Strava Mod APK 363.10 (Premium Subscription)

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Dive into the Strava MOD APK, the #2 top grossing health & fitness app. Download the new version for Android to enhance your training experience in 2024.

Information of Strava

Name Strava
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 363.10
Size 127.50 Mb
Category Health & fitness
Developer Strava Inc.
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About Strava

Strava APK stands as a pivotal app within the health & fitness category, ingeniously designed for mobile users. Offered by Strava Inc., this application serves as a comprehensive platform for athletes worldwide. Available exclusively for Android devices through Google Play, Strava APK not only tracks athletic activities but also fosters a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts. This app brilliantly integrates social and competitive elements, making it a cornerstone among health & fitness apps. Discover, connect, and excel in your fitness journey with Strava.

How to Use Strava APK

  • Download the Strava app from the Google Play Store. Ensure your device is compatible and has sufficient space.
  • Sign up or log in using your Google or Facebook account. This step integrates your social profiles for a connected experience.
strava mod apk
  • Grant location and activity tracking permissions. This is essential for Strava to accurately record your movements and routes.
  • Start recording your activities by tapping the "Record" button. Whether you’re running, cycling, or hiking, Strava tracks every step of your journey.

Engage with Strava, and enhance your fitness regimen through this intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Features of Strava APK

  • Activity Tracking: Strava excels in comprehensive activity tracking. Whether you're a runner, cyclist, or swimmer, the app records detailed metrics such as distance, pace, and elevation gained. This feature provides users with deep insights into their performance and progress, making it a staple among fitness apps.
  • Routes: Discovering new paths is effortless with Strava. The Routes feature utilizes extensive data from the global Strava community to recommend the best trails and tracks tailored to your fitness level and preferences. This innovative function encourages exploration and variety in your training routines.
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  • Social Sharing: Strava isn't just about personal gains; it's also a social platform. Social Sharing allows you to post updates, photos, and achievements, celebrating your fitness milestones with friends and followers. This connectivity is key to building a supportive network that motivates and inspires.
  • Challenges: Engage in friendly competition with Strava's Challenges. These are designed to push your limits and encourage consistent activity. Whether it's running a certain distance over a month or climbing a cumulative elevation, Challenges add a fun and competitive twist to your regular workouts.
  • Segment Tracking: For those who thrive on competition, Segment Tracking is a game-changer. Compete against others on specific sections of your routes, known as segments. See how you rank in real-time leaderboards and strive to top the charts, adding an exciting layer of rivalry to your exercise regimen.

Each feature of Strava is crafted to enhance your fitness journey, making it more than just an app but a versatile companion in achieving your health goals.

Best Tips for Strava APK

  • Privacy Settings: Take control of your digital footprint by adjusting the Privacy Settings in Strava. Ensure that your personal data and activity details are shared only with your desired audience. This feature is crucial for maintaining privacy while benefiting from the social aspects of the app.
  • Explore Segments: Dive into the competitive spirit of Strava by exploring segments. Explore Segments allows you to challenge yourself against the times of other users on specific portions of your routes. It's a fantastic way to see how you stack up and find new areas to improve.
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  • Join Clubs: Enhance your Strava experience by joining clubs. Join Clubs connects you with groups that share similar interests and goals. Whether you’re looking for local running buddies or global cycling communities, clubs are a great way to stay motivated and make new connections.
  • Use the Beacon Feature: For safety during solo workouts, Use the Beacon Feature in Strava. This tool shares your real-time location with chosen contacts, ensuring you're safe while out on your adventures. It's especially useful for long-distance runners and cyclists.
  • Analyze Your Data: Maximize your training by using Strava to Analyze Your Data. Review your performance trends over time to adjust your training plans effectively. This analysis can help pinpoint what works best for your fitness progression and where adjustments may be needed.

Implementing these tips will significantly enhance your usage of Strava, making it not just an app but a comprehensive tool for monitoring and boosting your athletic performance.

Strava APK Alternatives

  • Nike Run Club: A standout among fitness apps, Nike Run Club offers a rich array of features including guided runs, personalized coaching, and extensive community support. Its motivational tools, such as achievement badges and custom challenges, make it a strong contender for those who thrive on encouragement and structured plans, providing a viable alternative to Strava.
strava mod apk premium subscription
  • MapMyRun: Perfect for runners seeking detailed tracking and integration with a variety of fitness devices, MapMyRun excels in route planning and performance analysis. This app offers unique features such as audio coaching and gear tracking, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a technical approach to their workouts, offering a different experience compared to Strava.
  • Runkeeper: Known for its user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, Runkeeper allows users to set goals, track runs, and follow tailored training plans. It integrates seamlessly with other health and fitness platforms, enhancing its utility. Runkeeper is ideal for those looking for a straightforward, effective fitness tracker with the capability to connect with a global community, similar to the social features found in Strava.


Choosing the right fitness app can significantly enhance your training experience and progress. The Strava stands out with its comprehensive features designed for a variety of athletes. Whether you're looking to track intricate workout details, explore new routes, or connect with a community, Strava offers these functionalities and more. For those ready to elevate their fitness journey, download the Strava MOD APK and discover how its tailored features can help you achieve your personal best in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Download Strava (127.50 Mb)
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