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Experience boundless browsing in 2024! Download the latest version of Psiphon Pro MOD APK for Android and unlock a new realm of internet freedom.

Information of Psiphon Pro

Name Psiphon Pro
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 393
Size 20.60 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Psiphon Inc.
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Premium subscription
  • ADS Removed

About Psiphon Pro

In the digital age's vast ocean, one app sets sail towards a horizon of unrestricted access - the Psiphon Pro APK. Crafted by adept hands at Psiphon Inc., this app emerges as a beacon for internet users worldwide, shining the light of uncensored content access. This masterpiece, available for all android devices, stands as a testament to the developer's commitment to internet freedom, ensuring no user drifts astray in the quest for information.

Navigating through the stormy waves of digital censorship, Psiphon Pro charts a course available on Google Play, bringing safe harbor closer to the fingertips of mobile users. With each download, individuals embark on a voyage towards boundless internet exploration, steering clear of the treacherous waters of data compromise.

How to use Psiphon Pro APK

  • Embark on the voyage: Initiate your journey towards internet freedom by downloading Psiphon Pro from the app haven, Google Play. As 2024 unfolds, ensure your android device is equipped with this quintessential app.
  • Set sail with a single tap: Launch the app, and with a touch akin to a maestro starting a symphony, tap "Start" to connect. Witness the VPN tunneling your ship into open waters.
  • Choose your proxy shield: Traverse through a plethora of server options, each a different star in the sky, guiding you to safe, unrestricted destinations.
psiphon pro mod apk
  • Customize your vessel: Tailor your network settings within Psiphon Pro, adjusting the sails for optimal speed and direction, ensuring a smooth sail across the internet ocean.
  • Keep an eye on the horizon: As a vigilant user, monitor your usage stats, understanding the winds' speed and your journey's duration, directly within the app interface.
  • Carve out uncharted territories: Decide which apps onboard your ship should bypass the VPN tunnel, exploring islands independently, as you continue on your main journey.

In the world of 2024, where digital seas can be tumultuous, Psiphon Pro remains the trusted compass for internet freedom, guiding users through safe passages.

Stellar Features of Psiphon Pro APK 

Embark on an odyssey through the cosmos of connectivity with Psiphon Pro, the starship equipped with amenities designed for the connoisseurs of unrestricted exploration. Below deck, you'll find an arsenal of features, each a shining star, contributing to an unparalleled journey through the internet universe.

  • Global network: Like constellations in the night sky, Psiphon Pro's servers are scattered worldwide, illuminating the path to information. This vast global network ensures you're only a warp jump away from fast, reliable connections, regardless of how distant or censored your desired digital destination might be.
psiphon pro mod apk download
  • No registration required: Freedom rings true when bureaucracy doesn't bog it down. Psiphon Pro embodies this philosophy by eliminating the red tape - no registration, no login. Step aboard without divulging your identity, keeping your personal data as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
  • Wider selection of protocols: A good starship is adaptable, and with Psiphon Pro, you maneuver with ease thanks to a diverse selection of protocols. This flexibility allows the protocol engines to shift and adjust, providing smooth sailing through the vast platform known as the internet.
  • In-app usage stats: Knowledge is the compass of any journey. The in-app usage stats function as your navigational chart, providing insights into data usage and connection times, ensuring you're well-informed of the journey's intricacies.
  • Customizable proxy settings: Your ship, your rules. With Psiphon Pro, the proxy settings are yours to command. Customize the shields, ensuring safe passage through the meteor showers of cyber threats, particularly on unsecured WiFi networks.
psiphon pro mod apk unlimited speed
  • Choose which apps to exclude from the VPN tunnel: Some explorers prefer solo journeys. Select the apps that will travel outside the encrypted VPN tunnel, granting them the freedom to explore the digital cosmos independently.
  • Subscription tiers for boosted performance: Should you wish for a more luxurious journey, Psiphon Pro offers subscription options. Enhance your ship's speed and the strength of your browser shields, making your odyssey not just safer but swifter.

