ReLens Camera Mod APK 3.3.1 (Premium/VIP Unlocked)

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Get the latest version of ReLens Camera MOD APK for Android in 2024. Experience professional Focus &DSLR quality photos. Download now and transform your images with top-tier apps.

Information of ReLens Camera

Name ReLens Camera
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.3.1
Size 108.80 Mb
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • VIP Unlocked

About ReLens Camera

Dive into the world of professional-grade photography on your mobile device with the ReLens Camera APK. Published by an adept developer, this application stands out among apps on Google Play for its prowess in creating DSLR-like images. Crafted for both amateur and professional photographers, it is the quintessential tool for those who demand precision and artistry in their pockets. With ReLens Camera for Android, discover the power to capture, edit, and mesmerize, all with a few taps on your screen. Embrace the fusion of convenience and quality right at your fingertips.

How to use ReLens Camera APK 

  • Download the ReLens Camera from Google Play to your Android device.
  • Once installed, open the app and start taking photos; witness the ease of capturing stunning images.
relens camera mod apk
  • To enhance your gallery, edit existing photos by importing them into the app.
  • Utilize the intuitive interface to navigate through various features and settings.
  • Indulge in creative experimentation with different lenses and effects available within the app.

Features of ReLens Camera APK 

  • 4 large aperture with background bokeh effect: ReLens Camera elevates portrait photography to new heights with this feature, giving your images a stunning depth and professional finish.
  • Reproduction of several classic SLR lenses: The app brings the magic of timeless photography to your fingertips by emulating the characteristics of legendary SLR lenses.
relens camera mod apk download
  • Various essential filters for portrait and landscape photography: Whether you're framing a face or a horizon, these filters enhance every shot with artistic flair.
  • AI recalculates the depth of field and adds realistic portrait camera bokeh effects: With its smart AI, ReLens Camera intricately adjusts the depth of field to give each portrait a lifelike bokeh backdrop.
  • Freely modify the depth of field information of the image with the depth brush: This tool gives you the power to sculpt the focus and blur in your images with unprecedented control.
  • Various professional camera lens optical effects: From eclipse to color shift, the app mimics sophisticated lens phenomena, bringing a dash of the extraordinary to your photographs.
relens camera mod apk premium unlocked
  • Simulation of shutter blade shapes: Play with light in novel ways as ReLens Camera mimics the unique bokeh patterns created by different shutter blades.
  • Reproduction of the unique spots, textures, and light effects of classic lenses: Relive the allure of classic photography with effects that pay homage to the quirks and charms of vintage glass.
  • Outstanding bokeh camera filters, blur filters, and a range of classic camera filters: These filters offer a spectrum of visual treats, from gentle blurring to the dramatic bokeh, making every image a masterpiece.

Best Tips for ReLens Camera APK

  • Experiment with different lenses: ReLens Camera offers a suite of lens simulations. Venture beyond the default settings to discover which lens best captures the mood you're aiming for.
  • Adjust the depth of field: Play around with the depth of field settings to switch between intimate close-up details and grand, sweeping landscapes. Mastering this can significantly alter the emotional impact of your images.
  • Leverage professional-grade features: Don't shy away from the professional-grade features. They can transform a good photo into a great one, and with ReLens Camera, these are at your fingertips.
  • Embrace the ease of use: ReLens Camera is user-friendly, so take advantage of its ease of use. Even if you're new to photography apps, you'll find the interface intuitive.
  • Explore realistic lens effects: The realistic lens effects are not just for show. Other applications struggle to replicate the genuine touch these filters can bring to your photos.
relens camera mod apk latest version
  • Aim for high-quality results: Always aim for the best outcome. ReLens Camera is equipped to deliver high-quality results, ensuring that every photo you take stands out.
  • Consult positive user reviews: If you're looking for inspiration or tips, the positive user reviews on the Google Play Store can be a goldmine of information, reflecting a community of enthusiastic ReLens Camera users.
  • Utilize the depth brush for precision: The depth brush feature allows for fine-tuning which can elevate your photo's focus game to professional levels.
  • Experiment with bokeh shapes: The app offers more than twenty focus camera bokeh shapes – from hearts to hexagons, adding a playful or artistic twist to your photos could be just a tap away.
  • Save your favorite filters: Once you find a filter combination that resonates with your style, save it. ReLens Camera lets you quickly apply your signature look to any photo.

ReLens Camera APK Alternatives

  • Snapseed: While ReLens Camera excels at bokeh effects, Snapseed emerges as a potent contender with its extensive toolkit. It's an app that’s celebrated for its precision editing tools and filters, catering to both novices and pros. The granular control over image enhancements and the ability to selectively adjust photo parameters make Snapseed a robust alternative for detailed photo editing on Android.
relens camera mod apk for android
  • VSCO: For those who revel in the subtleties of color grading, VSCO stands tall as a stellar alternative. This app isn't just a toolkit; it's a community for creators. Beyond its suite of preset filters, VSCO encourages a style-driven photo editing approach, making it a favorite for those who seek to emulate film-inspired aesthetics alongside ReLens Camera's depth-focused features.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom is synonymous with professional photo editing. This app brings desktop editing prowess to mobile platforms, providing an unrivaled level of control over images. With its advanced adjustments and cloud syncing capabilities, it complements the ReLens Camera experience, especially for users keen on refining their photos with meticulous detail and professional flair.


Embrace the photographic finesse that ReLens Camera MOD APK promises. Whether you're a budding photographer or a seasoned shutterbug, this app's versatility will enhance your visual stories. Indulge in the depth and drama of bokeh or the crispness of a well-defined portrait. If you haven't yet, it's time to download this gem from Google Play and transform your phone into a pocket-sized professional camera. Unleash your creative potential with ReLens Camera, where every snapshot is a step into the world of professional photography.

Download ReLens Camera (108.80 Mb)
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