True Football National Manager Mod APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited money)

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Get True Football National Manager MOD APK latest version for Android, a must-have game for sports enthusiasts in 2024.

Information of True Football National Manager

Name True Football National Manager
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.7.2
Size 25.0 MB
Category Sports
Developer MKR Studio
Google Play Link
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About True Football National Manager

True Football National Manager APK is a good immersive experience for mobile lovers and makes a sports management game show. This exciting game, available on Google Play and carefully offered by MKR Studio, promises to set deep strategic layers and a comprehensive football management simulation among Android users. Make sure to have that in mind when you start; however, this is not just a game you play; it is taking on the role of a national team manager to take your squad to international glory. True Football National Manager sets a new benchmark in the sports management genre on mobile, blending an extremely meticulous game with the accessible on-the-go gaming experience Android users know and love.

What is New in True Football National Manager APK?

In the latest iteration of True Football National Manager, game fans can anticipate enhancements designed to elevate their management experience. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Player AI: The players in the game will feature better and more purposeful movements and behaviors, with intelligence matching the unpredictability of football.
  • Expanded Team Tactics: Updated with advanced tactical options, setting up unprecedented control over how your team plays on the field.
  • Updated Player Database: Comprehensive player updating is done, which leads to implementing recent transfers and player development with an authentic playing experience.
true football national manager mod apk
  • Improved Match Engine: Just like the better gameplay, there are no hidden charges in the true style of the game; it just offers all the features as an all-in-one.
  • No Hidden Costs: True to its commitment, the game ensures all features are accessible without hidden fees, providing a complete experience.
  • Multi-Language Support: Now available in 24 languages, the game welcomes a broader global community, ensuring fans worldwide can enjoy the game in their native tongue.
  • Offline Mode: Understanding the need for accessibility, True Football National Manager now includes an offline mode, allowing you to enjoy the game without an internet connection anytime, anywhere.


Features of True Football National Manager APK

Comprehensive Gameplay Mechanics

True Football National Manager revolutionizes the gameplay experience with its detailed and immersive approach. At the heart of this game, players find themselves at the helm of one of 211 National Teams, each offering unique challenges and opportunities. The game extends beyond mere management, inviting players to:

  • Strategize for International Tournaments: Lead your team up the ladder in prestigious international tournaments and test your mettle against the best in the world.
true football national manager mod apk download
  • Meticulous Player Selection: With player selection, going deep into the pool of players, integrating it into your tactical blueprint, and subsequently nurturing them into world-class athletes is necessary.
  • Engaging Interactive Gameplay: Every decision impacts your journey. From press interviews to managing team morale, the interactive gameplay keeps you at the core of your team's success or failure.

Rewarding Progression System

The thrill of True Football National Manager is not just in the management but also in the pursuit of glory through its achievements and trophies system. This aspect of the game encourages players to:

  • Achieve Milestones: Set and achieve personal milestones, each reflecting your skill and dedication as a manager.
true football national manager mod apk unlimited money
  • Collect Trophies: Compete in championships after championships to fill your trophy cabinet and write the game's history.
  • Global Leaderboards: Climb the world rankings and compare it with the other bosses all around the globe to be the best.

Best Tips for True Football National Manager APK

Mastering the game's nuances is essential to excel in True Football National Manager. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a dedicated strategist, these tips will guide you to victory:

  • Prioritize Player Development: Scout and develop youthful talent. Players need to be developed to adapt to the team's tactical demands and become strong and versatile.
  • Master Tactical Adaptation: Flexibility in tactics could win or lose a match. Tactical adaptation allows a change in strategy midway into a game, exploiting an opponent's weaknesses and countering the strength.


true football national manager mod apk android
  • Focus on Morale Management: The spirit of your squad is equally important to its quality. Proper morale management will motivate your players to perform consistently, especially in those crunch games.
  • Utilize Scouting Wisely: Besides assisting in discovering new talents, scouting also results in gathering intelligence on rivals. Understanding the opponents' strategies offers a comparative edge in game planning.
  • Balance Your Finances: Financial health is an enabler for the long-term survival of any business. You need to balance the books, invest in facilities, and manage wages for the sustainable growth of your team.
  • Engage with Media Smartly: Your interactions with the media can affect team morale. Choose your words carefully to inspire your team and maintain a positive environment.
true football national manager mod apk new
  • Experiment with Formations: Don't stick to a single formation. Experimenting with different formations can surprise opponents and optimize your team's performance based on available talent.
  • Plan for the Long Term: While immediate success is rewarding, planning for the long term ensures sustained achievement. Build a strong youth academy and focus on future stars to secure your legacy in True Football National Manager.


The unmatchable journey with True Football National Manager. Download this game, which opens the way to the players' lives, taking on a path of strategic depth, the development of players, and the living thrills of international competition. It's more than just a game; it's a full simulation of football management, encapsulating what it is to be a manager taking a national team to the top. Whether you are a well-knit strategist or entering into the scenes of football management for the first time, True Football National Manager MOD APK is your door to express the soul of beautiful football.

Download True Football National Manager (25.0 MB)
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