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Dive into the latest version of Supermarket Simulator APK, a must-download simulation game for Android users seeking thrilling gameplay in 2024.

Information of Supermarket Simulator

Name Supermarket Simulator
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.7
Size 38 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Beansprites LLC


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About Supermarket Simulator

Dive into the world of retail with Supermarket Simulator APK, a captivating game that turns the management of a grocery store into an engaging adventure. Developed by Beansprites LLC, this mobile masterpiece offers Android users an immersive experience in the bustling universe of supermarket operations. From the strategic placement of aisles to the excitement of dealing with a diverse clientele, Supermarket Simulator presents a unique blend of challenges and rewards. Join countless players in mastering the art of retail, brought to life with meticulous detail by Beansprites LLC, and carve your path to becoming a supermarket mogul.

What is New in Supermarket Simulator APK?

The Supermarket Simulator game has received a significant update, thrilling players with new features that elevate the Tycoon experience to new heights. Here's what's new:

  • Engaging Gameplay Enhancements: The game now includes more dynamic customer interactions and seasonal events, offering a more immersive experience. These additions challenge players to adapt their strategies in real-time, ensuring every playthrough feels fresh and engaging.
  • Interior Design Freedom: A vast array of new interior design options allows for unparalleled customization. Players can now choose from hundreds of new shelving, flooring, and lighting options to create their dream supermarket.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: This update introduces the option for players to secure endorsements from virtual celebrities, boosting their supermarket's popularity. These endorsements come with unique challenges but offer substantial rewards and visibility.
supermarket simulator apk
  • Expansion Options: Players can now expand their supermarket empire like never before. New expansion options include opening luxury sections, such as gourmet food aisles, electronics, and more, each offering unique management challenges and customer demographics.
  • Advanced Supply Chain Management: A deeper supply chain management system has been integrated, providing players with more control over inventory, suppliers, and product sourcing. This feature adds a layer of complexity and realism to the game.
  • Improved Customer AI: Customers now have more diverse behaviors and preferences, requiring players to continually adapt their product offerings and store layout to meet customer demand.

These updates enrich the Supermarket Simulator experience, offering players more Engaging Gameplay, Interior Design Freedom, Celebrity Endorsements, and Expansion Options to explore and enjoy.


Features of Supermarket Simulator APK

Fun Simulation Business Game

Dive into the gameplay of Supermarket Simulator, where managing a supermarket becomes an enthralling journey. This feature sets the stage for an immersive Fun Simulation Business Game that captivates from the get-go. Players get to experience:

  • The thrill of starting and expanding their own supermarket from the ground up, facing the challenges of business management.
supermarket simulator apk download
  • A dynamic economic system that reacts to the player's decisions, influencing the game's outcome.
  • Engaging customer service scenarios that test problem-solving skills and adaptability.

Realistic Supermarket Business Process

Supermarket Simulator excels in offering a Realistic Supermarket Business Process, providing a comprehensive look into the intricacies of running a retail business. Highlights include:

  • Detailed inventory management that requires balancing stock levels, demand, and storage capacities.
supermarket simulator apk mod
  • Financial management aspects, such as setting prices, budgeting for expansions, and handling cash flow to ensure profitability.
  • Employee management, where players hire, train, and oversee staff to maintain a high level of service.

High Degree of Freedom and Popularity Boost

The gameplay extends beyond the basics with its High Degree of Freedom and mechanisms for a Popularity Boost. Features under these categories include:

  • Interior design options that allow for complete customization of the supermarket's layout and aesthetic, enhancing the shopping experience for virtual customers.
  • Marketing strategies to attract more customers, including sales, loyalty programs, and celebrity endorsements, each adding a layer of strategy to increase the supermarket's popularity.
  • Expansion opportunities that challenge players to grow their business strategically, opening new branches or adding diverse departments like bakeries, electronic goods, and more.

Fancy Gameplay

Supermarket Simulator's Fancy Gameplay is enriched by unique elements that provide depth and enjoyment. Players can look forward to:

  • Advanced simulation mechanics that offer a realistic and engaging portrayal of supermarket management.
supermarket simulator apk android
  • A variety of mini-games and challenges that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, from stocking shelves to managing checkout lines.
  • Seasonal events and customer trends that require players to adapt their strategies, reflecting the dynamic nature of retail management.


Together, these features forge an engaging, comprehensive, and enjoyable simulation experience, making Supermarket Simulator a standout title in the genre.

Best Tips for Supermarket Simulator APK

To excel in Supermarket Simulator, players must employ strategic thinking and creativity. Here are the best tips to dominate the game:

  • Keep Shelves Stocked: Ensuring your shelves are always filled is crucial. Customers cannot purchase what isn't there. Regularly check inventory levels and restock items promptly to meet demand.
  • Optimize Layout: The arrangement of your supermarket can significantly affect sales. Place high-demand items at the back to encourage customers to browse through the store, and strategically position impulse buys near the checkout.
supermarket simulator apk new
  • Monitor Trends: Stay ahead by keeping an eye on shopping trends. Adjust your product offerings to match seasonal demands or popular new items to attract more customers.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Use sales, promotions, and discounts to draw in customers. These can be especially effective during off-peak times or when introducing new product lines.
  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service can make or break your supermarket. Train your staff to be helpful and efficient, and address any customer complaints swiftly to maintain a positive reputation.

Following these tips will not only enhance your gameplay experience in Supermarket Simulator but also ensure your virtual supermarket thrives. Whether it's managing stock levels, designing the layout, or engaging with customers, every decision counts towards your success as a supermarket mogul.


Setting out on the adventure of Supermarket Simulator provides a unique simulation experience. With its complex management features, customizable choices, and engaging gameplay, this game stands out as essential for both fans and beginners. By following the advice given, players can enhance their productivity, increase customer happiness, and grow their supermarket business to new levels. Are you prepared to face the challenge and become a retail magnate? Download Supermarket Simulator APK MOD now and begin constructing your grocery empire, where each choice you make influences your journey to triumph.

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