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See who is the best liar in your crew in Super Sus Mod APK 2023, an interactive social game that you can enjoy with your friends as you seek to find the imposter among you.

Information of Super Sus

Name Super Sus
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 188.58 Mb
Category Action
Developer PIProductions
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Drone view
  • Wallmap
  • Maximum light radiation

About Super Sus

Developed PIProductions, Super Sus APK for Android also known as Super Sus Who Is the Imposter is a fun social game where the core basis of the game revolves around the interactions you have with your friends. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the wildly popular game Among Us and adds its own unique elements to the already-proven formula. The game harkens back to old party games allowing for a large number of players to all engage in one session with the player count ranging from 4 to 10.

super sus apk

Super Sus APK 2023 draws a lot of comparisons to Among Us and rightfully so, both games feature very similar elements and gameplay features that it’s hard to tell them apart. Super Sus APK though has far superior graphics and polish compared to Among Us which is due in part to it being released later on. The graphics in Super Sus APK Latest Version really do stand out with character animations and designs looking outstanding and modern. The sound design of the game Is also done quite well with cool sound effects played whenever certain events take place on the screen.

Travel Through Space

Similar to Among Us, Super Sus APK download puts you on a spaceship as part of a crew out on a space expedition. On the spaceship, each crew member has a unique role that they must fulfill to allow for the normal functioning of the ship and the safety of other crew members. Super Sus APK for Android features up to 20 unique roles for you to undertake while on the ship giving you much to do in between catching the imposter.

Some of the roles you will find in the game include being a detective, an agent, an engineer, a scientist, and even a doctor. All these are meant to give the game character and flesh out the different roles available to you to enhance the immersion. Don’t let the roles deter you from the main goal of the game though, which is flushing out the imposter in the group to take out you and the rest of the crew.

Weed Out the Imposter

The core of the Super Sus APK for Android is to find out which one of the crewmates is an imposter and out to kill the other crew members. You can do this in a myriad of ways but you will need to be weary and cautious so as to not get killed first. Sessions in the game last about ten minutes and in those ten minutes you will need to have found the killer and booted them into space to save yourselves. Picking out the imposter is no easy task as you will need to communicate using voice chat making it very easy to mask your true intentions.

super sus apk download

Boot the suspected imposter out of the spaceship after conducting emergency meetings with other crew members and deciding to send one of your fellow mates into the cold dark emptiness of space.

How to Succeed in Super Sus Mod APK 2023

  • Super Sus APK for Android features very simple gameplay that involves completing a set of tasks all while trying to find an imposter among you.
  • You will begin first by joining a game with other players thus being put into a session.
  • Turning on your location is in your best interests as you will be matched with players from your region who speak the same language
  • Each session lasts approximately 10 minutes
super sus apk latest version
  • Carry out your duties and solve problems on the ship until you notice some suspicious activity from other crew members
  • Call emergency meetings whenever you see something suspicious so as to alert the other crew members
  • Emergency meetings are where you will converge with other players to decide on what to do and who to send into space
  • Agree to send one player out hoping it is the imposter so as to save the other crew members and win the session
  • Booting out an innocent crewmate will only work to the advantage of the imposter so be careful and sharp 

Remarkable Features in Super Sus Mod APK Latest Version

  • Multiplayer Fun for you and your Friends

Super Sus APK for Android is a social party game that lets you hop into wild sessions with friends to unlock countless hours of enjoyment. The game lets you interact with your friends and strangers in cool ways such as by focusing on your communication skills and deception abilities. The best liars always win in this game so put yourself to the test and see how good you are at faking it.

  • A Ton of Unique Roles

Unlike other games in its genre, Super Sus APK Latest Version gives you a variety of options when it comes to finding things to do as you wait for the imposter to slip up. The game serves up 20+ roles for you to indulge in while on the ship. Some of the roles include being a seer, a doctor, an engineer, a sheriff and so much more.

  • Different Ways to Enjoy the Game

After joining a session in Super Sus APK for android, each player will be assigned a role at random. Outside of the 20+ roles you can take on in the game, there lie three main overall roles which are; The Crew Member, The Imposter, and The Neutral.

super sus apk for android

The crew members are the players who are meant to try and survive on the ship, the Imposter is the undercover crew member out to kill the other players while the neutral is a player in the session with their own unique objectives outside of the main goal.

  • Variety of Maps

Another aspect of Super Sus APK that trumps its rivals is the availability of a good number of maps that will keep you busy and engaged. The game has 4 different maps namely; the Spaceship, the Air Force Laboratory, the Martian Base, and the Giant Airship.

Super Sus Mod APK Download

Super Sus APK for Android is an intense party experience that begs to be enjoyed by anyone who is a fan of social games and loves to interact with other players in wacky unique ways. The game gives you the opportunity to put your communication skills to the test as well as your deduction and instincts.


If there lies an Among Us sized itch waiting to be scratched, then look no further than Super Sus APK 2023. The game packs everything from Among Us plus more making for an even grander experience that is sure to not disappoint once given a try. Hop into a session with your friends or with strangers and get to enjoy what Super Sus APK 2023 has to offer today.

Download Super Sus (188.58 Mb)
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