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Turn your phone into a gaming powerhouse capable of running some of the greatest games released on the PSP with PPSSPP Gold APK MOD, the best PSP emulator for Android out now.

Information of PPSSPP Gold

Name PPSSPP Gold
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Last version 1.16.6
Size 18.71 Mb
Category Action
Developer Henrik Rydgård
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Paid

About PPSSPP Gold

PPSSPP Gold APK is an emulator for the wildly successful PlayStation Portable by Sony that had been around since 2004 and was discontinued in 2015. The PlayStation Portable revolutionized gaming and was an amazing piece of hardware during its tenure with some even calling it “ahead of its time”. At the time high-end gaming could only be accomplished with bulky consoles with other handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS not being anywhere nearly as powerful.

ppsspp gold apk

With over 76.3 million worldwide sales, the PlayStation Portable is still one of the highest-selling consoles of all time. A big reason for this is its portability which can now be transferred to mobile devices through the PPSSPP Gold APK 2023 emulator. The PPSSPP Gold APK, with PPSSPP standing for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably, is an open-source emulator for Android that mimics the usability and interface of the original PSP allowing you to emulate PSP games from your mobile device.

The PSP had been around for a decade and within that time over 1000 games had been developed for it. On average most PSP owners only had a library of at most 20 games which isn’t even a fraction of the total games released. PPSSPP Gold APK gives gamers a unique opportunity opening up a new avenue for gaming outside of the usual mobile games they are accustomed to. With the PPSSPP Gold APK new version, you will be able to play any one of the hundreds of games that were released on the PSP from your Phone.

Ever since the PlayStation Portable was discontinued it became increasingly difficult to find the games, and it was even harder to find the actual handheld console itself. A large community of disgruntled fans of the console came together to create massive repositories for past games allowing you to find and download most of the games online. With all the games available online it only made sense to create an emulator for Android once mobile phones became powerful enough which is exactly what the developers of PPSSPP Gold APK did.

The hundreds of games plus the simple UI interface of PPSSPP Gold APK make this app a must-have for long-time fans of the original PlayStation Portable. Even if you may have missed out on the PlayStation portable era that doesn’t mean you will never get to experience it, all thanks to the PPSSPP Gold App.

ppsspp gold apk download

The application is free with the Original and Gold versions having no significant differences at all. Purchasing the Gold version is only meant to give back to the developers and support them for their hard work.

Configuring PPSSPP Gold APK

  • After downloading and installing PPSSPP Gold APK for Android you will then be able to launch the application
  • The interface is meant to be as simplified as possible with all your games being displayed on launch
  • Before gaming, you will first have to download PSP games for the console.
  • PSP games can be found online by searching for their names plus .ISO as this is the format supported by the emulator
  • You may also need to download a file archiver to unzip the file
  • From the PPSSPP Gold APK you will then have to find the directory where the game Is located and launch it
  • After setting the directory, the game will appear on the home screen and all you’ll have to do from then on is just click it to launch
  • If the game is a bit laggy, you can access the graphical settings of the PPSSPP Gold APK 2023 to find settings that are suitable for your device
  • Some games are more demanding than others so just because one doesn’t work doesn’t mean all games won’t work
  • Some of the settings are experimental so it’s safe to not tweak anything you’re not sure about

What to Expect from PPSSPP Gold APK 2023?

  • The Fastest and Most Consistent PSP Emulator Available

PPSSPP Gold APK out of all the PSP emulators has proven time and time again to be the most reliable and competent. Emulation is incredibly fluid granted your phone is mid-range or higher.

ppsspp gold apk for android

Even some low-end phones will not have a problem running some less demanding titles which just goes to show how refined the application is.

The control layout of the emulator is also very well done with every button being within reach and aptly placed on the screen. The PPSSPP Gold APK new version also supports multiple controller types which means you will be able to play your favorite games without sacrificing precious screen space.

  • Multiple Save Points

The save points in the PPSSPP Gold APK 2023 Emulator are super convenient and come in handy way more times than you would expect. The in-game save points may be good but the PPSSPP Gold APK save points are great. The PPSSPP Gold save points allow you to save exact points in games and hop back into them like nothing happened. Halfway through missions you can create up to 5 save points which will allow you to jump right into the action even after leaving the application for days.

  • High-Definition Graphics and Upscaled textures

One major concern for skeptics of the PPSSPP Gold APK emulator is the graphical downgrade. This though should not be a worry for anyone as the emulator has graphical features that can scale up graphics to make them look better than they ever did on the original console.

ppsspp gold apk 2023

This will even appeal to people who still have their PSP consoles as they get to experience games in greater detail and with advanced lighting.

  • Turbo Mode

Some games may be poorly optimized and might require a little bit of software magic to keep them from lagging. This is why the PPSSPP Gold APK Emulator includes a Turbo Mode which will artificially speed up games that lag making them playable even with incapable hardware. You can speed up the games slightly or greatly depending on the level of lag to improve the overall experience.

Download PPSSPP Gold APK for Android

The PPSSPP Gold APK is an incredible program that introduces players to a completely unique gaming experience beyond the realm of mobile gaming. With a vast collection of more than 1000 top-notch games available, accompanied by competent hardware, this app can become a crucial tool for gamers in search of a nostalgic journey or simply desiring something out of the ordinary.


I strongly suggest downloading the PPSSPP Gold MOD APK to witness the glorious era of gaming that people used to talk about. With a multitude of high-quality games available, you will never have a boring moment as you carry an entire gaming console in your pocket.

Download PPSSPP Gold (18.71 Mb)
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