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Immerse yourself in an enthralling combat experience brimming with character in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK, an epic Role-Playing PvP game from the developers Nekki.

Information of Shadow Fight 3

Name Shadow Fight 3
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.34.0
Size 191.97 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer NEKKI
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Damage Multiplier/Neutralize Enemy

About Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is the follow-up to the smash hit Shadow Fight 2 which was released in October 2013 to much critical acclaim. The game was developed by Nekki, a veteran mobile game developer that has had a hand in some of the most iconic and recognizable mobile games around. Some of the games under Nekki’s belt include the wildly successful Vector, Shadow Fight 2, and Shadow Fight 3. The Shadow Fight RPG franchise features 3 games with a total of 200+ million downloads between them making it one of the most successful mobile game franchises around.

Shadow Fight 2 revolutionized how android fighting games were developed leaning more toward fluid realistic movements with tons of customization and techniques. Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Latest Version takes every great aspect of that game and builds upon it to create a perfectly well-rounded experience that appeals to everyone. The main focus of this iteration is the development of different fighting styles to accommodate each player’s fighting style.

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Combat Mechanics in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Free Download

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK differentiates itself from other fighting games out there by putting a focus on crafting your own fighting style and building around it. The game lets you create a character and develop their fighting styles by fitting them with the appropriate gear and handing them the best tools to let their attributes shine. You can play as a knight adorned in the toughest of armor or as a Ninja with virtually zero armor but the agility and speed to avoid any incoming attacks.

Outside of your melee weapons, you can also use different special shadow abilities which can easily tilt the balance of the battle in your favor. Harness Shadow Energy and unleash it upon your enemies in devastating fashion. These abilities add a new welcome layer to gameplay that flips the formula on its head and transforms fights into magnificent spectacles.

The Story Behind Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Latest Version

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Unlimited Everything and Max Level features a rich story that centers around three warring factions The Legion, The Heralds, and The Dynasty. After the Shadow Gates were opened in Shadow Fight 2, the mystical magic that is Shadow Energy found its way into the world. The powerful factions each had different views on what to do with the rampant Shadow Energy which led to a war for control of it. The Legion wanted to destroy it, The Dynasty wanted to harness it and The Heralds wanted to study its properties, only one of them can prevail.


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Depending on the faction you choose to align with, your fighting style will conform. Your technique will be based on the faction’s core principles but you will still have the freedom to explore the possibilities within each faction.

How to Become a Fierce Fighter in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Download

  • To become a master fighter in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK for Android, you must first begin by honing your fighting skills
  • Weapons in the game all handle and feel differently so it’s best to find a weapon best suited to your skills early on
  • Mastery of combo attacks is crucial to being a deadly fierce fighter in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 2023
  • You can unlock special moves for weapons which can be equipped by acquiring ability cards
  • Timing is everything in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 2023. You should be cunning and strike with precision and accuracy to take down your opponents who are equally as skilled and competent.
  • Attack when your enemy’s guard is down to spot chinks in their armor and strike devastatingly
  • Conserve your Shadow Energy for clutch moments during battle.
  • Don’t waste your Shadow moves by making sure you are close enough to your enemy to initiate them
  • The game doesn’t encourage button mashing by removing the block button and instead opting for a mechanic where not doing anything automatically blocks attacks.
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Blood-Pumping Features of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Free Download

  • An Intriguing Story with Depth

The story of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems is surprisingly rich and interesting to follow. The writing is superb and really keeps you enthralled throughout the relatively dense campaign. The characters feel relatable and their motives and objectives are very well-defined keeping you rooting for them the entire time.


  • Console Quality Graphics

The graphics in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 2023 really push devices to their limits but are well-optimized enough to avoid any hiccups in gameplay. The textures for characters and environments are superb and really showcase the true power of mobile devices. Lighting and shadow effects are pristine and the animations are buttery smooth.

  • Authentic Sound Effects

Sound effects in the game are done insanely well with impacts and special abilities each sounding perfectly in line with whatever is happening on screen. The music in the game, though minimal, helps enhance the authenticity and realism of the game.

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  • Incredibly Varied Gear System

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Free Download has a huge focus on character customization and gear selection. The gear in the game is both functional and cosmetic and can add to the flair of your character in combat as well as give them an immense tactical advantage.

  • Tight Cohesive Combat

The combat system in this game is second to none with its fast placed fluid fighting and slick animations. The fighting is precision-based meaning you will need to sit back and wait for perfect opportunities when the opponent is off guard to strike. Leaving yourself vulnerable will result in instant punishment and end in your defeat.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Unlimited Everything and Max Level Download

This version of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is superior to all versions available in that you will have unlimited money and gems for you to spend on gear and upgrades in the in-game store.

This version also lets you unlock all items and equipment without having to have reached a certain level availing to you all the superior weapons and upgrades from the get-go.


Level up your character to the highest level possible and mow down lower-ranked enemies with ease. This version of the game also eliminates all ads giving you an unbothered experience.


Fighting fanatics will find love in shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Free Download and have an absolute blast playing this game. The mechanics are flawless, the graphics are great and the overall presentation is console-tier, a truly unique experience. 


Download Shadow Fight 3 (191.97 Mb)
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