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Unleash your rhythm with Real Drum MOD APK, the new version for Android. Download this app to explore rich music capabilities and innovative apps.

Information of Real Drum

Name Real Drum
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 10.51.1
Size 104.7 MB
Category Music
Developer Kolb Apps
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About Real Drum

Dive into a world packed with rhythm using Real Drum APK from one of our Best Apps to Have Installed picks whenever you have an Android smartphone, converting your device to a virtual drum kit with which you will be showcasing your musical talents.

This is an application developed by Kolb Apps. The friendly interface with realistic sound effects immediately made this program dear to many individuals, courtesy of its versatility in music backgrounds. Be sure to get an amazing drumming experience at your convenience. This is also one of the indispensable apps where your music lives on your Android device.

How to Use Real Drum APK

  • Install the App: Find Real Drum in your favorite app store. If you like musical excursions into the unknown, you can download and install one on an Android system.
  • Launch the App: After installation, just open it and let it be your ticket to the world of drumming. Easy setup and very intuitive actions get you going fast.
real drum mod apk
  • Discover the Interface: Spend a second scrolling through and checking out the interface. Real Drum has a really friendly design, letting drummers of all skill levels enjoy the application.
  • Tap on the Drum Pads: Tap on any drum pad and let yourself find the rhythm and groove within you. Each pad has an entirely individual drum sound, thus creating many beats and rhythms.
  • Learn from Lessons: Polish your skills by reviewing the lessons and tackling them to be insightful. Real Drum offers structured lessons that enhance skills and knowledge in drumming and music.

Features of Real Drum APK

  • 100 Lessons for Learning Drumming: One prominent feature of Real Drum is its over a hundred tutorial videos, which enable drummers to advance in both levels. These tutorials help you improve your drumming by learning different styles and patterns.
  • Customizable Drums: The great thing about this app is the customization of the drums. Users can upload whatever images or sounds they want, making their drumming a unique affair in itself. The number of available drums is, in one word, astonishing.
  • Wide Array of Drums and Cymbals: Enjoy the wide array of drums and cymbals with Real Drums. Their array surely guarantees a user will get to have a taste of experimenting with sound—hitting on their perfect beat.
  • New Kits Introduced Weekly: Real Drum introduces new drum kits weekly to keep the content fresh. This continuous addition ensures that your drumming sessions remain exciting and up-to-date.
real drum mod apk download
  • Various Drum Pads: The app offers several drum pads with which one can release many sounds and create a variety that meets the need to come up with even the most complex rhythm and beats according to the creativity of each drummer.
  • Studio-Quality Audio: With Real Drum, experience studio-quality audio that brings your drumming to life. This high-definition sound makes every session feel like a live performance.
  • Loops for Playing Along: The app provides loops for playing along to aid in practice. These pre-recorded tracks serve as a perfect backdrop for honing your drumming skills.
  • Recording Mode: Use the recording mode to document your drumming sessions. This feature lets you listen and critique your performance, facilitating continuous improvement.
  • Social Sharing: Share your records and all the kits you have created online through your social media.
  • Export to MP3 Format: It allows you to easily export your recordings to MP3 format for sharing or keeping a library for yourself.
  • Compatible with All Screen Resolutions: The Real Drum application is developed to run smoothly on cell phones and tablets. Users using both devices will get a seamless experience and enjoy beating the best drums on any screen size they prefer.

Best Tips for Real Drum APK

  • Practice Consistently: Regular practice is the key to mastering Real Drum. Dedicate time each day to playing on the app, working on different rhythms and patterns to enhance your drumming skills.
  • Experiment with Different Kits: Real Drum offers various drum kits and sounds. Take advantage of this feature by experimenting with different kits. This exploration can inspire new beats and help you find the kit that best suits your musical style.
real drum mod apk premium unlocked
  • Record and Listen Back: Use Real Drum's recording function to record your sessions. Reviewing your recorded sessions is extremely helpful in pinpointing areas for growth and monitoring your development as time passes.
  • Join Drumming Communities: Connect with the larger community of drummers on Real Drum and various social media platforms. These neighborhoods are fantastic for exchanging advice, getting evaluations, and bonding with other drum aficionados. Gaining knowledge from others can speed up your development and maintain your drive.

Real Drum APK Alternatives

  • Drum Pad Machine: Drum Pad Machine provides the perfect space while finding an energetic space to make beats and music with a real alternative live from Real Drum. This will be the perfect app for every new musician and those already used to it because it allows them to try almost all musical styles. It has the simplest interfaces and the greatest array of sound packs, so they can easily work with, create, and share their music.
real drum mod apk latest version
  • Drum Pads 24: Drum Pads 24 is a perfect and fabulous app for those who desire different electronic beats. The app is set to let its users create intricate rhythms through a wide range of sound packs that also include designs for dubstep and EDM. Thus, an easy-to-use and powerful piece of equipment is highly valued in the context of live performance, even by electronic music fans.
  • Electro Drum Pads: Targeting electronic music enthusiasts, Electro Drum Pads offers a unique selection of synthetic beats and loops. This application enables users to explore creating electronic tracks, providing a variety of sounds and effects. Its simple layout guarantees a smooth experience, perfect for creating and playing electronic music while traveling.


Real Drum is a favorite choice among Android users who enjoy drumming. It offers a blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary elements. Whether you are experienced in drumming or new to music, this app provides a simple way to showcase your creativity.

Real Drum MOD APK attracts many users due to its customized options, high-quality sound, and educational resources. Download this app immediately to begin an exciting musical journey that will improve your drumming skills and propel you to higher levels of expertise.

Download Real Drum (104.7 MB)
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