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Download the latest version of NotifyBuddy MOD APK for Android in 2024. Experience top-tier personalization for your app notifications like never before!

Information of NotifyBuddy

Name NotifyBuddy
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 2.2
Size 5.06 Mb
Category Personalization
Developer XanderApps
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Premium unlocked

About NotifyBuddy

In the bustling world of Android applications, NotifyBuddy APK emerges as a groundbreaking solution for mobile notification management. Created by the skilled XanderApps team, this application has quickly risen in popularity on Google Play, attracting users with its creative approach. Designed for Android users who want more control and customization over their notifications, NotifyBuddy demonstrates the developer's dedication to improving the mobile interface. Its inclusion in the world of utility applications is a major achievement, providing a mix of usefulness and elegance to the daily smartphone experience.

Reasons Why Players Love Use NotifyBuddy 

NotifyBuddy's appeal lies in its capacity to turn the ordinary action of receiving notifications into an interactive and enjoyable experience. It offers a straightforward and efficient method for users to receive LED notifications on their phone, a clever solution especially for devices that do not have a physical LED indicator. This function not only improves the functionality of receiving alerts, but also adds a unique personal touch to each notification. Users delight in the app's ability to introduce a visual aspect to their notifications, making them not only audible or vibrating, but also visually captivating.

notifybuddy mod apk

NotifyBuddy not only excels in its main function but also offers a user-friendly interface that encourages users to explore the possibilities of customizing LED animations. This level of personalization goes beyond just looks; it allows users to easily identify each notification at a glance. The app's compatibility with most Android phones running Android Oreo and higher further expands its accessibility, making it a must-have app for everyday use by a wide range of users.

How NotifyBuddy APK Works 

  • Download NotifyBuddy from Google Play and embark on a seamless installation process.
  • Disable Ambient Display and any battery optimization for the app. This step ensures that NotifyBuddy functions optimally without any system-induced interruptions, allowing for a consistent notification experience.
  • Give notification access permission to NotifyBuddy. This crucial step authorizes the app to access and manage your notifications, which is the cornerstone of its functionality.
notifybuddy mod apk download
  • Select apps you want notifications for, by choosing a color. This feature allows for a personalized and colorful notification experience, where each app can be identified by a unique color. Note: On successfully selecting a color for an app, the text in which the App name is written should change to that color, providing a visual confirmation of your selection.
  • For users with MIUI 11 devices, it's important to make sure that AutoStart is enabled in App Info. This setting ensures that NotifyBuddy remains active, even after a device restart.
  • Additionally, for the same MIUI 11 users, check “Show on lock screen” permission in other settings. This ensures that notifications are visible even when your device is locked, making sure you never miss an important alert.

Expansive Features of NotifyBuddy APK 

  • Change LED animation time: NotifyBuddy allows users to tailor their notification experience by adjusting the duration of the LED light display. This flexibility caters to personal preferences, whether you desire quick flashes or longer glows for your notifications.
  • Change LED colors: Dive into a spectrum of colors with NotifyBuddy. This feature enables users to assign distinct colors to different apps, making it effortless to identify the type of notification at a glance. It's not just functional; it's a way to add a splash of personality to your device.
  • Change LED position: Customization reaches new heights as NotifyBuddy lets users alter the position of the LED notification on their screen. This adaptability is perfect for ensuring that the notification light is both noticeable and harmoniously integrated with your screen layout.
notifybuddy mod apk premium unlocked
  • Notify for missed calls: Never miss an important call again. NotifyBuddy extends its utility by offering notifications for missed calls, ensuring that users are promptly alerted to calls that were not answered in time.
  • Change LED size: For users seeking an even more personalized touch, NotifyBuddy offers the option to modify the size of the LED notification light. This feature, requiring a premium upgrade, provides an extra layer of customization for discerning users.
  • Add Downtime: Recognizing the need for uninterrupted periods, NotifyBuddy includes a Downtime feature. This allows users to set specific times when the LED notification will be inactive, ensuring peace during sleep or meetings. It's a thoughtful addition that respects the user's need for quiet times.

Optimizing Your Experience with NotifyBuddy in 2024

  • Disable Ambient Display and any battery optimization for the app: This is a fundamental step to ensure that NotifyBuddy runs smoothly without any hiccups. By doing so, you allow the app to operate at its full potential, providing uninterrupted notification services.
  • Give notification access permission: Granting this permission is key to enabling NotifyBuddy to efficiently manage your notifications. This step is crucial for the app to function correctly and should not be overlooked.
  • Select apps you want notifications for, by choosing a color: Personalize your notification experience by selecting specific apps to receive notifications from and assigning a unique color to each. This feature not only adds a visual appeal but also helps in quickly identifying the app from which the notification has arrived.
notifybuddy mod apk latest version
  • Customize the LED animation to your liking: Take advantage of NotifyBuddy's customization options to tailor the LED animation according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle blink or a more pronounced flash, the app gives you the control to set it as you like.
  • Enable AutoStart in App Info for MIUI 11 devices: For users with MIUI 11 devices, enabling AutoStart is essential to ensure that NotifyBuddy remains active and functional even after a device restart.
  • Check “Show on lock screen” permission in other settings: This tip is especially useful for ensuring that you don't miss any notifications when your device is locked. It's a small but significant setting that can enhance your notification experience.
  • Upgrade to the Premium version to unlock all features: To fully leverage the capabilities of NotifyBuddy, consider upgrading to the Premium version. This unlocks additional features and options, allowing for a more comprehensive and satisfying notification experience.


NotifyBuddy is essential for Android users, thanks to its wide range of customizable features and easy-to-use interface. The app's innovative approach to managing notifications completely changes your mobile experience, making it more personalized and efficient. Whether it's through color-coded alerts or customizable LED animations, this application ensures that you can easily keep track of your digital life with both style and convenience. So, why wait? Download NotifyBuddy MOD APK today and enter a world where your phone's notifications are customized just for you, improving not only functionality but also the pleasure of your everyday mobile interactions.

Download NotifyBuddy (5.06 Mb)
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