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Dive into 2024 with Revanced Extended APK latest version for Android. Download this app to transform your music and video experience.

Information of Revanced Extended

Name Revanced Extended
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 19.07.40
Size 14 MB
Category Music & Audio
Developer Revanced Extended INC
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About Revanced Extended

Join the trend with some of the best-in-class mobile audio and video streaming solutions tailor-made for Android users on Revanced Extended APK. Some mobile audio and video streaming apps have been born out of the revolutionary spirit that underlines Tube Vanced and reimagines everything about user interaction with audio and visual content on their devices.

The developers left no stone unturned in designing this platform, which would be able to boost viewing experiences but, on the other side, integrate smoothly with the Android ecosystem to bring features created to lift every aspect of mobile media consumption.

Revanced Expanded ushers its users into a new universe. It opens the simplest daily applications as gateways to a limitless world of fun and relaxation.

How to use Revanced Extended APK

  • Installation: Download Revanced Extended from a trusted source. In settings, allow apps from unknown sources to ensure your Android device is ready for installation.
revanced extended apk
  • Sign In: After installation, open Revanced Extended and opt to Sign In with your Google account. This step is optional but recommended for those who wish to sync their subscriptions and enjoy a tailored content experience.
  • Explore Features: Dive into Revanced Extended's myriad features. From ad-blocking to background playback, familiarize yourself with each setting to enhance your viewing. Navigate the app easily, discovering ways to personalize and refine your Android media journey.

Features of Revanced Extended APK

  • Ad Blocking: One of the more celebrated features of Revance Extended is the free-to-view environment. Users can view their content without interruptions, without boredom, and, at the same time, typical for free versions of applications, annoying jumps of skippable and non-skippable ads.
  • Background Playback: This feature allows users to listen to their favorite video sounds when the application is minimized, or the Android device's screen is turned off. It's perfect for enjoying music, podcasts, or audio content without keeping the app open.
revanced extended apk download
  • Video Downloading: With Revanced Extended, it is very easy to download all your favorite video clips to your phone and watch them even without the internet on your phone. Just download any video you like from the app to your phone, and you will always have your favorite series or any other video clip at your disposal anytime you need them.
  • Customization Options: Experience a world where you can change your viewing perspective to how you like it. In addition to customization, Revanced includes other themes, layout adjustments, and more, aiming to customize the app interface on your Android device.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP): You can simultaneously do more things on your Android by showing the video in a floating window. This allows you to watch video content while using other apps.
revanced extended apk for android
  • Enhanced Privacy: Privacy concerns are addressed with Enhanced Privacy features in Revanced Extended, ensuring minimal data collection and offering users peace of mind while they explore content on their Android devices.
  • Advanced Playback Controls: Revanced Extended offers advanced playback controls beyond the basic play and pause. You can speed up or slow down videos, loop specific sections, and more, giving you complete control over how you consume content on your Android device.

These features collectively make Revanced Extended a must-have for users seeking an extended app that revolutionizes the standard viewing experience on Android.

Best Tips for Revanced Extended APK

  • Customize Your Theme: Dive into the Revanced Extended settings to fully personalize your viewing experience. Choose themes that reflect your style or mood, ensuring the app's appearance is as unique as your content preferences.
  • Use PiP Mode: Enable the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode of Revanced Extended to watch minimized video over others. This allows you to perform the task of your choice on your device easily and effectively and maximize your productivity.
revanced extended apk latest version
  • Discover Hidden Settings: Revanced Extended is full of features that might not be easily discoverable. Go through the app settings to find excellent features that make your content consumption experience more personalized and richer.
  • Ensure Compatibility: Get the best Revanced Extended has to offer by verifying compatibility issues with your Android device every time you install the application and checking if the version is updated. This will ensure you access all the latest features and improvements, thus maintaining optimized performance.
  • Leverage Advanced Playback Controls: Enjoy the advanced playback controls you can utilize for that hyper-personal time watching or listening. You can speed, loop your favorite part of the clip, and even fasten it to the requirement of matching the playback for the best refreshing interaction with content on Revanced Extended.

Revanced Extended APK Alternatives

  • NewPipe: As a stellar alternative to Revanced Extended, NewPipe prides itself on being a lightweight yet powerful app for Android users. It offers a privacy-focused experience without direct Google framework usage, ensuring your data stays yours. With features like background playback, download capabilities, and ad-free viewing, NewPipe delivers a streamlined, user-friendly interface ideal for those who prioritize simplicity and security in their apps.
revanced extended apk new version
  • Vanced: Before Revanced Extended emerged, Vanced was many users' go-to modded YouTube app. Although development has ceased, its legacy version still offers a suite of enhancements, such as ad-blocking, background playback, and dark themes. Vanced remains a viable option for users seeking an alternative, and it has a rich history of improving the YouTube experience on Android devices.
  • YouTube Go: Designed for users with limited data or older Android devices, YouTube Go is a simplified version of the traditional YouTube app. It allows video downloads, data control, and fast performance across Android devices. While it may lack some of the advanced features found in Revanced Extended, YouTube Go is an official app from Google, offering reliability and ease of use for those seeking basic video viewing functionalities.


Embracing Revanced Extended APK represents a pivotal shift in the Android app experience, offering an unparalleled blend of features to elevate your video and audio consumption. With the ability to download and customize to your heart's content, this app stands out as a testament to what modern technology can achieve in enhancing our daily digital interactions.

For those pursuing an ad-free, highly customizable, and feature-rich Android application, Revanced Extended emerges as the quintessential choice. It promises to transform media viewing into an extraordinary adventure.

Download Revanced Extended (14 MB)
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