Through galaxies of censored content and over the event horizons of geo-restrictions, Psiphon Pro holds its course, steadfast, heralding the banner of unrestricted access and security in the ever-expanding digital cosmos.

Best Tips for Psiphon Pro APK

In the vast universe of digital connectivity, even the most seasoned explorers need star charts and cosmic tips to navigate. Here are invaluable pieces of stardust wisdom to enhance your odyssey with Psiphon Pro:

  • Stellar Update Protocols: In the ever-evolving cosmos, staying abreast of changes is vital. Always harness the latest version of the app, a beacon in the nebulae of technology, ensuring you're shielded with the latest security enhancements to ensure maximum security.
  • Wise Choice of Galactic Posts: Not all stars shine equally bright. Choose your server location with wisdom, akin to selecting a galaxy to explore, based on your celestial needs - be it speed or accessibility.
  • Secure Cosmic Communicators: Even in the vacuum of space, danger lurks. When using public Wi-Fi networks, activate Psiphon Pro's protective shields to thwart cosmic pirates eager to plunder your data.
psiphon pro mod apk premium
  • Navigational Preferences in the Constellation: The cosmos is vast, and not all paths require a guide. For a personalized journey, customize which apps bypass the VPN tunnel, like choosing which planets to visit on your interstellar journey.
  • SOS to Mission Control: Encounter an asteroid field? Don't hesitate to signal Psiphon Pro's support team, your ground control, always ready to assist when your expedition encounters turbulence.
  • A Galactic Eye on the Star Maps: Keep a close watch on your in-app usage stats, your star maps and cosmic diary rolled into one. Monitor your data consumption like watching stars, ensuring you never drift off course.

Embark on your 2024 expedition with Psiphon Pro, armed with these tips as your guiding stars. Through black holes and beyond firewalls, may your journey be as boundless as the universe itself!

Psiphon Pro APK Alternatives

In this infinite digital cosmos, Psiphon Pro shines like Polaris. Yet, the universe abounds with alternative stars, guiding lost spacefarers to safe galaxies. Here are three other luminaries in the VPN heavens:

  • NordVPN - The Cosmic Shield: Amidst the swirling chaos of cyber threats, NordVPN stands a celestial guardian. Its constellation of features fortifies your cosmic voyage, encrypting your stardust trail. With a galaxy of servers at your disposal, this behemoth offers a wormhole through internet censorship, ensuring no black hole silences your voice. Akin to navigating through interstellar clouds, NordVPN's cloaking technology masks your spaceship's signature, all while offering the speed of light.
psiphon pro mod apk latest version
  • ExpressVPN - The Speedster Comet: Shooting through the cyber skies like a radiant comet, ExpressVPN offers warp-speed travel through the internet universe. Not only does it outmaneuver space pirates with its advanced security shields, but it also promises a journey free from tracking asteroids. Its reliability and velocity are unparalleled, akin to riding the tail of a comet through the starlit wonder of secure browsing.
  • Surfshark - The Nebula Whisperer: Within the vast internet cosmos, Surfshark calls to travelers like a siren song through the nebulae. Offering passage through restricted sectors and protection from cyber predators, it is a beacon for those traversing perilous routes. With Surfshark, your cosmic journey is private, your starship’s signature hidden from prying eyes, allowing safe passage through even the most treacherous of cosmic storms.

Choose your guiding star wisely, spacefarer, for the digital cosmos is vast, and these guardians offer safe passage through its endless mysteries.


As our digital odyssey draws to its zenith, one guiding star blazes with undeniable luminosity. Psiphon Pro MOD APK is not merely a tool; it's a galactic vessel, a veritable spaceship awaiting its captain. Its promise of uncharted territories and hidden worlds within the internet cosmos stands unparalleled. Young star voyagers and seasoned spacefarers alike, the time is nigh to download your star map, chart your course, and boldly venture into realms untold. The universe of unfettered access and cosmic adventure beckons, with Psiphon as your trusted steed. To the stars, intrepid explorer! Your odyssey begins now.

Download Psiphon Pro (20.60 Mb)
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