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Download the latest version of YouTube ReVanced APK for Android in 2024. Experience premium entertainment apps without ads.

Information of YouTube ReVanced

Name YouTube ReVanced
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 19.09.37
Size 139 MB
Category Video players & editors
Developer YouTube ReVanced Team
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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

Note: Install MicroG to avoid errors.

About YouTube ReVanced

Diving into the realm of mobile video players and editors' apps, YouTube ReVanced APK emerges as a standout choice for Android users seeking an enhanced viewing experience. This ingenious application, crafted by the YouTube ReVanced Team, goes beyond the conventional offerings on the Google Play Store.

The functionalities of YouTube ReVancedities are revolutionary, catering to the needs of the ever-changing digital audience. It intends to increase your video consumption of games on Android devices. YouTube ReVanced truly depicts the talent and intelligence of a developer who wishes to improve things and sets the bar high about how we experience digital content on a mobile device.

How to use YouTube ReVanced APK

To harness the full power of YouTube ReVanced, follow these essential steps:

  • Installation: Secure the APK from a trusted source. Ensure your device settings permit apps from unknown sources for a smooth setup process.
youtube revanced apk
  • MicroG Requirement: YouTube ReVanced requires MicroG for login capabilities. This lightweight framework allows you to sign in to your Google account, which is essential for a personalized experience.
  • Enjoy: Once YouTube ReVanced is installed and MicroG is in place, dive into an enhanced viewing experience. Explore ad-free browsing, background playback, and more features designed for the uninterrupted enjoyment of your favorite videos.

Features of YouTube ReVanced APK

Dive into the game-changing capabilities of YouTube ReVanced, transforming your video streaming experience:

  • Background Playback: Keep your playlists rolling even as you navigate away from the app or lock your screen. Ideal for uninterrupted music and podcast enjoyment.
  • Ad-Free Content: Enjoy your favorite videos without the disruption of ads. YouTube ReVanced ensures a seamless viewing journey from start to finish.
youtube revanced apk download
  • SponsorBlock: Automatically skip sponsored segments within videos. This feature streamlines your viewing, bypassing non-essential content effortlessly.
  • Return YouTube Dislike: Mistakes happen, but YouTube ReVanced allows you to retract an accidental dislike, maintaining a positive rapport with content creators.
  • Old Layout: For those yearning for YouTube's familiar old layout, YouTube ReVanced provides an option to switch to the old layout.
  • Custom Branding: For a more personal experience, make your app a true representation of your individuality with custom branding.
  • Hide Creator’s Watermark: Hide the creator's watermark to clean the viewing area and allow viewers to focus more on content.
  • Autorepeat-By-Default: Set your favorite videos to loop automatically, enjoying continuous playback without manual intervention.
  • HDR-Auto-Brightness: Experience optimal video quality that adjusts to your device's brightness, enhancing every viewing session.
  • Swipe Controls: Use swipe control to easily change the volume and brightness of videos.
  • Custom Playback Speed: You can tailor video playback to suit your pace, speeding up or slowing down content as desired.
youtube revanced apk latest version
  • Amoled Mode: Activate dark mode designed specifically for AMOLED screens, reducing eye strain during night-time viewing.
  • Disable Shorts: Turn off the Shorts to keep your interface streamlined—this is perfect for users who prefer traditional video content.

Best Tips for YouTube ReVanced APK

Maximize your YouTube ReVanced experience with these expert tips:

  • Explore Settings: Delve into the app's settings to tailor YouTube ReVanced to your preferences. Discover a range of customization options to enhance your ad-free experience.
  • Keep ReVanced Updated: To ensure the best performance and access to new features, regularly check for and apply updates to YouTube ReVanced.
youtube revanced apk new version
  • Join the Community: Engage with the YouTube ReVanced community. Forums and social media groups are great places to share tips, seek advice, and stay informed about the latest developments.
  • Backup Your Settings: Save your configurations using the YouTube ReVanced Manager app. This precaution keeps your personalized settings safe during updates or app reinstalls.
  • Be Respectful: Remember, content creators rely on support while enjoying an ad-free experience and enhanced features. Engage positively by liking, sharing, and commenting on their videos.

YouTube ReVanced APK Alternatives

For those exploring different avenues of entertainment beyond YouTube ReVanced, consider these noteworthy apps:

  • YouTube Vanced: Prior to its discontinuation, YouTube Vanced was the preferred application for a better and enhanced YouTube experience. Therein, one could find the ability to play content in the background, ad-free, and themes, which also included dark themes. Now not updated but still carrying the legacy of YouTube Vanced is YouTube ReVanced since that is used as a starting point for its development.
youtube revanced apk for android
  • NewPipe: A standout among open-source apps, NewPipe caters to privacy-conscious users. It doesn’t use Google's framework, thus not requiring any Google services. NewPipe offers downloading capabilities and background playback and is devoid of any advertisements, making it a solid alternative for those prioritizing privacy and lightweight operation.
  • SkyTube: Emphasizing privacy and minimalism, SkyTube is an alternative YouTube client that doesn’t require Google sign-in. Its ad-free viewing experience and ability to filter out unwanted content make SkyTube an attractive option for users seeking control and simplicity in their video consumption habits.


Embracing YouTube ReVanced revolutionizes how we engage with video content, melding the familiar YouTube interface with unparalleled enhancements. By downloading and installing YouTube ReVanced APK, users unlock a suite of features to optimize their viewing experience, from ad-free browsing to background playback.

It will satisfy the cravings of the modern viewer and redefine entertainment over mobile platforms. With the digital landscape changing over time, YouTube ReVanced now affirms that it continues to have community-driven improvements for a more customized video viewing experience that is enriched and liked by its users around the globe.

Download YouTube ReVanced (139 MB)
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