Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023.4.52 (Unlimited gems and gold)

Icon Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023.4.52 (Unlimited gems and gold)
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Engage in all-out war against opposing nations as you seek to defend your people in Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023, an action strategy game developed by Max Games Studios.

Information of Stick War Legacy

Name Stick War Legacy
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2023.4.52
Size 450.33 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Max Games Studios
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited gems

About Stick War Legacy

You live in a world where peace is not an option with different factions all spewing their own ideologies and refusing to compromise on their beliefs. In Stick War Legacy APK for Android, you are the commander of an elite team of soldiers all ready to lay down their lives to defend their people from harm. The land of Inamorta is incredibly hostile and everyone is out to expand their territory regardless of the consideration of neighboring nations.

stick war legacy apk

The nations that reside in Inamorta have turned to weapons and warfare as their gods as they see them as vessels of opportunity. This goes against everything you and your people stand for making you a prime target for other nations with advanced weapons. Some of the neighboring civilizations include, Archidons, Magikill, SwordWarth and Speartons, these civilizations are the greatest threat to your people and must be dealt with swiftly.

The nation you lead is known as “Order” and just as the name states, your people are known for their beliefs in peace, order, and expansion of knowledge instead of war. Unfortunately, times have changed, this time you must put your foot down and wage war against the other nations first before all is lost. Stick War Legacy APK 2023 will see you develop your army into a formidable fighting force that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.

When engaged in war in Stick War Legacy APK, you will find yourself on a battlefield with waves of enemies charging toward you. Here is where you will have to use your expert strategy skills to fend them off with your more than capable army. During the battle, you will have full control of each individual stickman on the battlefield letting you direct each of their attacks. Each of your warriors have unique abilities and it is up to you to figure out which combinations complement each other best.

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To capture territories, you will have to advance into enemy territory with your army until you get to the enemy statue. Destroying this statue signifies domination and is the final step in completely stomping out an enemy. Within your ranks, you will have master swordsmen, precise archers, mythical mages and even towering goliaths all under your command.

Game Flow in Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023

  • In Stick War Legacy APK you will start out by finding out early that war isn’t the only priority
  • Every war requires funding of some sort which you will have to provide through mining gold
  • Acquire miners that will work in the mineshafts to find gold that you can then use to expand
  • You will start with a modest army but don’t get too ahead of yourself
  • Build up your army by developing different units
  • While building your army you will get attacked but it’s best to focus on defense firs
  • After your army has enough troops then you can go on the offensive
  • Balance your units to maintain a solid formation that can withstand anything the enemy throws at you
  • Know when to retreat, once your melee forces are diminished it’s safer to retreat


stick war legacy apk latest version
  • Use the unique spells to give you some advantages during war
  • Upgrade your armory to keep your troops as deadly as possible, improving their accuracy and strength.

Features Worth Exploring in Stick War Legacy Mod APK for Android

  • High Stakes Campaign

The campaign in Stick War Legacy APK latest version will see you face off against fierce empires each with formidable armies. You will have to stand your ground to defend your people and their beliefs while also showing them that you are not to be messed with by attacking first. Defeat all your enemies by destroying their statues making you the strongest nation in the land.

  • Exhilarating Battles

Battles in Stick War Legacy APK are very intense needing you to beat your absolute best mentally. Watch in awe as your expert strategies help you trump your enemies or cower in fear as your army gets trampled.

stick war legacy apk for android

Battles can go either way depending on the preparedness of each army making each attack a blood-pumping event.

  • Gory Violence with Detailed Effects

Stick War Legacy APK doesn’t shy away from showing you exactly how devastating war can get. Stickmen will die during battle leaving behind pools of blood and bodies everywhere with every assault, adding to the realism of war.

  • Skins and Customization Options Galore

Always keep your army looking fresh by decking them out with skins and gear that invoke fear in enemies. The skins are wholly cosmetic but add to the immersion by mimicking how old civilizations used to look when they went out to war.

  • Legendary Upgrades

Remember to upgrade your armory allowing you to totally dominate enemies, doing so will unlock legendary defensive and offensive upgrades including spells.


stick war legacy apk new version

Spells can be used to enhance gameplay in so many ways with spells such as Swordwrath Rage doubling the attack damage of all Swordsmen.

  • Multiple Chaotic Modes

Stick War Legacy APK features some cool modes that help switch up the action outside of the campaign. Modes like Zombie Survival Mode pit your army against hordes of undead zombies, while modes like Tournament Mode puts you in battles with AI armies for the Crown of Inamorta.

  • Pick Your Difficulty

The game has 3 difficulty levels with the lowest one being normal scaling up to insane. Insane is for war veterans who are expert strategists and have had experience with Stick War Games in the past.

Keys to Success in Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023

  • Plan Your assaults thoughtfully

Charging right into battle without a war plan is the quickest way to deplete your army and leave your people vulnerable.

stick war legacy apk 2023

Calculate each assault carefully executing tactics after thoughtful planning to ensure victory.

  • Acquire as much gold as you can

Make sure to always have miners working to send gold to your armies while they wage war, the gold will be essential in replenishing depleted resources keeping you in the fight.

  • Balance your Formation

To succeed in Stick War Legacy APK you must be able to balance your melee force and ranged forces to create a flow of attack.

  • Know when to retreat

A very important but hard thing to do in Stick War Legacy APK for Android is accept defeat. It is one of the hardest things to do but sometimes it’s better than watching all your men die.

Stick War Legacy Mod APK Download

Get lost in the thrill and sorrow that comes with taking part in a never-ending war when you download Stick War Legacy APK. Defy all odds and prove yourself to be the strongest nation in the land of Inamorta to put an end to the senseless violence once and for all.


Stick War Legacy APK for Android is a deeply engrossing game with so much to offer. The strategy aspect makes it feel like a game where you truly have to use your head to triumph over your enemies. Managing resources, troops and tactics gives you a sense of responsibility and obligation that very few games manage to capture making the game feel like a truly rich experience.

Download Stick War Legacy (450.33 Mb)
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