Sea of Conquest Mod APK 1.1.240 (Unlimited Everything)

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Dive into the new version of Sea of Conquest MOD APK, a strategy game for Android. Download now and command the Pirate War of 2024!

Information of Sea of Conquest

Name Sea of Conquest
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 1.1.240
Size 629.32 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer FunPlus International AG
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About Sea of Conquest

Set out on an exhilarating journey with Sea of Conquest APK, a captivating game revolutionizing naval strategy on mobile devices. This game is accessible on Android and is prominently featured on Google Play, showcasing the developer FunPlus International AG's innovative vision. As you venture into this captivating world, get ready to navigate through the rough waters of pirate escapades, where your success depends on strategy and expertise. Sea of Conquest welcomes you to plot your path in a realm where luck is as unpredictable as the sea.

What is New in Sea of Conquest APK?

The newest Sea of Conquest update adds thrilling new features, improving the game for gamers worldwide. Expect plenty of new material in this pirate-themed adventure:

  • Enhanced Seafaring Activities: Embark on more dynamic voyages with added layers of strategy and exploration.
  • Intensified Pirate Wars: Fight more fierce maritime fights to prove your buccaneering skills.
  • Expanded Roster of Multiple Collectible Heroes: Choose from more legendary warriors with unique powers for your group.
sea of conquest mod apk
  • Richer Sea Exploration: Discover uncharted territories with hidden treasures and mysterious islands.
  • More Diverse Characters: Encounter a wider array of personalities, from cunning captains to daring crew members and notorious pirates. Each character comes with their backstory and quest, adding depth to your journey.
  • Upgraded Graphics and Soundtrack: Improve your game experience by entering a more visually and audibly fascinating environment.

These additions promise to elevate the Sea of Conquest to new horizons, offering seasoned sailors and recruits an unparalleled pirate adventure.

Features of Sea of Conquest APK

Craft Your Flagship

In Sea of Conquest, the heart of your maritime dominance lies in the unique feature of Craft Your Flagship. This aspect of gameplay allows you to design a ship that reflects your strategic style and stands as a symbol of your piratical power. Under this feature, you can:


  • Customize the Flagship: Tailor every aspect of your vessel, from its imposing sails to the formidable cannons that line its decks.
sea of conquest mod apk download
  • Personalize the Aesthetics: Choose a design for your Figurehead that represents your pirate persona, making your ship renowned across the seas.
  • Equip with Advanced Armaments: Select weaponry that suits your battle tactics, ensuring that your flagship is a force to be reckoned with.

Gather Your Crew

Gather Your Crew is a pivotal feature in Sea of Conquest, where assembling a loyal and skilled team is essential for your success. This facet of the game adds depth to the gameplay, involving:

  • Recruiting a Diverse Crew: Find and convince a variety of interesting personalities with their own abilities and tales to join your pirate journey.
  • Building Team Dynamics: Strategically choose crew members with complementary skills to create an invincible maritime force.
  • Engaging in Hero Trials & Rogue’s Rumble: Test your crew's mettle in challenging trials and rumbles, leveling up their skills and preparing them for the grandest battles.

Charge into the Battle

The adrenaline-fueled feature, Charge into the Battle, stands as a cornerstone of Sea of Conquest. This aspect of gameplay brings you face-to-face with:

  • Intense Naval Combat: Engage in strategic battles against rival pirates, formidable navies, and mythical sea monsters.
sea of conquest mod apk unlimited everything
  • Tactical Port Conquests: Plan and execute the seizure of ports and sentry towers, expanding your pirate empire.
  • Alliance Championships: Participate in alliance matches, showcasing your tactical prowess and fighting for glory and rewards.

Best Tips for Sea of Conquest APK

More than daring and adventure are needed to navigate Sea of Conquest's hazardous seas. These tips will help you master this game:

  • Upgrade Your Ship: This is paramount. A robust ship is your best ally in the choppy seas. Regular upgrades enhance combat capabilities, speed, and resilience against formidable foes.
sea of conquest mod apk latest version
  • Join an Alliance: Pirate battle camaraderie is powerful. Alliances provide assistance, strategic cooperation, and resource and information exchange. Build a community of allies, not simply numbers.
  • Participate in Events: The game regularly has intriguing and gratifying occurrences. Exclusive goods, resources, and experience are available during these events. Participating in these activities may boost your progress.
  • Use Your Resources Wisely: Resource management is a skill every captain must master. Allocate your resources for strategic base building and ship upgrades. Investing wisely can distinguish between a fledgling pirate and a legendary one.
  • Engage in Regular Combat Training: Familiarize yourself with the combat system. Regular engagement in battles sharpens your skills and prepares you for larger, more challenging confrontations.
  • Explore and Discover: The world of Sea of Conquest is vast. Exploration can lead to discovering hidden treasures, rare resources, and mysterious islands.
  • Keep Your Crew Happy: Content crews are loyal. If you provide their requirements, they'll fight alongside you.


sea of conquest mod apk for android
  • Stay Informed About Game Updates: Keeping up with game updates might offer you an advantage since new features and modifications alter gaming techniques.

Remember, in Sea of Conquest, wit and strategy are as important as strength and courage. Sail wisely, captain!


As the sails descend on our adventure through the Sea of Conquest MOD APK, it becomes evident that this game is a rich source of excitement and tactics. For those prepared to embrace the pirate life and confront the difficulties of the open waters, get this game and embark on a journey into a world of exciting conflicts, strategic partnerships, and limitless discovery. Whether you're an experienced captain or a fresh addition to the pirate lifestyle, Sea of Conquest provides a captivating and absorbing experience that should not be overlooked. The seas are beckoning – will you respond?

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