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From the developers Sybo and Kiloo, Subway Surfers All Stars APK Mod for Android is the same iconic endless runner game but now reimagined in a fresh new coat of paint.

Information of Subway Surfers All Stars

Name Subway Surfers All Stars
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.40.0
Size 86 MB
Category Arcade
Developer SYBO Games
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Subway Surfers All Stars

Subway Surfers All Stars APK 2023 sets you out on a thrilling chase as you try and avoid being apprehended by the angry inspector that found you vandalizing subway cars.

subway surfers all stars apk

Subway Surfers All Stars is very much identical to the original smash hit that was Subway Surfers which introduced the world to an incredibly addictive genre.

What You Need to Know About Endless Runners Like Subway Surfers All Stars Mod APK

The genre is the endless runner style of games with this style being easily identified by its iconic layout and level structure. Naturally endless runners involve a single character who will be stuck in a perpetual running motion while being pursued by a dangerous force or enemy.

You will have 3 lanes that you can switch between as you run while collecting coins or some form of currency. The game has no end and will instead have a score counter that will show your current score and add it to the leaderboards.

The Story Behind Subway Surfers All Stars APK Mod

In Subway Surfers All Stars APK Latest Version you start out as a young graffiti artist called Jake. Jake loves expressing himself by painting murals over abandoned subway cars near the city’s subway station.

While on one of his usual adventures, he unfortunately gets spotted by an angry inspector and his equally angry dog who then try to arrest him.

subway surfers all stars apk download

Jake spots them first and begins dashing through the dangerously busy subway tracks in an attempt to get away from the inspector, beginning the endless chase.

Experience Addictive Gameplay with an Entertaining Soundtrack

The addictiveness of Subway Surfers All Stars APK new version cannot be overstated, the game can genuinely be compared to a drug at this point just based on how hard it is to put down. The game accomplishes this through its arcade style of play where the objectives are a bit blurry.

This is to mean that the game does not have a specific goal or objective other than surviving the chase for as long as you can. The score tally above the screen contributes a lot to this as it always gives you something to strive towards.

The All Star version of Subway Surfers, as much as being almost entirely identical to the original game in terms of gameplay. The game adds a whole new roster of characters from famous IPs such as SpongeBob SquarePants, One Piece, Sonic, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Super Mario and so many more.

Familiarizing Yourself with Subway Surfers APK 2023

  • The game wastes no time in tossing you into the thick of it with the chase starting immediately after you tap “Play”
  • You will have little time to adapt to the controls so it’s best to learn them quickly
  • The game uses intuitive swipe and tap controls
  • Swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll, and across to switch paths
  • When you double-tap the screen you will hop onto your hoverboard. Your hoverboard will protect you from crashing for 30 seconds
subway surfers all stars apk latest version
  • Accurately time your swipes to prevent crashing into the oncoming subway cars or the numerous obstacles scattered along your path
  • The coins along your path are really important as they will allow you to buy boosts and skins
  • Use the multiple boosts in the map to help you increase your score as well as the number of coins you can collect in a single run

Cool Features You Will Find in Subway Surfers All Stars APK

  • Huge Roster of Popular Characters

Subway Surfers All Stars APK for Android features a fresh batch of characters waiting to have their turn in the epic chase. The characters included in this version include Spider-Man, Captain America, Super Mario, Luffy, Naruto, and Groot among countless others.

Each of these characters also has their own unique abilities that you can see in action once they are on the track.

  • Exciting Power-Ups

The power-ups in the game are so much fun to watch in action as they add spice to the gameplay in unique ways. Boosts such as the Jetpack propel you into the air for a couple of seconds pulling you away from the grasp of the inspector allowing you to collect coins without worry.

  • Addictive Gameplay 

Putting down Subway Surfers All Stars APK is something that doesn’t come easy.

subway surfers all stars apk for android

Once you begin a dash and get a high enough score, the ability to exit the game will leave you and you will find yourself trapped in an endless chase for numerous hours.

How to Get Yourself on the All Star Leaderboards in Subway Surfers All Stars APK 

  • Don’t Waste the HoverBoard

The hoverboard is a super important tool in Subway Surfers APK for Android as it gives players an extra life. Once you whip it out you will glide on it for a few seconds and in these few seconds, you will be temporarily invincible.

  • If The Coins are in Risky Spots Don’t Force It

Sometimes the coins will be strategically placed to get you to mess up and run into obstacles, allowing the inspector to catch up and arrest you.

  • Use Boosts to Unlock Rewards

Using some of the boosts will allow you to reach tough spots which have certain letters or keys which once collected will unlock cool rewards.

Subway Surfers All Stars APK Download

Subway Surfers All Stars APK is an astonishingly fun game to casually play from time to time.

subway surfers all stars apk 2023

The game requires no commitment or personal details and is just a satisfying straight to the gameplay experience. The controls are simple enough for even a toddler and the graphics and animations are spectacular.


If you like casual games that you can play on the move, then Subway Surfers All Stars APK 2023 is the game for you. The All Stars version is a welcome addition to the series as it adds flair to the already perfect game by introducing famous characters that bring their own unique attributes to the game.

Download Subway Surfers All Stars (86 MB)
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