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Download the latest version of Blurrr MOD APK for Android in 2024. Elevate your video editing game with this app's unparalleled features.

Information of Blurrr

Name Blurrr
Compatible with Android 10+
Last version 1.2.2
Size 152.87 Mb
Category Video players & editors
Developer TBPS
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
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About Blurrr

Dive into the world of premium video editing with Blurrr APK, a standout among apps in the video player & editors category on mobile. This exceptional tool transforms Android devices into a professional editing suite, available directly from Google Play. Offered by TBPS INTERNATIONAL, Blurrr is designed to cater to both novice and seasoned editors, providing an array of advanced features right at your fingertips. Whether you're aiming to produce cinematic videos or just spruce up your daily clips, this app ensures your creative vision comes to life on the screen.

Reasons Why Users Love Blurrr

Blurrr stands out in the realm of apps for its Professional-Level Editing capabilities, offering users an unparalleled experience that rivals desktop editing software. This feature empowers both beginners and experts to craft videos with precision and creativity, ensuring that every project meets high-quality standards. The intuitive interface coupled with powerful tools enables seamless navigation and editing, making Professional-Level Editing accessible to everyone with a passion for video creation.

blurrr mod apk

Moreover, Blurrr is celebrated for its Rich Special Effects and Customization options. Users can dive into a vast library of effects that breathe life into their videos, transforming simple clips into captivating stories. The app’s Customization abilities allow for a tailored editing experience, enabling creators to adjust effects, apply filters, and manipulate keyframes to perfect their visual narrative. This combination of Rich Special Effects and extensive Customization ensures that every video stands out, showcasing the unique vision of its creator.

How Blurrr APK Works

  • Download Blurrr from the Google Play Store. This initial step is your gateway to unlocking the creative potential within your videos, ensuring you have access to one of the most versatile apps available for video editing on mobile.
  • Open the app and import your video clips or images. Blurrr makes it straightforward to begin your editing journey, providing a user-friendly interface where your raw footage and snapshots become the canvas for your creativity.
blurrr mod apk download
  • Explore the various features, apply effects, and edit your video. With an expansive suite of tools at your disposal, Blurrr encourages you to dive deep into the editing process, where each feature offers a new opportunity to enhance and transform your visual content.
  • Save or share your edited video. After fine-tuning your project to perfection, Blurrr simplifies the final steps, allowing you to either preserve your masterpiece for personal archives or share it with the world, showcasing your talent and vision.

Features of Blurrr APK

Free Track Layer Mix: Blurrr revolutionizes the editing process by allowing users to layer videos, audios, and images freely. This cornerstone feature of apps in the video editing realm opens up endless possibilities for creativity, enabling you to blend various media types for complex, dynamic compositions.

Custom Keyframes and Curves: Elevate your videos with precision animation and effect control through Blurrr's custom keyframes and curves. This advanced functionality lets you dictate the exact movement and transitions of your elements, offering granular control over the visual dynamics of your project.

blurrr mod apk pemium unlocked

Meticulously Crafted Effects: With over 80 professional-grade effects, Blurrr ensures your videos are not just edited but transformed. Each effect is designed by visual effects experts, allowing for layer adjustments and the application of multiple filters on the same track to achieve visually stunning results.

Coming Soon Features:

  • Highly Enjoyable Velocity Function: This anticipated feature promises to introduce variable speed keyframes, giving users the ability to manipulate time and rhythm in their videos for dramatic or comedic effect.
  • AI Intelligent Matting: Break free from background constraints with AI-powered matting, offering creative freedom to replace or eliminate video backgrounds seamlessly.
  • 3D & Camera Function: Add depth and realism to your creations with 3D effects and dynamic camera movements, making your videos more immersive.
blurrr mod apk latest version
  • AI Intelligent Frame Interpolation: For those looking to achieve ultra-smooth slow-motion effects or enhance video fluidity, this feature will use AI to intelligently interpolate frames.
  • Null-Objects and Parent-Child Subsets: Gain refined control over your video production with advanced screen manipulation tools, allowing for sophisticated visual compositions and animations.

Blurrr sets itself apart by not just offering tools for editing but by providing a platform where creativity meets technology, ensuring every video is a masterpiece.

Tips to Maximize Blurrr 2024 Usage

  • Plan Your Edit: Before diving into Blurrr, take a moment to sketch out your video project. A clear plan will streamline your workflow, ensuring that every edit and effect serves the narrative or visual goal. This preparation is especially crucial for complex projects where timing and coherence are key.
  • Use Keyframes Wisely: Keyframes are the backbone of dynamic video editing in Blurrr. By mastering keyframe use, you can create smooth transitions, animate objects, and control effect parameters over time. Start with simple animations to get a feel for timing and easing options, then explore more complex movements to bring your videos to life.
  • Experiment with Effects: With a vast array of effects at your fingertips, Blurrr encourages bold experimentation. Mix and match filters, try out different layer blends, and see how effects interact with each other. Sometimes, the most striking visuals come from unexpected combinations.
blurrr mod apk for android
  • Optimize for Mobile: Considering most viewers will likely watch your videos on mobile devices, it's important to optimize your projects accordingly. Keep file sizes manageable without sacrificing quality, and consider the aspect ratio and resolution that best suit mobile screens. Blurrr offers options to tailor your output for various platforms and devices.
  • Save Versions: As you progress through your editing journey, saving incremental versions of your project can be a lifesaver. Blurrr allows you to go back to previous iterations if you need to undo changes or take a different creative direction. Regularly saving versions also protects against data loss, ensuring your hard work isn’t lost to unexpected issues.

By incorporating these tips into your Blurrr workflow, you'll enhance your editing efficiency, creativity, and overall video quality, making the most of what this powerful app has to offer.


Blurrr MOD APK redefines the possibilities of mobile video editing, bringing a suite of professional-grade tools to the fingertips of creators everywhere. With its intuitive interface and expansive feature set, it stands as a testament to the evolution of video editing apps on Android platforms. Whether you're aiming to produce cinematic masterpieces or simply enhance your social media content, Blurrr equips you with the capabilities to realize your vision. The encouragement to download and explore its depths is not just an invitation but a gateway to unleashing your creative potential in the realm of video editing for 2024 and beyond.

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