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Get Reface MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Experience the best Face Swap AI Photo App and transform your photos with top apps.

Information of Reface

Name Reface
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 4.7.0
Size 72.94 Mb
Category Entertainment
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MOD Features
  • Pro Unlocked

About Reface

Reface APK emerges as a groundbreaking mobile application, redefining entertainment and photo editing on Android devices. Offered by NEOCORTEXT, INC., this app stands out on Google Play as a premier choice for users seeking an immersive face-swapping experience. With the ReFace app, a user goes beyond the boundary norms through the interface: subjected to shooting into the world of photo fantasies through an easy and friendly interface. Whether having fun with the cool experiment of turning a user into another celebrity or checking out new selves for creative projects, Reface delivers unmatched value for entertainment—all this at the user's fingertips.

How to Use Reface APK

  • Download Reface from Google Play to dive into the world of creative apps.
  • Take a Selfie: Launch the app and capture a clear, front-facing photo to ensure the best results.
reface mod apk
  • Choose a Video or GIF: Browse the extensive library of various clips and animations for your face-swapping adventure.
  • Let the AI Work Its Magic: With just a click, Reface uses advanced AI to blend your selfie onto the chosen media seamlessly.
  • Save and Share: Easily save your creation and share the fun with friends through social platforms or direct messages.

Innovative Features of Reface APK

  • Face Swap and Video Transformation: Reface leads the way in apps that allow users to dive into the realm of digital makeovers. With just a few taps, you can see your face on movie heroes, iconic scenes, or even alongside your favorite celebrities. This feature doesn’t just swap faces; it transforms them, ensuring every detail is perfectly aligned for astonishingly realistic results.
  • AI Photo Editor and Meme Generator: Beyond simple face swapping, Reface offers a comprehensive AI Photo Editor and Meme Generator. This tool empowers users to animate still photos or easily craft humorous videos. Whether you want to create a meme or bring a portrait to life, the app's AI seamlessly guides the process, making professional-grade editing accessible.
reface mod apk download
  • Gender Swap and Advanced Magic: Reface goes beyond conventional editing tools by introducing features like Gender Swap and Advanced Magic. This functionality allows for not just changing appearances but reinventing them. Users can experiment with different genders' hairstyles or even insert pets into videos, pushing the boundaries of creativity and personal expression.
  • AI Video Generator: The AI is a testament to Reface's innovative edge. This feature invites users to create personalized videos where they can become the protagonist in popular memes or viral content. The app's AI understands the nuances of facial movements and expressions, making every creation uniquely engaging.

Through these features, Reface stands out among apps as a powerhouse of creativity and fun, offering users endless possibilities to create and share their digital masterpieces.

Best Tips for Reface APK

  • Experiment Freely: The world of Reface is vast and varied. Dive into the features and apps, mixing and matching videos, GIFs, and filters. Discover the joy of seeing yourself in new, unexpected scenarios or as characters you’ve always admired.
  • Share Your Creations: One of the greatest pleasures of using Reface comes from sharing your masterpieces. Whether through social media platforms or direct messaging, your creations will bring smiles and laughter. Engage your audience by sharing your most entertaining or creative swaps.
reface mod apk latest version
  • Explore New Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by watching the latest memes, viral videos, and popular GIFs within Reface. Participating in trending challenges boosts your visibility and ensures a Daily Inflow of Humor and Entertainment for you and your followers.
  • Advanced Camera Filters: Make the most of Reface’s Advanced Camera Filters. These tools can elevate your creations, giving them a polished, professional look. Experiment with different filters to enhance your face swaps' mood, tone, or overall aesthetic.

By embracing these tips, users of Reface can maximize their experience, creating unforgettable content that stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

Reface APK Alternatives

  • Pica AI Face Swapper: As a leading contender among face-swapping apps, Pica AI Face Swapper stands out for its precision and speed. This app minimizes ultra-realistic swaps, catering to users who value quality and efficiency. Its advanced algorithms fine-tune facial features, ensuring seamless integration into any video or photo. For enthusiasts looking for an alternative to Reface, Pica AI offers a compelling blend of technology and artistry.
reface mod apk for android
  • Fotor Face Swap: Fotor Face Swap is the first-class answer in the world to cut back on photo exchange actions easily. Simply upload the two faces in one click onto the software, and then in a few taps, they swap perfectly. This app distinguishes itself by eliminating manual adjustments making professional-looking swaps attainable. Its simplicity and polished results make it a worthy alternative for those exploring beyond Reface.
  • FaceApp: Renowned for its diverse features, FaceApp goes beyond traditional face swapping. It offers age transformation, gender swaps, and various other filters, making it a versatile choice for creative experimentation. Of course, the app attracts people for its ability to pull off shockingly realistic changes, urging users to see themselves in a whole new way. For an app that merges the fun of face swapping with such deep editing features, FaceApp interrupts Refacz's lead in this regard.


Reface is an outstanding face-swap app for mobile-based digital creativity and entertainment. The app's design is intuitive, and the AI is cutting-edge, bringing about exclusive user-related experiences in a way that has not been considered. The Reface MOD APK is one of its kind and has never been seen before. It's fun of a makeover fused with simplicity, done right, and one of the priority options in this genre. It entertains and inspires creativity, making it a must-have on every Android device.

Download Reface (72.94 Mb)
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