Reverse: 1999 APK Mod 1.5.0 (Unlocked)

Icon Reverse: 1999 APK Mod 1.5.0 (Unlocked)
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Download Reverse: 1999 APK MOD latest version and unravel mysteries through eras in this quintessential RPG for Android. The best game of 2024!

Information of Reverse: 1999

Name Reverse: 1999
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.5.0
Size 2.95 Gb
Category Role playing
Developer Bluepoch Co.,Ltd.
Google Play Link
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About Reverse: 1999

Dive into a realm where time weaves a fascinating tapestry of adventures, all in the palm of your hand with Reverse: 1999 APK. This captivating mobile journey, crafted by visionary developers, differs from your everyday RPG experience. It's a doorway to centuries past and future, right on your Android device, challenging the norms of traditional gaming. Each era you explore in Reverse: 1999 brims with beauty and dangers, echoing the relentless march of time itself.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 stands out as a unique island of pure narrative delight amidst the vast sea of mobile role-playing games. You live, breathe, and experience this game from the bottom of your heart; it's not just something you play. And why is it unique? Many are drawn in by the breathtaking images.

Envision a visual feast for the eyes, showcasing the artistic prowess of bygone eras and the current pulse of modern aesthetics as Pop Art and classical oil painting converge. A feature that players claim is not only refreshing but revolutionary in the modern and alternative world of mobile gaming is the screen's cascade of colors and styles, which makes each slide of the screen feel like walking through a gallery in time.

reverse 1999 apk

Beyond the visual feast, though, Reverse: 1999 download entices the spirit with an engaging plot that weaves the exciting idea of time travel into a rich tapestry. In addition to following a plot, players are thrown into the unknown by plunging into the past and exploring unknown territories. In a narrative ballet that engrosses players, the past, present, and future come together to reveal secrets buried in the sands of time and guide them through decades' worth of mysteries.

A journey through the temporal storms of human experience, the latest version of this game transcends its limitations and leaves players wanting more, drawn inexorably to the fates of characters they've watched grow over time.

Features of Reverse: 1999 APK

Reverse: 1999 is not just a game; it's a symphony where every feature adds a unique note. This masterpiece's composition resonates with the hearts of players, delivering an experience that's both hauntingly familiar and exhilaratingly new. Below, the crescendo builds as we delve into the individual elements that orchestrate such a compelling gameplay experience:

  • Stunning Visuals Blending Retro and Modern Aesthetics: In Reverse: 1999, artistry isn't just an aspect; it's a world in itself, inviting players into a visual banquet. The game juxtaposes various art styles, melding the old and new into a seamless panorama that dances across your screen. It's as if history's greatest artists joined forces, using technology as their canvas, to craft a tribute to the epochs.
reverse 1999 apk download
  • A Cinematic Adventure across the 20th Century: This isn't your typical temporal jaunt. It's a fully immersive, cinematically crafted odyssey that sweeps players through the 'Roaring 20s' to the brink of the new millennium. Every era is a new stage, with the narrative unfolding like a film, where each scene is a piece of a larger, mesmerizing puzzle.
  • Full English Voice Acting with Authentic Accents: The characters of Reverse: 1999 come to life with voices that resonate with authenticity and sheer emotional power. The diverse cast, equipped with accents from the far-reaching corners of the globe, adds depth and realism, enriching the storyline and solidifying the player's immersion in this time-traversing saga.
  • Fantastic Arcanists from Different Times and Regions: Meet the Arcanists, enigmatic beings who add a layer of mystical allure. These characters, rooted in various historical periods, aren't mere NPCs; they're the heart and soul of the game's lore, each bringing a slice of their epoch into the player's journey.
reverse 1999 apk mod
  • Weave Arcane Incantations to Attain Glorious Victories: Here, combat transcends mere clicks and strategy. Players must master the art of arcane spells, weaving incantations that can alter the tide of battle. This feature doesn’t just challenge your reflexes; it demands cunning and adaptation, as each spell woven is a step closer to unraveling the game's deeper mysteries.

Best Tips for Reverse: 1999 APK 

In the world of Reverse: 1999, genius is not only about overcoming obstacles but also about becoming an expert player. Here are the sacred scrolls of wisdom, the rules engraved in the stones of success, for the true champions, for those who aspire to transcend time and become legendary:

  • Build a balanced team: Do not just assemble forces; create an alchemy of strength, wisdom, and magic. Your Arcanists are your chess pieces in a cosmic game of power and strategy. Know them, position them, and create a symphony of destruction in perfect harmony.
  • Use your spells wisely: Magic is your ally and your sword. It's the breath and the storm, but like all great powers, it demands respect. Conserve your mana, understand the rhythm of potency and preservation, and unleash havoc with discernment.
reverse 1999 apk latest version
  • Pay attention to enemy weaknesses and resistances: Study your adversaries as one would a great work of literature. Find the slit in their armor, the tremble in their voice, the fear in their eyes. Their vulnerabilities are your playground, and exploiting them is your path to triumph.
  • Explore each era thoroughly to find hidden items and secrets: Time is riddled with secrets, with whispers waiting to be discovered. Be the seeker, the curious soul who looks in every shadow and dreams in every light. In this game, fortune favors the explorer.
  • Save often to avoid losing progress: In the tapestry of time, each thread is precious. Guard your journey's milestones with frequent saves. Let not your progress be a whisper in the wind but a mark in history, a story for the ages.


Reverse: 1999 APK MOD becomes more than a game; it's a bridge to the past, a challenge for the present, and a promise for the future. It captures the essence of adventure, wrapping it in stunning visuals and gripping narrative twists. To dive into this world is to commit to experiencing a masterpiece painted across the canvas of time. Download it now, not just to play but to live a saga written in the stars, waiting for you to seize it.

Download Reverse: 1999 (2.95 Gb)
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