Turboprop Flight Simulator Mod APK 1.30.5 (Unlimited money/Unlocked)

Icon Turboprop Flight Simulator Mod APK 1.30.5 (Unlimited money/Unlocked)
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Download the new version of Turboprop Flight Simulator MOD APK for Android in 2024. Immerse yourself in realistic game simulation, controlling aircraft with precision and exploring new features.

Information of Turboprop Flight Simulator

Name Turboprop Flight Simulator
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.30.5
Size 79.6 MB
Category Simulation
Developer AXgamesoft
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money

About Turboprop Flight Simulator

Take to the skies in Turboprop Flight Simulator APK, a thrilling game offering a realistic flight experience. Developed and offered by AXgamesoft, it lets you explore the captivating world of turboprop aircraft on mobile. With this immersive flight simulation, you'll pilot military airlifters, regional airliners, and even versatile ground vehicles. Take on training missions to master takeoffs, landings, and intricate cockpit controls. Available on Google Play for Android devices, this app offers detailed graphics, realistic physics, and interactive interiors, inviting aviation enthusiasts to dive into the adventurous world of aviation.

What is New in Turboprop Flight Simulator APK?

The new version of Turboprop Flight Simulator brings exciting updates and enhancements that elevate the game to new heights. Here’s what’s fresh for players in 2024:

  • No Mandatory Ads: Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with ads only appearing as optional, rewarded ads between flights.
  • Great Graphics: The latest update features even more detailed cockpits and stunning 3D visuals, making your flying experience more immersive.
  • Free Updates: Regular updates ensure that the game stays fresh and engaging with new content and improvements.
  • New Aircraft: Added a variety of new turboprop planes, enhancing the selection for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Improved Physics: Enhanced realistic physics for an even more authentic flight simulation.
  • Interactive Missions: New missions and challenges to test your flying skills and keep you engaged.
turboprop flight simulator mod apk
  • Advanced Controls: Updated control systems, including more responsive rudder, flaps, and spoilers for precise maneuvers.
  • Dynamic Weather: Introduced dynamic weather conditions to add an extra layer of realism and challenge.
  • Customizable Characters: Players can now personalize their pilot avatars, adding a touch of individuality to their in-game experience.
  • Expanded Map: Additional locations and airports to explore, making every flight a new adventure.
  • Enhanced Sound Effects: More realistic engine sounds and ambient audio for a fully immersive experience.
  • User Interface Improvements: A more intuitive and user-friendly interface for smoother navigation and control.

These updates ensure that Turboprop Flight Simulator continues to provide a captivating and realistic aviation experience, keeping players coming back for more. Enjoy the blend of detailed graphics, realistic physics, and engaging gameplay that make this game a standout in the world of flight simulators.

Features of Turboprop Flight Simulator APK

Aircraft Variety and Ground Vehicles

Turboprop Flight Simulator offers a diverse range of aircraft and ground vehicles to enhance your flying experience. The Aircraft Variety includes everything from military cargo planes to regional airliners and private luxury VTOLs. Each plane is meticulously designed to provide a unique flying experience, catering to different gameplay preferences.

  • Military Cargo Planes: Fly tactical airlifters inspired by the Airbus A400M Atlas.
  • Regional Airliners: Operate commercial planes designed for short to medium-haul flights.
turboprop flight simulator mod apk download
  • Luxury VTOLs: Experience the cutting-edge technology of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.
  • Ground Vehicles: Beyond flying, drive a range of ground vehicles to perform various tasks on the runway and within the airport.

Training Missions and Interactive Interior

Master the art of flying with comprehensive Training Missions and explore your aircraft’s Interactive Interior in Turboprop Flight Simulator. These features ensure that both novice and experienced pilots can enjoy and learn the intricacies of flying.

  • Training Missions: Learn essential skills such as taxiing, takeoff, landing, and advanced maneuvers.
  • Interactive Interior: Explore the cockpit and cabin in first-person mode during most levels and free-flight scenarios.
  • Realistic Physics: Experience true-to-life flight dynamics that respond accurately to your inputs.
turboprop flight simulator mod apk latest version
  • Complete Controls: Utilize rudder, flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers, auto-brakes, and landing gear for precise control.
  • Multiple Cameras: Switch between various camera views, including cockpit perspectives from both captain and copilot positions.

Realistic Physics and Engaging Sound Effects

Turboprop Flight Simulator delivers an unparalleled sense of realism with its Realistic Physics and Engines’ Sounds that are close to those recorded from actual airplanes.

  • Realistic Physics: Fly with the confidence that the aircraft responds just as it would in the real world, making each maneuver and flight challenge authentic.
  • Engines’ Sounds: Enjoy a fully immersive experience with sound effects recorded from real aircraft, enhancing the gameplay.
turboprop flight simulator mod apk unlimited money
  • Aircraft Destruction: Witness detailed damage models, including partial and total destruction scenarios such as wing tips clipping, full wings separation, and fuselage breakage.
  • Advanced Weather Systems: Navigate through changing weather conditions that add another layer of challenge and realism to your flights.

These features make Turboprop Flight Simulator a standout choice for aviation enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive and realistic flight simulation experience.

Best Tips for Turboprop Flight Simulator APK

  • Master Takeoffs and Landings: Practice makes perfect, and in Turboprop Flight Simulator, refining your skills in takeoffs and landings is crucial. Approach the runway steadily, manage your speed with precision, and always pay attention to wind direction and velocity.
  • Learn the Cockpit Controls: Familiarize yourself with the cockpit layout and instrument panel before starting your first mission. This will help you smoothly control your aircraft during the game. Focus on key indicators like altitude, airspeed, and fuel levels, and master the throttle, flaps, and landing gear systems.
  • Explore Free-Flight Mode: Use free-flight mode to fly unrestricted, hone your skills, and create custom flight routes. It’s the perfect way to familiarize yourself with new aircraft, as well as explore various islands, airports, and runways in the game.
  • Use Realistic Flight Techniques: Understand the dynamics of flying with Realistic Flight Techniques. Practice using flaps for extra lift during takeoff and for slowing down on landing. Utilize spoilers to reduce speed when descending and maintain steady control over your approach angles.
turboprop flight simulator mod apk unlocked everything
  • Plan Ahead with Missions: Before starting a mission, thoroughly review the objectives, weather conditions, and aircraft capabilities. Plan your fuel load and take note of the runway length to ensure you can complete your mission successfully.
  • Manage Your Crew: Although there are no individual crew characters, simulate the crew management experience by adjusting weight distribution and fuel load to achieve balance and maximum efficiency.
  • Experiment with Multiple Aircraft: Try out different planes to find the one that best suits your flying style. Each aircraft in Turboprop Flight Simulator offers a distinct experience, so be sure to explore various models and their unique handling characteristics.
  • Customize Controls: Tailor your control setup according to your preference. Adjust sensitivity, customize the layout, and make use of the various control options like tilt, joystick, and buttons to make flying as comfortable as possible.


Elevate your aerial aspirations with the Turboprop Flight Simulator MOD APK. This captivating game offers a blend of authenticity, difficulty, and excitement as you navigate different aircraft and venture into islands and airports during free-flight mode. Immerse yourself in a world of detailed visuals, lifelike physics, and intricately crafted planes by downloading the latest update. Whether you're a aviation aficionado or simply enjoy a thrilling flight simulation, this game is a fantastic opportunity to quench your desire for exploration and flying.

Download Turboprop Flight Simulator (79.6 MB)
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