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Explore artistry effortlessly with Cupixel MOD APK. Download the app for Android and dive into AI Art and AR Tracing with the latest version today!

Information of Cupixel

Name Cupixel
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 9.2.0
Size 164.01 Mb
Category Art & Design
Developer Cupixel Inc.
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About Cupixel

In a digital era brimming with endless creative possibilities, Cupixel APK emerges as a beacon for aspiring artists and seasoned creators alike. This gem among apps transforms your mobile device into a boundless canvas, where imagination meets technology in a vibrant dance. Available for Android, it breaks down the barriers between traditional artistry and digital innovation, inviting users to embark on a journey of artistic exploration. Forget scouring Google Play for a tool that understands your creative soul; this application is your ticket to a world where your artistic visions can leap to life right before your eyes. The fusion of augmented reality and expert guidance paves the way for a revolution in how we perceive and create art.

What is Cupixel APK?

Cupixel is not just an app; it's a gateway where technology enhances artistic ability, crafting a space where every stroke of creativity is augmented by AI. This visionary application redefines the approach to art, offering a unique blend of augmented reality and hands-on creation. Through its innovative tracing features, even those who have never dared to sketch, draw, or paint before find themselves equipped with the skills to create masterpieces. It democratizes artistry, ensuring that the joy of creation is no longer confined to traditionally trained artists. With Cupixel, every phone or tablet is a canvas waiting for its masterpiece.

How Cupixel APK Works

Embarking on your artistic journey with Cupixel is an adventure that defies the conventional boundaries of artwork creation. Here's how this marvel among apps sets the stage for your artistic flair in 2024:

  • Choose Your Muse: Ignite your creativity by selecting from an array of artist-led tutorials. Whether you yearn to sketch beloved pets or paint surreal landscapes, your muse awaits within the app.
  • AI-Powered Transformation: Upload your favorite photos and watch in awe as the AI converts them into traceable outlines. This remarkable tool takes your cherished memories and lays the foundation for your original artwork.
cupixel mod apk
  • Augmented Reality Tracing: With cutting-edge AR technology, Cupixel overlays the chosen design onto any surface, guiding your hand as you trace lines with precision, ensuring your foundation is nothing short of perfect.
  • Detailing Like a Pro: Post-tracing, the real fun begins. Follow detailed instructions to add depth, emotion, and personality, turning a simple trace into a masterpiece that speaks volumes.
  • Share and Shine: Once your creation is complete, share it with a community of enthusiasts who appreciate your journey and celebrate your artistic triumphs.


This intuitive process ensures that every user can unleash an inner artist they never knew they possessed, proving that in the realm of creativity, we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations.

Features of Cupixel APK 

Diving into the artistic ocean of Cupixel, users find themselves surrounded by a plethora of features designed to streamline the creative process and enhance the joy of creation. Each feature adds a unique touch to your artistic journey, ensuring a canvas that resonates with your soul. Below are the treasures housed within this revolutionary app:

  • Pick Your Experience: Cupixel respects your individuality by offering a smorgasbord of guided experiences. From serene landscapes to abstract patterns, embark on a journey tailored to your creative cravings.
cupixel mod apk download
  • Convert Your Photo or Select an Artwork: Personalize your art by transforming a cherished photo into a sketch outline or delve into the app's extensive library for pre-existing artistic inspirations.
  • Trace with Augmented Reality: Cast aside the constraints of traditional sketching; Trace your design with augmented reality, allowing for impeccable outlines on your chosen medium, be it canvas, paper, or even digital screens.
  • Add the Details: No masterpiece is complete without its unique nuances. This feature provides expert guidance on infusing life into your traced outlines, aiding you in highlighting, shading, and coloring with professional ease.
  • Smart Trace for Precision: Say goodbye to disproportionate sketches and elusive lines. Smart Trace utilizes AR to lock onto your drawing surface, ensuring your tracing aligns perfectly with the intended design.
  • Freedom of Surface Choice: Don't limit your creativity to paper. Explore unconventional canvases - from baking trays to wearable items, Cupixel supports your most eccentric choices.
cupixel mod apk premium unlocked
  • Text Editor for Personalized Messages: Integrate heartfelt messages or thought-provoking quotes using the Text Editor, offering a variety of fonts to match the mood of your masterpiece.
  • Time Lapse Generator for Captivating Recaps: Document your process and marvel at your evolution with the Time Lapse Generator. Perfect for sharing your journey and celebrating your progress with friends or on social platforms.

These features, crafted with the artist in mind, ensure a seamless transition from novice to maestro, underscoring Cupixel's commitment to nurturing the artist within. Each stroke, imbued with technology's grace, brings you closer to a masterpiece that’s authentically yours.

Tips to Maximize Cupixel 2024 Usage

Embracing the artistic voyage with Cupixel is akin to stepping into a realm where your creative prowess can soar unrestrained. However, like any master who manipulates the strings of their craft with finesse, a few insider tips can amplify your experience. Here's how to ensure your journey is not just fruitful but also resplendent with ease and proficiency:


  • Employ a Stylus or Pen for Refined Precision: Navigate the contours of your art with the sleek precision of a stylus or pen. This simple switch from finger-drawing unlocks finer details and intimate connection with every stroke.
cupixel mod apk latest version
  • Experiment with Diverse Canvases: Who said art only belongs on a canvas? Break free with Cupixel, painting your imagination across varied surfaces. From canvas, paper, cookies, shoes etc, let each be a testament to your unbridled creativity.
  • Harness the Power of Smart Trace: Activate Smart Trace, a visionary ally against the common foibles of freehand drawing. It anchors your art in place, enabling a tracing experience devoid of slips and misalignments.
  • Indulge in Regular Updates: Stay in sync with the rhythmic pulse of Cupixel’s enhancements. Each update in 2024 is a trove of refined features, waiting to be explored and integrated into your artistic process.
  • Join the Community for Inspiration: Wander into Cupixel’s bustling community. Engage with fellow creators, absorb their insights, and let their creations spur your own artistic ambitions.
cupixel mod apk for android
  • Personalize with the Text Editor: Beyond the visual, embed your art with words that resonate. Craft poetic verses or humorous quips using the diverse fonts available, personalizing each piece.
  • Celebrate Progress with Time-Lapse: Every masterpiece has its story. Use the Time-Lapse feature to chronicle your artistry, creating share-worthy recaps of your creation’s journey from blank space to breathtaking art.

Each of these nuggets of wisdom serves to embellish your interaction with Cupixel, ensuring your art not only thrives but resonates with the echoes of your unique touch.


In the realm of digital artistry, Cupixel MOD APK emerges not just as a tool, but as a portal to uncharted realms of creativity. It's a beckoning light for those yearning to paint their universes, offering a seamless blend of technology and art, tradition and innovation. Every stroke taken within the Cupixel landscape is a step away from the mundane, leading you into a world where your creative spirit is not just nurtured but celebrated. It's time to heed the call, to download and immerse in an experience that promises not just an artistic journey but a renaissance of what you thought possible. Embark on this voyage with Cupixel, and etch your narrative in bold strokes across the canvas of tomorrow.

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