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Shake Earn APK offers a fun way to earn rewards in 2024. Download the game, shake your phone, and complete challenges to earn points for gift cards.

Information of Shake Earn

Name Shake Earn
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.0
Size 60 MB
Category Card
Developer Shake Earn Dev
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About Shake Earn

Shake Earn APK transforms the concept of earning rewards into an interactive game for your mobile device. Created by Shake Earn Dev, the Developer infuses daily challenges and rewards with an imaginative flair. Users can shake their phones to gather points that can be redeemed for a variety of enticing prizes, like a gift Card. This approach makes even the simplest moments rewarding. The app provides a seamless experience on Android and brings a sense of excitement to the routine. In the new version, Shake Earn keeps users engaged and motivated to explore its rewarding world.

What is New in Shake Earn APK?

The latest update of Shake Earn brings a host of exciting features and improvements designed to enhance the overall experience for players. This new version not only refines the mechanics of the game but also introduces fresh elements that elevate the sense of Entertainment and engagement. Here are the standout additions:

  • Enhanced Shake to Win Mode: The core feature has been optimized for smoother performance and greater Rewards, ensuring every shake feels satisfying.
  • Daily Challenges Expansion: New and varied tasks have been added, offering more opportunities for players to earn points and keep the game interesting.
  • Referral Program Boost: The referral system now includes additional bonuses for both the inviter and the invitee, promoting a stronger Competitive Element.
  • New Characters: Fresh Characters have been introduced, each with unique traits that can influence the gameplay and reward accumulation.
shake earn apk
  • Interactive Leaderboards: Compete with friends and other players on updated leaderboards, tracking your progress and striving for the top spots.
  • Customizable Profiles: Personalize your in-game avatar and profile to stand out in the Shake Earn community.
  • Improved User Interface: A sleek, user-friendly interface makes navigation and participation in various activities more intuitive and enjoyable.
  • Special Event Challenges: Participate in limited-time events that offer exclusive Rewards and unique gameplay twists.
  • Increased Reward Options: More choices for redeemable items, including digital gift cards, in-game bonuses, and real-world prizes.

These new features ensure that Shake Earn continues to provide a dynamic and rewarding experience for all its players. The new version maintains the fun while adding layers of depth and competition, making it a must-try for those looking to turn their everyday phone usage into a rewarding adventure.

Features of Shake Earn APK

Shake to Win Mode

Shake Earn introduces an innovative Shake to Win Mode that turns simple phone movements into exciting opportunities for rewards. This feature allows users to earn points by shaking their devices during designated times, making mundane moments thrilling. The gameplay is straightforward yet engaging:

  • Shake your phone to collect points.
  • Each shake brings you closer to redeeming exclusive prizes.
shake earn apk download
  • Special shaking events offer bonus points.
  • Notifications remind you of optimal shaking times.

This mode is perfect for adding a fun and interactive twist to your day, ensuring that every shake counts towards fantastic rewards.

Daily Challenges Mode

The Daily Challenges Mode in Shake Earn adds a layer of diversity and excitement to the gameplay. It offers a variety of tasks that users can complete to earn extra points, keeping the experience fresh and engaging:

  • Watch short videos to gain points.
  • Try out new features introduced in the app.
  • Complete specific actions like sharing the app on social media.
shake earn apk latest version
  • Participate in time-limited events for bonus points.
  • Unlock achievements for completing streaks of daily challenges.

These daily challenges provide a dynamic way to boost your earnings and keep the app exciting, encouraging users to interact with the app regularly and explore its full potential.

Referral Program Mode

The Referral Program Mode in Shake Earn leverages the power of community and social sharing to enhance the rewards system. This feature encourages users to invite friends to join the app, creating a network of engaged participants:

  • Invite friends using your unique referral code.
  • Earn bonus points for each friend who signs up.
  • Both you and your referred friends receive rewards.
shake earn apk for android
  • Track your referrals and earnings through a dedicated dashboard.
  • Special referral events offer increased rewards for a limited time.

This mode not only increases the app’s user base but also provides users with significant opportunities to boost their earnings through social interaction and community building.

Best Tips for Shake Earn APK

Maximizing your rewards in Shake Earn is all about understanding the game mechanics and taking full advantage of the available modes. Here are some of the best tips to boost your progress and earn more points:

  • Be Consistent: Shake your phone regularly during designated times to steadily accumulate points. Set reminders or enable notifications to catch these opportunities and earn the most from Shake to Win Mode.
  • Complete Daily Challenges: Ensure you tackle the daily tasks provided in the Daily Challenges Mode. These often offer bonus points and prizes for actions like watching videos or exploring new features.
  • Refer Friends: Utilize the Referral Program Mode to invite friends and family to join the fun. Each successful referral adds to your point total and brings additional rewards for both you and your friends.
shake earn apk new version
  • Track Your Progress: Regularly check the leaderboards and progress dashboards to monitor how you're stacking up against others. This will help identify areas where you can improve your earnings and compete with friends.
  • Participate in Events: Keep an eye on limited-time challenges or shaking events that offer exclusive rewards. These can provide significant boosts to your points and help unlock more prizes quickly.
  • Explore New Features: New features or updates often include special tasks that reward experimentation. Don’t hesitate to try out what’s new in the app to gain additional points.
  • Stay Informed: Follow notifications, emails, or social media updates from Shake Earn for the latest on exclusive events, special promotions, and other valuable opportunities.

Applying these tips ensures a steady flow of points and rewards, making your Shake Earn journey fun, competitive, and highly rewarding.


Shake Earn APK transforms everyday phone interactions into thrilling opportunities for rewards. By embracing the innovative Shake to Win Mode, engaging Daily Challenges, and leveraging the Referral Program, users can earn substantial prizes while having fun. The new features and updates ensure there's always something fresh to explore. Whether you're a casual gamer seeking entertainment or a competitive player aiming for the top, this app delivers an engaging, rewarding experience. Download now to start your journey and shake your way to valuable rewards!

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