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Download Rice Burner MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024, and elevate your racing game experience. Dive into unparalleled car customization and thrilling street racing.

Information of Rice Burner

Name Rice Burner
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version
Size 814.71 Mb
Category Racing
Developer TonismoGames
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
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About Rice Burner

Dive into the heart of mobile racing with Rice Burner APK, a pinnacle of automotive simulation games designed for Android users. Offered by TonismoGames, this game has established itself as a standout title on Google Play, providing an immersive experience into the world of racing and car customization.

Rice Burner offers an expansive universe where players can tweak, modify, and race their dream cars on the digital streets. This delivers an unmatched level of engagement and depth not commonly found in mobile racing landscapes.

What is New in Rice Burner APK?           

The new update for Rice Burner is here, featuring a set of improvements and exciting new features that take your game experience to the next level. This version was developed for those who demand and wait for deep customization, more realistic graphics, and an engaging career mode where they're going to meet:

  • Advanced Engine Tuning Options: The advanced engine tuning options unlock all the potential in your vehicles and are increasingly detailed in customizing the engine. All this has been done so you can adjust its performance to the smallest.
  • Enhanced Visual Fidelity: Move on with improved lighting effects and texturing for realistic graphics, bringing the game's world alive.
  • Expanded Car Library: Many new car brands have now been added, giving players a wide variety in their journey of deep customization.
rice burner mod apk
  • Dynamic Weather System: Experience how changing weather conditions affect driving dynamics, adding a new layer of realism to the game.
  • New Racing Tracks: Test yourself on many new tracks that are set to prove your mettle in the Alluring Career Mode.
  • Customizable Driver Avatars: Enhance your in-game presence with customizable driver avatars that recognize you within the game community.
  • Community Events: Participate in community-driven online-based events and competitions that provide a vibrant location for showcasing custom rides to other players or testing out and proving your racing and crew's racing talent.
  • Performance Optimization: Enjoy stable and smoother gameplay with performance optimization made to improve improvement on a wide range of Android devices.


These updates underline their commitment to delivering a game that reaches the hearts of racing and automotive customization fans, making Rice Burner the definite bet.

Features of Rice Burner APK

The wonders of the titling game Rice Burner, available for Android devices, have entertained players with a highly immersive level of gameplay and features. This game traps players in a rounded automotive experience that will get them stuck in everything regarding the car scene.

Engine Building and Swaps

At Rice Burner's core, the feature would be the ability to build and swap engines, allowing enthusiasts to explore the finer details of their automotive mechanics.

  • Customize engine components: Select the best parts to enhance your car's performance, from camshafts to pistons.
  • Engine swaps: Replace your vehicle's engine with more powerful options to dominate the Street Racing scene.
rice burner mod apk download
  • Performance tuning: Fine-tune your engine to achieve the perfect balance between power and efficiency, tailoring your car to suit various gameplay scenarios.

Donk Your Vehicles

Donk Your Vehicles is another standout feature, allowing players to express their creativity and individuality:

  • Lift kits and oversized wheels: Transform your car with dramatic modifications, standing out in every race.
  • Custom paint jobs: Choose from a vast palette to make your vehicle truly yours.
rice burner mod apk unlimited money and gold
  • Unique decals and accessories: Add personal touches with custom decals, spoilers, and more, making every vehicle in Rice Burner reflect its owner's personality.

All these features make Rice Burner one of the most original and attractive titles in the mobile gameplay field. From tuning out the fine nitty-gritty details of a car engine to building out wheels that, while spinning, look aesthetically pleasing, Rice Burner showcases all of the customization, depth, and level of racing thrill that only a couple of other games on mobiles can do.

Best Tips for Rice Burner APK

Players should consider adopting a strategic approach to gameplay to excel in Rice Burner and make the most of the game. Here are some indispensable tips that can help you navigate through the challenges and opportunities within Rice Burner:


  • Master Drifting: Perfecting the art of drifting is crucial for dominating races in Rice Burner. It helps maintain speed through tight corners and fills the nitrous bar faster. Spend time practicing on different tracks to understand how various vehicles respond to drifting.
  • Upgrade Wisely: With the myriad upgrade options available in Rice Burner, it can be tempting to splurge on all fronts. However, focusing on upgrades that align with your racing style and the demands of the current challenges will yield better results. Prioritize engine performance to boost speed, suspension upgrades to improve handling, and tires that suit the racing terrain.
rice burner mod apk latest version
  • Complete Daily Tasks: Rice Burner comes with daily tasks with rich rewards of currencies and parts that may be hard to gain for a player through regular racing. This allows users to practice well before the most difficult races and challenges.
  • Engage in Multiplayer Races: Compete in multiplayer races, effectively taking the races' strategies and the car's setup to real-life racers. Take this one as a learning experience and proceed to the single-player modes.
  • Experiment with Different Vehicle Classes: Each class in Rice Burner offers a unique racing experience. Experimenting with various classes diversifies your gameplay and helps identify which class best suits your racing technique.

Incorporating these tips into your gameplay strategy in Rice Burner can significantly enhance your racing performance and enjoyment of the game.


Embark on the Rice Burner adventure that will thrust you into the world of automotive control and speed competition. With a canvas for customization, fun video game mechanics, and great-looking graphics, this game sets the bar quite high on mobile racing simulations.

For anyone ready to take on this thrilling world, download Rice Burner MOD APK on your Android device today and start your legacy on these digital tracks. Whether you're fine-tuning your dream machine or crossing the finish line first, Rice Burner serves up an experience as rich as the twin sensations of excitement and challenge at every turn.

Download Rice Burner (814.71 Mb)
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