Traffic Jam Fever Mod APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited money)

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Test how composed you are while under pressure in Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK for Android, a brain-tickling puzzle game all about traffic control and management.

Information of Traffic Jam Fever

Name Traffic Jam Fever
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.3.9
Size 117.14 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Supersonic Studios LTD
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

About Traffic Jam Fever

Become an omnipotent figure that can materialize roads out of thin air in Traffic Jam Fever APK, a casual puzzle game with a captivating gameplay loop and very refined graphics. Developed by Supersonic Studios Limited, Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK will pose a unique challenge to you where you will need to deal with controlling traffic and managing the transport system. Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK puts your reflexes and speed to the test as it will constantly throw tough challenges at you.

traffic jam fever mod apk latest version

The game is the ultimate casual experience and can be picked up and enjoyed by people of all ages. The controls are super simplified with the main gameplay mechanic consisting of one single tap and swipe. This mechanic is the creation of roads, intersections, tunnels, and overpasses to allow for fluid free flowing traffic. Sounds simple enough at first but don’t mistake this simplicity for a lack of complexity, the game ramps up the difficulty and adjusts itself to match your skill level.

The beauty of Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK Unlimited Money lies in how it encourages you to think critically to deal with the ever-swelling traffic situation. All the tools needed are available to you and all you need to do is learn how to master them. As the game keeps going you will earn coins which are the game's in-game currency and is what you will need to unlock certain features and items in the game’s store. These upgrades will make the game a lot easier and will lessen the intensity significantly as the pressure mounts.

Harness your Inner Engineer 

In as much as Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK for Android is just a game, it does a great job of giving a rather- though very simplified – look at the things engineers take into account when constructing roads. Road constructors have to consider a lot of factors before commissioning a road. This process of assessment takes countless months but in Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK Latest Version the game doesn’t give you months but instead gives you mere minutes, good luck.

traffic jam fever mod apk

Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK does its best to make your life harder by constantly increasing the number of cars in traffic so as to force you to adjust and make improvements to your system. Use your resources intelligently and sparingly so as to not exhaust them leading to a traffic deadlock and the end of the game.

Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK for Android is a relatively small game and does not require a high-end mobile device to enjoy. The game is properly optimized and is about 80MB which is not a huge strain for modern devices. You can have the game on your phone and pick it up virtually whenever for a quick session to test your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Learning the Ropes in Traffic Jam Fever MOD

  • Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK is a very simple game with easy-to-master controls and wildly fun game mechanics
  • The game’s controls consist of a single swipe or touch to lay down the road as well as intersections, overpasses, and tunnels.
  • You must use the resources available to you thoughtfully to avoid exhausting them and causing congestion
  • As soon as you lay down the road, cars will start appearing on the road
  • You will need to manage the flow of traffic by expanding the roads so as to accommodate all the motorists
  • Poor road development may lead to accidents too, which is even worse than a traffic jam
  • As you play the game you will earn coins which you can then use to purchase more resources from the store
  • Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK encourages creativity and thoughtful design forcing you to think out of the box and find simple solutions to complex issues
  • The seamless flow of traffic after a job well done is immensely satisfying and something everyone needs to experience
traffic jam fever mod apk download

Attention-Grabbing Features in Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK

  • Super Satisfying Mechanics

The game is a very satisfying experience for both casual and hard-core gamers due to the game being perfectly balanced. Building roads and other structures don’t take much effort with everything being within reach making your experience all the more enjoyable.

  • Go Beyond your Limits

If you are feeling adventurous and up to the task, the game features a mechanic where you can increase the difficulty to match your pace. Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK for Android allows you to increase the number of cars on the road giving you the opportunity to create even more challenging situations for yourself

  • Single-Tap Controls

The controls of the game are super simple and easy to grasp. All the options are placed right in front of you and the menu layout is really well done. Creating structures involves no less than two taps which is a welcome feature for casuals.

traffic jam fever mod apk unlimited money
  • Stunning Minimalistic Graphics

The graphics in Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK Unlimited Money aren’t the most remarkable out there but they really do fit the nature of the game. The designs for cars and environments are cartoony, fun, and super satisfying to look at for extended periods. The animations for moving cars are also fluid and seamless.

Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK Download

Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK Unlimited Money is the best version of the game put there as it eliminates the grind and gives you enough coins to let your creativity run wild. The easy access to vast amounts of coins allows you to freely explore all the game has to offer at your own pace without worrying about gathering coins. This version really lets you take in the game for what it’s worth and further enhances the already great experience.


Gaming casuals who love a little brain tease and are looking for a game that is challenging, accessible, and fun should totally check out Traffic Jam Fever MOD APK.

Download Traffic Jam Fever (117.14 Mb)
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