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Download FlipaClip MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Dive into the world of Art & Design apps and unleash your creativity like never before!

Information of FlipaClip

Name FlipaClip
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 3.8.4
Size 127.14 Mb
Category Art & Design
Developer Visual Blasters LLC
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About FlipaClip

You must immediately get FlipaClip APK and be part of this revolution, which is at the peak of mobile app development for anyone who wants to create fresh 2D animations directly on their device. Enabling this innovative tool from Visual Blasters LLC is a mix of simplicity and technology: Android made it easier for everyone. The score granted by over 1.7 million users confirms that they downloaded the app on Google Play.

In other words, FlipaClip empowers users to sketch, storyboard, and animate ideas into reality. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features cater to beginners and experienced users, thus becoming the go-to app for exploring creativity in this digital age. They will make the storytelling of animated tales fun again for daily use as well as for professional projects.

How to Use FlipaClip APK

  • Download FlipaClip from your Google Play and install it on your device.
  • Create a New Project: Open FlipaClip and tap on 'New Project' to begin. You can set your project's name, canvas size, and frame rate here.
  • Draw Frame by Frame: Utilize various drawing tools to sketch your animation's frames. Each frame represents a moment in your animation, so take your time to craft it precisely.
flipaclip mod apk
  • Animate: After creating your frames, move to the animation phase. Sequence your frames to create the illusion of movement. FlipaClip offers intuitive tools to adjust timings and transitions between frames.
  • Add Sound Effects and Audio: FlipaClip allows you to incorporate sound effects and background music to bring your animation to life. You can record audio or import files to add depth to your animated stories.

Innovative Features of FlipaClip APK

  • Art Drawing Tools: The real distinguishing factor of FlipaClip is these greatly exhaustive drawing tools that let your creativity explode and realize imaginative ideas. From brushes, filling, and erasers to ruler shapes, lasso, mirror tools, and text tools, they help realize each detail necessary for complete elaboration to make your frames rich and expressive.
flipaclip mod apk download
  • Custom Canvas Sizes: FlipaClip handles custom canvas sizes with good versatility for various projects. Whether you're drawing something as small as a sprite or into stuff that can fill the whole background, this app never stresses your imagination.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Stylus Support: Drawing artists may need precision, natural, and therefore are full with FlipaClip support to pressure-sensitive styluses. With tools like the S Pen, Samsung makes it possible for your strokes to vary from super light to super bold, thus offering an assured better quality in animation.
  • Animation Layers: Adding to the complexity of animations with more sophisticated features, the Animation Layers settings in FlipaClip allow users to apply glow and blending modes and manage individual layers with detailed options like Eraser, Lasso, and fill tools. Realize amazing possibilities with unlimited access to the number of available layers.
  • Glow Effect & Blending Mode: Add a magical touch to your animations with the glow effect and experiment with the blend mode to achieve stunning visual outcomes. These features allow for creative experimentation, enhancing the visual appeal of your animations by adjusting how layers interact.
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  • Layer Management: Effective Layer Management is crucial for complex animations, and FlipaClip excels in this area. Organize, add, or merge layers with ease. This streamlined approach to layer control simplifies the animation process, making it more accessible and enjoyable for creators of all skill levels.

Best Tips for FlipaClip APK

  • Organize Projects: With FlipaClip, an organization for smoother creativity is sorted. Utilize the app's project management option to categorize and arrange your work. This saves time and helps keep a clear overview of your animation project under process and completed.
  • Experiment with Blending Modes: Blending modes are powerful tools in FlipaClip, adding to the visual elements in your animations. Do not be afraid to experiment with them, achieving new effects that will undoubtedly enrich the layers with depth and a third dimension. This is especially useful for atmospheric lighting or color interaction.
  • Utilize Onion Skin: This feature in FlipaClip is very helpful since it helps one have a good flow of the production of one's animation. This is especially possible where you can view several frames at once and thus give you a reference for a character or an object's movement and position. Proper use of onion skin can make your animation look professional.
flipaclip mod apk latest version
  • Explore the Variety of Drawing Tools: FlipaClip makes various art drawing tools available, such as brushes, Lasso, fills, erasers, and whatnot. Each tool is configured with specific attributes that give unique characteristics regarding textures, lines, and styles. Spend time exploring these tools to discover the best way they can serve your drawing needs.
  • Incorporate Audio for Impact: You can easily add audio to your animations, greatly empowering the impact and power of narrative. FlipaClip includes sounds from your library, imported sound effects, and music, all custom-made to give you perfectly timed sounds for your 30FPS cartoons and videos.
  • Play with Color: Color is the essence of another core animation, which complements mood, atmosphere, and time of day. FlipaClip offers an array of color palettes and even allows customizing saved colors. Experiment with different hues and gradients to bring your scenes to life.
  • Practice Layer Management: Effective layer management is crucial for complex scenes. Use FlipaClip to organize your background, characters, and effects layers strategically. This organization makes it easier to edit individual elements without affecting the entire scene.

By applying these tips, users can maximize their experience with FlipaClip, enhancing the quality of their animations and enjoying the creative process to its fullest.

FlipaClip APK Alternatives


The app is the full and true alternative to FlipaClip, created for amateurs and professionals who only want to dip a finger in this sphere of frame-by-frame mobile animation. This app defines some important characteristics that make it different: the comprehensive drawing and animation tool that supports detailed and fluid drawings and simplicity for beginners.

Although susceptible to beginners, its power seems too great compared to the complexity that forms even slightly full animations, so this app is loved by many others equally.

Animation Desk

For people looking for a mixture of simplicity and functionality, Animation Desk delivers an easy-to-learn platform for creating awesome animations. This app features several drawing tools, brushes, color options, and easy frame management.

flipaclip mod apk for android

It is more attractive to beginners and those interested in using it for work, but it doesn't hold your hand. Animation Desk is a great starting point for anyone looking to explore the world of animation beyond FlipaClip.

Toontastic 3D

Diverging into the third dimension, Toontastic 3D is an innovative alternative that enables users to craft 3D animations with ease. This app is perfect for storytellers, offering a range of characters and settings to animate with simple drag-and-drop controls.

The team developed it, keeping in mind an educator and novice in animation as a playful app for creativity, whereas storytelling and animation can become much more informal platforms. Its design is such that it is approached through funny and easy-to-use exploration and experimentation to express ideas about the animation.


FlipaClip MOD APK offers many helpful tools and functions in the toolset to draw animation with pleasure and convenience used by amateur and professional animators. Its quite clear design, in combination with the depth of its capacities, allows almost everyone who tells a story or shows an idea to do so with sophistication and ease. With the application downloaded and explored, you start a whirlwind of creativity—the only limit is your imagination. It is an app developed for both professional projects and personal experimentation.

Download FlipaClip (127.14 Mb)
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