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Connect with friends and family on one of the fastest messaging platforms around with Telegram MOD APK for Android, a pure messaging app focused on privacy and security.

Information of Telegram

Name Telegram
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 10.3.1
Size 68.88 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Telegram FZ-LLC
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • LiteOptimized all graphics
  • Analytics removed
  • Garbage classes removed
  • Modification will not ask to enable Google Services if they are not in the system
  • Added several themes from Telegraph with preview
  • Signature changed
  • Anti delete

About Telegram

Telegram APK is one of the younger social media platforms bursting out on the scene in August 2013. Even from the beginning Telegram always sought to differentiate itself from other messaging apps and it did so with its secret chats and self-destruct timers, these were some of its earliest features which are still around to this day. As the years went by more and more people started paying attention to this messaging platform mainly due to its constant innovation and reliability making it a cut above its competitors such as the very popular WhatsApp.

telegram apk

Not to discredit WhatsApp, which in itself is a wonderful app, but in recent years there have been some concerns raised about its security and privacy practices which haven’t been very transparent. One major positive about Telegram APK is how its code Is open source, this means that anyone interested in analyzing the code can do so freely for learning purposes or just to ensure their data is secure. With over 700 million monthly active users, Telegram APK has managed to establish itself in many countries as a competent messaging app trusted by countless people worldwide.

Telegram APK for Android offers end-to-end encryption for chats which is an advanced security practice that ensures no third party can intercept chats. It works by using keys to encrypt information being exchanged between two people. Without the keys, no third party can access the chats including Telegram themselves, making it highly secure. Another feature that safeguards the privacy of users is how telegram automatically deletes your account and all your data if you are inactive for six months.

For media lovers, Telegram APK for Android caters to all your needs by having massive limits to media sizes. With Telegram APK you could send whole movies with no problem at all which is leagues ahead of the competition.

telegram apk download

The limit for videos in Telegram APK is a staggering 2GB which is way more than enough for any files you may have. Telegram APK for Android also has other features for media lovers such as profile videos, which lets you set multiple videos as well as photos as your profile.

At its core, Telegram APK remains a messaging application with messaging being its bread and butter meaning it must be the most developed component of the app which unsurprisingly, it is. Messaging in Telegram APK is blisteringly fast with so many unique ways to express yourself through text such as reactions, stickers, and voice messaging. Other aspects of messaging that make it worthwhile include the integration of bots to help in the automation of certain activities in chats, groups, and even channels.

Configuring Telegram APK for Android

  • After downloading the Telegram APK new version you can begin the quick setup process
  • Pick your Country code then input your phone number to register your accounts
  • You will receive a confirmation code either through call or text which you should then type into the input box
telegram apk latest version
  • After confirming your number, you will then have to set a display name that will identify you on the app
  • The display name can be anything you like and will be public for anyone to see unlike your username
  • Initiating a chat is as simple as tapping on the pen symbol located at the lowermost right corner and picking a contact. This will subsequently unveil a chat room exclusively for you and the chosen individual.
  • You can also create group chats and add friends from your contact list to engage in group messaging
  • Secret chats can also be accessed from this section with Secret Chats being encrypted from even Telegram themselves

Key Features of the Telegram APK

  • Get to Edit Messages After they are Sent

Telegram APK for Android lets you do things very few messaging apps allow you to do such as editing messages after they have been sent.

telegram apk for android

This is such an essential feature for messaging making it hard to comprehend why multiple messaging apps haven’t yet integrated it into their applications. Other applications let you delete messages for both parties but allowing edits would be a lot more efficient.

  • Conceal your Last Seen

Privacy is something Telegram APK takes very seriously and it is very evident in the numerous features they have to ensure users have a smooth experience, such features include the ability to conceal your last seen. The use cases for such a feature are too many to mention but the main purpose is to maintain anonymity and hide your social media presence for reasons best known to you.

  • Secure Secret Chats

Telegram APK encrypts almost every piece of data it holds meaning your data will seldom end up in the wrong hands.

telegram apk new version

This security extends to messages, photos, videos, and files meaning everything you send can only be viewed by the intended parties.

  • Rapid Messaging

Telegram APK for Android lets you instantly send messages across the globe with little to no downtime involved. Once a message is sent it is almost instantaneously received by the recipient regardless of where they are on earth due to the numerous data centers Telegram has placed in different regions.

  • Synchronize all your Devices

Telegram allows you to use the app on multiple devices with different mobile devices, tablets and PCs all synchronizing keeping your information consistent on all devices that you own. This allows for easy transition between devices simplifying your experience greatly.

  • Generous Media Limitations

A huge feature of Telegram that is a big plus for media lovers is the massive media limits. Telegram APK for Android does something no messaging app out there does by giving you a limit of 2GB for file transfers.

telegram apk 2023

This is remarkable for a messaging platform as even files larger than 2GB can comfortably be broken down into manageable chunks which can all be sent in one chat room.

Download Telegram APK 2023

Telegram APK for Android is a mobile messaging application that has revolutionized the way people communicate in their day to day. It executes its main purpose of messaging perfectly and even adds to it with features that only make the experience all the more enjoyable for users.


If security, flexibility, and reliability are a massive concern for you, then I have to recommend you download the Telegram MOD APK for Android to secure your interactions with the people closest to you. The myriad of thoughtful features and useful tools makes this a must-have application if you’re looking to enhance your interactions and improve your connections with the rest of the world.

Download Telegram (68.88 Mb)
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