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Download the new version of Tachiyomi APK for Android 2024 and dive into the world of comics and apps with unparalleled ease and depth.

Information of Tachiyomi

Name Tachiyomi
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.15.3
Size 22 MB
Category Comics
Developer inorichi
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About Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi APK is a groundbreaking mobile app designed for Android users passionate about comics. Developed by inorichi, this app revolutionizes how digital comics are consumed on mobile devices. It stands out in the world of apps for its user-driven design and open-source nature, allowing a vibrant community to continually enhance its features. As a leader in manga and comic readers, Tachiyomi offers an immersive reading experience tailored to the needs and preferences of comic enthusiasts worldwide.

How to use Tachiyomi APK

  • Installation: Begin by downloading Tachiyomi from a trusted source. Install the file on your Android device to start exploring a vast world of comics.
tachiyomi apk
  • Adding Sources: Once Tachiyomi is installed, enhance your experience by integrating various apps and content sources. This allows access to a broader range of comics and manga.
  • Adding Series to Your Library: Search and select your favorite series from the added sources. Add these to your Tachiyomi library to keep all your reads in one place, ready whenever you are.

Features of Tachiyomi APK

  • Full-Featured Reader: Tachiyomi stands out as a full-featured reader, offering various viewing options such as vertical scrolling and page-by-page navigation. This flexibility ensures that every user finds a comfortable reading mode that enhances their experience with comics and manga on Android devices.
  • Tracking: Keep up with your reading progress effortlessly. Tachiyomi integrates with popular tracking apps like MyAnimeList, AniList, and Kitsu, allowing you to update and manage your manga lists directly from the app. This feature is invaluable for avid readers who wish to monitor their reading habits and achievements.
  • Extensions: Tachiyomi supports a wide range of extensions that allow users to access content from various sources around the web. This means more manga and comic choices than traditional apps, making it a versatile choice for readers seeking diversity in their reading material.
tachiyomi apk new version
  • Customization: Tailor Tachiyomi to your liking with extensive customization options. Adjust themes, set up reading orientations, and modify many other settings to create a personalized reading environment. This level of customization ensures that Tachiyomi adapts to your preferences rather than the other way around.
  • Offline Reading: With offline reading capabilities, Tachiyomi allows users to download their favorite comics and read them without an internet connection. This feature is perfect for commuting or traveling, ensuring that your entertainment is always accessible, regardless of connectivity.

These features collectively make Tachiyomi a leading choice among apps for reading manga and comics on Android, providing a rich, adaptable, and user-friendly experience.

Best Tips for Tachiyomi APK

  • Backup Your Library: Regularly backing up your library is crucial when using Tachiyomi. This ensures that your data, including your reading progress and list of favorites, is safe. Utilize cloud storage or local backup options to protect your manga collection.
  • Explore Extensions: To maximize the potential of Tachiyomi, explore the variety of extensions available within the app. These extensions allow access to an expansive array of comics and manga from different sources, enriching your reading options and helping you discover new favorites.
tachiyomi apk latest version
  • Support Mangakas: While enjoying the convenience of Tachiyomi, consider supporting the original creators of your favorite manga. Purchase official merchandise, physical copies of manga, or contribute to legal digital platforms. Supporting mangakas helps sustain the manga industry and encourages the production of new content.

Following these tips will enhance your experience with Tachiyomi, making it not only a tool for enjoyment but also a means of contributing positively to the broader manga community.

Tachiyomi APK Alternatives

  • Manga Rock: Once a leading choice among manga apps, Manga Rock offered a vast library and a user-friendly interface. Although it's no longer available, it provided features like bookmarking, downloading for offline reading, and a personalized recommendation system that catered to the user's reading habits. Fans of Tachiyomi who appreciated Manga Rock might find similar functionalities in current alternatives.
  • MangaDex: For those looking for an alternative to Tachiyomi, MangaDex is an excellent option. This platform stands out with its extensive collection of fan-translated manga, supporting multiple languages. MangaDex offers a community-driven experience, allowing users to follow specific translators and groups, much like following authors or series in other apps.
tachiyomi apk for android
  • MangaZone: MangaZone provides a clean and accessible interface, making it a suitable alternative for Tachiyomi users. It features a wide selection of manga titles across various genres, along with community interaction elements like comments and ratings. This app focuses on delivering a comprehensive manga reading experience, emphasizing ease of use and community feedback.


Tachiyomi represents the pinnacle of digital comic reading experiences on Android. With its robust features, extensive customization, and vast library through various extensions, it's clear why this app is a favorite among comic enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned manga reader or new to the genre, Tachiyomi offers everything you need to dive deep into the world of comics. Don't hesitate to download and explore all that Tachiyomi APK has to offer, and enjoy the rich, immersive reading journey that awaits.

FAQs Tachiyomi

How do I install Tachiyomi on my Android device? +

To install Tachiyomi, download the APK from the official website. Ensure that your device allows installations from unknown sources under security settings. This process lets you enjoy one of the most versatile comic reader apps available.

Can I read comics offline with Tachiyomi? +

Yes, Tachiyomi allows you to download your favorite comics and read them offline. Simply add comics to your library and use the download feature within the app. This makes it incredibly convenient for reading without an internet connection.

Are there any costs involved with using Tachiyomi? +

Tachiyomi is a free open-source app, meaning there are no costs for downloading or using it. It is supported by a community of developers and users, ensuring it remains free and up-to-date with new features and apps integrations.

Download Tachiyomi (22 MB)
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