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Download the TravelBoast MOD APK and craft your Journey Routes! Unearth the magic of the new version and turn your trips into tales!

Information of TravelBoast

Name TravelBoast
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.58
Size 409.02 Mb
Category Video players & editors
Developer Urobots GmbH
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Premium unlocked

About TravelBoast

When nostalgia entwines with modern-day technology, creations like the TravelBoast APK are born. Among the myriad of mobile apps that grace our devices, this gem stands out, especially for those with a penchant for wanderlust. Crafted diligently by its developer, the app opens doors to realms where each traveler can chronicle their escapades in the form of a video. And the heart of this experience? The feature titled "My Journey Routes", an epitome of personalized travel stories. For the avid adventurer wielding an android device, this is not just an app; it's a canvas waiting to be painted.

What is TravelBoast APK?

At its core, TravelBoast isn't merely a digital tool; it's an encapsulation of memories, a journal of adventures. This application is a beacon for people who cherish every moment of their trip and wish to immortalize it. With TravelBoast, one can transform their travel memories into compelling videos about your journeys, tailor-made for platforms like TikTok. But it doesn't stop there. The app elegantly meshes the tales of your escapades with the precision of a map, letting every user start a voyage of discovery, not just in the world outside but within the pixelated confines of their screens.

How TravelBoast APK Works

  • TravelBoast initiates your digital odyssey by presenting an intuitive user interface, inviting every traveler to dive deep into its features.
  • With the add functionality, users can seamlessly upload moments captured, be it a mesmerizing sunset from a mountain peak or a bustling street in a foreign land. Each photo becomes a part of the mosaic of your journey.
travelboast mod apk
  • Tailoring for the modern-day adventurer, the app offers seamless integration with platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This ensures that the world not only witnesses but also partakes in the magic of your excursions.
  • The power of TravelBoast isn't limited to mere videos. It enables users to curate stories about your travels, merging moments with maps, ensuring each tale has a traceable origin.
  • Want your stories to stand out? The platform equips you with the tools to forge cool narratives, ensuring your tales are not just heard, but remembered.
  • Embracing the essence of travel, it prompts you to take that leap, to dive into the unknown, only to transform these adventures into awesome posts and stories.
  • Not merely a documentation tool, it instills a sense of fun in the journey documentation process. Every trip, every corner turned, becomes a playful adventure within the app.


travelboast mod apk download
  • One can track their meanderings, not just in their local neighborhood but around the world, celebrating the spirit of global exploration.
  • Choice is central to TravelBoast. Whether you voyaged on a traditional vehicle or sailed on azure waters, every mode of transport finds its representation.
  • The journey, they say, matters more than the destination. And with this application, your tales don't just end when you reach your final stop. Instead, they echo, ripple, and inspire countless others on the digital realm.

Features of TravelBoast APK

TravelBoast stands as a beacon for modern-day adventurers, bridging the gap between digital storytelling and tangible travels, and its features are the building blocks of this bridge.

  • Distance Mastery: One of its sterling attributes allows users to chronicle the lengths and breadths of their journeys, ensuring every mile, every step is celebrated.
  • Stay in the Trend: Beyond just being a tool, it captures the pulse of the digital realm. Be it a trending destination or a novel way of storytelling, be assured you're always in vogue.
travelboast mod apk premium unlocked
  • Personalized Profile: Carve out a niche in the digital cosmos with a profile that not just tells but shows, resonates, and reverberates your tales.
  • Seamless Itinerary Integration: Bid adieu to those bulky travel logs. The app elegantly fuses your plans into a visual and interactive itinerary.
  • Travels Will Attract: In a sea of digital narratives, ensure your tales don't just float but shine, making waves and drawing fellow wanderers towards them.
  • Enter Your Route: With meticulous precision, you can lay down the paths treaded, ensuring every twist, turn, and detour is represented.
  • Flaunt and Share Your Trips: A journey experienced alone is but half-lived. With easy sharing options, resonate your adventures with kindred spirits across platforms.
travelboast mod apk latest version
  • Choose Transport with Flair: Whether you rode the dunes or sailed the seven seas, every mode of travel finds its distinguished place.
  • Dynamic Location Tags: Every spot, every locale, from the bustling top of the urban jungle to the serene valley deep, is pin-pointedly represented.
  • Secure Store Functionality: Your tales, your memories are precious. And with its state-of-the-art storage options, they are kept safe, ready to be relived.
  • Global Country Coverage: From the icy tundras of the north to the warm beaches down south, every country, every culture is within your storytelling grasp.


Tips to Maximize TravelBoast APK 2024 Usage

  • TravelBoast Mastery: Dive deep into its functionalities. Familiarize yourself with its nuances to ensure your tales resonate with unparalleled vibrancy on the digital canvas.
  • Choose Your Transport Wisely: The journey's essence often lies in the path taken. Whether a quaint bicycle ride through rustic villages or a roaring train through alpine landscapes, select the mode that complements your tale's soul.
  • Record Every Detail: The devil, as they say, is in the details. From the golden hue of a sunrise to the gentle murmur of a brook, ensure no moment, however fleeting, escapes your narrative.
travelboast mod apk for android
  • Boldly Share Your Trips: Let not your stories be mere whispers in the digital wind. Broadcast them, loud and clear, ensuring they echo across platforms, drawing kindred spirits into your world.
  • Import GPX Tracks: Breathe life into your journeys with precision. With this feature, every curve, every turn, is traced, giving your tales a foundation rooted in reality.
  • Get Creative: Beyond the realms of the ordinary, lies the extraordinary. Harness the tools at your disposal, meld them with your unique perspective, and craft tales that don't just narrate, but captivate.


In a realm where the tangible and digital worlds intersect, TravelBoast MOD APK emerges as a luminary. It's more than just an application; it's a bridge connecting yesteryear's adventures with tomorrow's memories. With every click, every swipe, users are transported, not just across lands but through time and emotions. As wanderers continue their quest for stories and landscapes, this tool ensures their tales are not just lived but relived, celebrated, and shared. So, for those ready to etch their mark on the canvas of digital storytelling, it's time to download and embark on the ultimate voyage.

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