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Dive into the latest 2024 simulation adventure with TV Studio Story MOD APK for Android. Download now and experience the thrill of game studio management!

Information of TV Studio Story

Name TV Studio Story
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 122
Size 67.3 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Kairosoft
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About TV Studio Story

TV Studio Story APK is a game that transforms your Android device into a bustling TV studio. Developed by the innovative minds at Kairosoft Co., Ltd., this game invites players to step into the shoes of a TV studio mogul.

As you navigate this game, the role of a visionary developer comes to life, allowing you to create, manage, and lead your television empire right from the palm of your hand. TV Studio Story entertains and challenges your strategic skills, making it a must-have on your Android device.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing TV Studio Story

Players are consistently drawn to TV Studio Story for many reasons, including its addictive gameplay. This game aspect resonates deeply with players who seek a captivating and engaging experience.

The essence of running a TV studio and the challenge of making strategic decisions keep players immersed for hours. It's this addictive quality that has earned TV Studio Story high praise and a dedicated player base. The allure of this game extends beyond mere entertainment; it's a journey into the heart of television production.

tv studio story mod apk

Moreover, TV Studio Story is well-known for its impressive visuals and abundant content, ensuring a visually appealing and content-packed experience. The intricate and vivid graphics bring the television production world to life, enriching the gaming experience.

Combined with the lack of advertisements or in-app purchases, players can enjoy an uninterrupted and authentic gaming experience, which is uncommon in today's mobile gaming industry. This dedication to excellence, visually and in terms of content, has received positive feedback from critics and gamers.

Features of TV Studio Story APK

TV Studio Story boasts a range of features that enrich the gameplay experience, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts of simulation games:

  • Build your TV studio: This central feature allows players to create their unique television studio from the ground up. In TV Studio Story, you can design and customize your studio, adding various facilities like editing rooms and recording studios. This feature taps into the creative aspirations of players, enabling them to construct their dream TV studio.
tv studio story mod apk download
  • Produce TV programs: A core aspect of the game is the ability to produce a variety of TV programs. TV Studio Story offers a spectrum of production options, from dramas to a variety of shows. Gamers can completely engage in the imaginative process by recruiting actors, actresses, and crew members to actualize their television concepts. This characteristic enhances the game's complexity and offers a peek into the complexities of producing TV shows.
  • Train your staff: To ensure the success of your studio, TV Studio Story allows you to train your staff, enhancing their skills and efficiency. This game's strategic element underscores the importance of team management in running a successful studio. Assigning tasks based on skill sets and continuously improving your team's capabilities are crucial to your success in the game.


tv studio story mod apk unlimited money
  • Compete with other TV studios: Competition is a thrilling part of TV Studio Story. Players can pit their studios against others, striving to become the best in the business. Participating in various competitions, winning prizes, and outshining rivals add a competitive edge to the gameplay, making it more engaging and challenging.
  • Unlock new content: As players progress, TV Studio Story offers the opportunity to unlock new content, such as additional TV programs and facilities. This feature ensures that the game remains fresh and exciting, continually providing new challenges and opportunities for players to explore.

Each feature collectively contributes to an immersive and dynamic gaming experience in TV Studio Story, making it a celebrated title in mobile simulation games.

Characters in TV Studio Story APK

In TV Studio Story, a cast of vibrant characters plays pivotal roles in the storyline and gameplay. Each character brings a unique flavor to the experience:

  • Director: The Director is the visionary of your TV studio. In TV Studio Story, the Director oversees the creative process of TV program production, making critical decisions that affect the outcome of shows. Their role is crucial in shaping the success of your studio's productions, requiring strategic thinking and a keen eye for detail.
  • Actor/Actress: These are the stars of your shows. In TV Studio Story, Actors and Actresses bring scripts to life with their performances. They are central to the game's storytelling, and their talent significantly impacts the popularity and success of your TV programs. Managing and casting these stars appropriately is key to captivating your audience.
tv studio story mod apk latest version
  • Writer: The Writer in TV Studio Story is the mastermind behind the scripts. They craft the narratives and dialogues for your TV programs, laying the foundation for engaging and compelling content. The Writer's creativity and skill are vital in producing quality shows that attract viewers and acclaim.
  • Producer: The Producer is the backbone of your TV studio operations. In TV Studio Story, the Producer manages the overall production process, from financing to scheduling. They guarantee the smooth and effective operation of all activities, playing a crucial part in the triumph of your studio. Their strategic leadership and judgment skills are vital in maneuvering through the competitive television industry.


Each character in TV Studio Story contributes uniquely to the immersive gameplay, making managing a TV studio a rich and dynamic experience.

Best Tips for TV Studio Story APK

Maximizing your success in TV Studio Story requires strategic thinking and smart management. Here are some top tips to excel in this game:

  • Train your staff: A key strategy in TV Studio Story is continually investing in your team. Training your staff enhances their skills, making your operations more efficient and effective. Upgrading your team's abilities is crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic world of TV production.
  • Produce high-quality TV programs: The heart of TV Studio Story lies in creating engaging and popular TV shows. Concentrate on creating top-notch content that connects with your viewers. Try various types and approaches to discover the most effective, and continuously aim for originality and imagination in your work.
tv studio story mod apk for android
  • Compete with other TV studios: Engaging in competition is an exciting game feature. In 2024, these competitive elements are more dynamic than ever. Participate in challenges and strive to outperform your rivals. Winning these competitions can bring additional rewards and recognition to your studio.
  • Manage your finances: Financial management is critical in TV Studio Story. Efficient budgeting and resource allocation ensures the smooth running of your studio. Monitor your expenses, invest wisely in upgrades, and balance your books to avoid financial pitfalls. Sound financial planning is key to long-term success in the game.

Following these tips can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in TV Studio Story and lead you to become a top TV studio manager in the virtual world 2024.


TV Studio Story is a testament to immersive and detailed simulation gaming. This game is a perfect choice for enthusiasts eager to delve into the world of TV studio management. The blend of strategic gameplay, rich content, and engaging characters make it a must-try. So, if you're ready to embark on this adventure, don't hesitate to download TV Studio Story MOD APK and start your journey.

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