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Explore infinite tunes with eSound MOD APK, the ultimate MP3 Music Player App. Download now for Android and enjoy the latest version's sonic feast!

Information of eSound

Name eSound
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 4.14.4
Size 109.82 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer Spicy Sparks
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • No ads

About eSound

In a digital era teeming with various apps for every conceivable purpose, eSound APK emerges as a sanctuary for music enthusiasts. This app isn't just another addition to the cluttered landscape of mobile applications but a revolution in how we experience music on the go. Designed for Android users who crave uninterrupted melodies, this platform redefines your music listening journey. Forget the days of ceaseless searching for a reliable music streaming service. With eSound, accessible on Google Play, your next musical fixation is only a touch away, ready to immerse your senses with melodies and rhythms from various parts of the world. This is not solely about auditory perception; it involves encountering music in its most unadulterated state, directly from your portable device.

What is eSound APK? 

eSound is not just an app; it's a companion that transforms the way you listen to music. In the vast sea of music player applications, eSound stands as a beacon for those who want more than just background noise. It’s a haven where every note matters, and every soundtrack becomes a personal experience, connecting you to a world beyond the mundane. This powerhouse turns your device into a musical odyssey, offering an unparalleled streaming service that understands your need for quality, variety, and seamless access to your favorite tunes. With eSound, every chord strikes a chord, making ordinary moments extraordinary with the power of music.

How eSound APK Works 

Embarking on your auditory journey with eSound is an escapade into a realm where every beat resonates with your soul. Here’s how this ingenious app orchestrates your experience:

  • Search with Precision: Dive into over 150 million tracks. Whatever your heart desires, from the timeless classics to the beats defining today's trends, it's all at your fingertips.
  • Craft Your Playlist: Tailor your own musical narrative by creating playlists that reflect every mood and occasion. Your story, your music.
  • No Intrusive Ads: Say goodbye to the jarring interruptions of commercials. With eSound, it’s just you and your music in perfect harmony.
esound mod apk
  • Discover by Genre: Wander through collections categorized by genre, finding old favorites and hidden gems in each. Your next obsession is just a click away.
  • Unyielding Control: Be the master of your musical experience. From volume to sequence, you have the ultimate control.
  • The Gift of Time with Timer: Drift off to your chosen soundscape with the sleep timer feature, ensuring your journey pauses when you do.
  • Freedom to Skip: Not in tune with the current track? Simply skip. Your experience is tailored to your liking, song by song.

In this symphony of organized features, eSound doesn’t just play music; it initiates a dialogue with every note, inviting you to lose yourself in the vastness of its musical universe.

Features of eSound APK

In the realm of eSound, the app that becomes an extension of your musical psyche, features are more than just bullet points in a list. They are finely crafted experiences waiting to unfold. Here's what makes eSound the maestro of your music symphony:

  • Unlimited Free Listening Time: Step into a world where time doesn't dictate your musical journey. Engage with tunes continuously, without a clock to heed.
  • Offline Access: Your songs don't vanish when your signal does. eSound allows offline listening, ensuring your soundtrack continues regardless of your location.
esound mod apk download
  • Discover Diverse Genres: From the pulsating rhythms of Rap and RnB to the passionate waves of Latin, the electrifying beats of Dubstep, the primal calls of Drum, and the futuristic sounds of Electronic - it's a sonic smorgasbord.
  • Shuffle and Play: Introduce an element of surprise with the shuffle feature. Let eSound orchestrate your next music piece, offering you a randomized melody platter.
  • AI-Driven Recommendations: At the intersection of technology and melody, find personalized suggestions crafted by advanced AI, tuned to resonate with your preferences.
  • Non-Stop Playback Station Mode: Engage with the app's ability to keep the music going, crafting an unending auditory narrative, perfect for long journeys or uninterrupted creative sessions.
esound mod apk premium unlocked
  • Sleep Timer: Set your musical sunset with the sleep timer feature, allowing you to drift off to your selected symphonies.
  • Comprehensive Music Library: Delve into expansive collections, where every album, single, or remix is meticulously cataloged for your browsing pleasure.
  • Interactive Online Community: Join the eSound family online, share your favorite picks, and explore curated playlists that broaden your musical horizons.

eSound isn’t merely an app; it’s a vessel for an auditory renaissance. It understands that music isn’t just listened to; it’s experienced, felt, and lived - transcending beyond mere background noise to become the soundtrack of your very existence.

Tips to Maximize eSound APK 2024 Usage

Immersing yourself in the eSound experience goes beyond pressing play. It's about orchestrating an auditory journey tailored to your rhythm. Here, we unveil the secrets to mastering your eSound odyssey in 2024:

  • Smart Search, Smarter Listening: Utilize eSound's smart search, a beacon that guides you through an ocean of melodies to your desired musical shore. Whether it's an elusive track or a trending artist, smart search is your compass.
esound mod apk latest version
  • Craft Your Sonic Realm with eSound MP3 Player: Personalize your soundscape by creating playlists with the eSound MP3 player. Assemble your musical troops, ready for deployment at the touch of a button, turning random notes into harmonious symphonies.
  • Ride the Wave of Trending Music: Stay atop the tidal wave of trending music. eSound deciphers the cryptic world of hits and misses, providing a steady stream of the chart-toppers directly to your auditory doorstep.
  • Offline Adventures Await: Embrace the free offline music player. Venture into the sonic wilderness without fear of losing connection. Download your anthems and carry them with you, from the highest peaks to the deepest valleys.
esound mod apk for android
  • Curate to Elevate: Become the maestro of your musical experience. Fine-tune your library, cleanse it of the forgotten, and embellish it with the gems you discover along the way.
  • Feedback is Your Friend: Mold the eSound realm with your opinions. Your feedback drives the evolution of the app, shaping it into the perfect conductor for your symphony.

As architects of our musical worlds, we mustn't settle for the default. Dive deep into the eSound universe, explore its corners, and customize its settings. After all, an epic soundtrack accompanies every great journey, especially in the boundless realms of eSound.


In the digital symphony of the modern age, eSound MOD APK emerges as a maestro, orchestrating a seamless fusion of the nostalgic and the contemporary. It’s not merely a platform but a musical sanctuary where the past, present, and future of sound coalesce into something extraordinary. It understands the heartbeat of its audience, offering a haven for explorers seeking refuge in melodies, new and old. As the curtain falls on our sonic expedition, one truth resounds above all: eSound isn’t just another player in the game; it’s the composer of a grander musical epoch.

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