyone to use the code to develop their own messaging service.

Atnfas_hoak, a.k.a. Omer is an Android developer from the Arab world who created GB WhatsApp using those same files. His innovative chat app connects directly to WhatsApp’s original database but comes packed with extra features that the official version lacks.

gb whatsapp 17 80 apk download

Originally built just for fun, it quickly caught on, gaining over 100K users within a year thanks to its enhanced functionality.

However, things took a twist in 2017 when Meta clamped down on open-source access, halting the creation of mod versions. Despite this, new developers like HeyMODs and AlexMods picked up the reins, keeping GB WhatsApp alive and kicking with constant updates.

Now, it stands tall among a handful of WhatsApp mods offering expanded features and customization, appealing to users who crave a more tailored messaging experience.

What Does GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK For Android Bring to the Table?

Pop-Up Notifications

Much like the classic WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK includes pop-up notifications that let you react instantly. Not a fan of interruptions? You can easily disable them in the app’s notification settings by toggling off pop-ups.

Best Picture Quality

Sharing photos on the official WhatsApp app often means sacrificing image quality. The workaround is to send them in document format, but GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK has a better solution. You can send high-quality images and videos straight to other users without losing resolution.

Amazing Fonts

Why settle for the standard look? GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK offers a variety of font styles, allowing you to tweak the visual appeal of your messages. Personalize your chats to reflect your style and make your conversations pop.

Downloading Statuses

With GB WhatsApp 17.80, downloading status is a breeze. You can grab a friend's video status directly without asking them to send it over.

Infinite Themes

Themes are one of the main attractions here, providing endless options to help make your WhatsApp look fantastic. Browse the vast selection in GB WhatsApp 17.80’s theme store and download one that catches your eye.

Send Maximum Pictures

Forget about WhatsApp's limit of 30 photos in a batch. With GB WhatsApp 17.80, you can share as many pictures as you like at once. Sharing photo memories has never been more fun.

Blue Tick Cover-Up

Want to read a message without alerting the sender? GB WhatsApp 17.80 allows you to hide the dreaded blue ticks and “seen” status.

gb whatsapp 17 80 apk latest version

You can even disguise blue ticks only for specific contacts, offering privacy without compromise.

Freeze Last Seen

Need some privacy? With the “freeze last seen” feature, your last online timestamp is hidden from prying eyes. Just navigate to the privacy settings and toggle it on.

Hidden Status View

Normally, when you view a friend’s status, they’ll know it. But with GB WhatsApp 17.80, you can view statuses discreetly without the poster knowing you’re watching.

Anti-Revoke Message

This feature ensures you can still see messages that a sender deletes. With anti-revoke, you won’t miss out on conversations, even if someone tries to take them back.

Broadcasting Text Messages

While regular WhatsApp users can send broadcast messages, they can’t send them to groups. GB WhatsApp 17.80 fills the gap by letting you broadcast messages directly to group chats.

Auto Response

Are you running a business or YouTube channel? GB WhatsApp 17.80’s auto-reply feature is a game-changer. It automatically sends pre-written responses to client queries. Just head to settings, choose the auto-reply option, and create your custom message.

DND Mode

Do you not want to be bothered by messages while using another app? Do not disturb yourself by pressing the airplane button; keep your attention where needed. GB WhatsApp 17.80 will be on standby when you want to chat again.

Is It Safe to Use GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK Download?

Ah, yes! You can safely use GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK on your Android smartphone. The app does not pose any risk to your device's security.

Ensure the source of the installation file is safe and set your device's security settings to repel all lurking threats. Stay close to trusted sources and practices to secure your device and enjoy the added features of GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK.

I’m Ready to Use GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK 2024. So, What Now?

Switching from the official WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp 17.80 without losing your chats or media is simple!

  • Start by backing up your communication history in the default app.
  • Head to the chat settings and choose “Chat Backup” in GB WhatsApp 17.80 settings.
  • Next, create a backup of your chats and media to restore them later.
gb whatsapp 17 80 apk for android
  • Once that’s done, update the WhatsApp folder name in your file manager.
  • Now, when prompted, hit “Restore” to recover your chat history.
  • Depending on the data size, the process should only take a short while, and you'll be up and running with all your conversations intact.


So, are you ready to dive into GB WhatsApp 17.80 APK’s world of endless themes, enhanced privacy, and boosted features?

Maybe you’ve been itching for better photo quality or want a unique font to match your messaging vibe. Will you leap to this modded app, or is the original WhatsApp good enough for your needs?

Whatever the answer, GB WhatsApp 17.80 presents a tantalizing offer to those who wish to do more with their messaging. Share your thoughts with us in the comments about which feature got you excited or tell us if you have already taken the plunge.

Are you enjoying the switch so far?

Download GB WhatsApp 17.80 (33 MB)
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