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Download Power Slap MOD APK latest version and get the hilarity of virtual slap contests hassle-free. It tests your strategy skills, timing, and precision to the core.  

Information of Power Slap

Name Power Slap
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 0.5.7
Size 642.17 Mb
Category Sports
Developer Rollic Games
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About Power Slap

Power Slap Mod APK is a thrilling turn-based fighting game that combines humor, strategy, and precise timing to bring the exhilarating experience of a virtual slap contest right to your pocket. The game, offered by Rollic Games, features captivating gameplay, engaging mechanics, and playful humor.

power slap mod apk

It revolves around a seemingly simple yet entertaining concept: slap contests. The players get into the virtual arena where they compete against each other, testing their strategic timing and precise execution. 

While the concept might sound whimsical at first, the game's creators have infused it with a level of depth & strategy. It quickly hooks the players, ensuring they consistently come back for a more action-packed gameplay experience! 

Gameplay Mechanics: Timing, Precision, and Strategy

This game utilizes highly minimalistic gameplay to accommodate players of different expertise levels. It involves getting into the arena and unleashing their inner beast against competitors. 

This demanding game tests your ability to implement what you learn during training and contest to become the ultimate PowerSlap Champion. However, this will not come easy since it requires a high degree of precision, strategy, and timing. 

Each slap contest is turn-based, with players taking alternating turns to deliver their virtual slaps. The objective is simple: land the most powerful slap on your opponent's face while avoiding their retaliatory strikes.

power slap mod apk download

The game mechanics are designed to mimic the anticipation and tension of a real slap contest. Players must gauge their opponent's movements and reactions, as well as carefully time their own slaps for maximum impact. A well-timed slap can deal more damage & potentially knock the opponent off balance.

However, the gameplay isn't solely reliant on timing. Power Slap APK introduces an element of strategy by allowing players to choose from various slap techniques, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Some slaps might be slower but more powerful, while others could be faster and more accurate. This strategic element encourages players to think critically about their approach, adapting their tactics based on the opponent's style and their own preferences.

How to Play Power Slap Game – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you understand the game mechanics, let’s now explore the gameplay deeper. How do you start your journey to become the champion?

Well, you need to decipher several things to understand how to approach each level, including:

  1. Slapping Mechanism 

This game adopts a slider mechanism where players will slide up a given slider and release it to slap. It features a yellow bar (with a small green bar in the middle). You should only release it when your slider gets to the yellow bar (or preferably the smaller green section).

If you release too early or too late, your slap will be weak and will not render significant damage to your opponent. However, do not let the simplicity of the concept deceive you! It can be super difficult to time the yellow bar and you must always be keen and precise. 

  1. Upgrading Mechanism 

While this game starts slow, it quickly gains momentum as you progress. It will become more difficult to defeat your opponents, especially if you do not improve your skills. There are several elements you can unlock to better your chances of becoming the champion. They include:


  • Power. This represents the weight with which your slap lands on your opponent’s face. You must consistently increase power to send more debilitating slaps to your powerful opponent.
power slap mod apk unlimited money
  • Speed. While this factor is independent, it affects the power of your slap. Speed represents the rate at which your hands travel toward the opponent’s face. This reduces the chances that your opponent will dodge the slap and increases the overall slap impact. 
  • Accuracy. Increasing your accuracy ensures you easily release when the slider is at green/yellow patch. It widens the green patch, making it a breeze to send powerful slaps against your opponent. 

While these factors are independent, you must be strategic to find a unique blend that will increase the probability of success. This is the only way to earn the coins and become the best slapper overall. 

  1. The Power Charge Mechanism 

Besides the slider lies the power charge bar, usually parallel to the slider. This shows the power charge you have remaining. But what is its relevance to the gameplay?

Well, the power charge determines how fast the slider moves up. If it gets too low, the slide will be slower, which can be frustrating. 

At the start, it will be full. However, it will be depleted as you continue slapping. Fortunately, every accurate hit (on the green/yellow patch) charges the bar. This way, you are not likely to get completely out of charge, especially as you perfect your slapping techniques. 

  1. Training Mechanism 

Before you start any match, training is essential. This game offers a training mode where players can practice before meeting real opponents.

During this phase, players will learn various tricks to increase the lethality of their slaps. They will decipher the slider concept, enabling them to find the right balance between speed, accuracy, and power. They will then apply this in the arena. 

  1. Facing your Opponent

Once you are confident with your slapping skills, you can select the “Tap to Fight” button. This will usher you to a screen showing your stats Vis-à-Vis those of the opponents. The stats include:

  • Damage. This refers to how powerful your slaps will be and the probability of causing damage to your opponents. The higher the figure, the better it will be for you. 
power slap mod apk latest version
  • Health. This is a representation of how fit your character is at the time of starting the fight. When you have higher health levels, you will have better chances of withstanding slaps and sending more powerful slaps to your opponent’s face. 
  • Stamina. This represents your ability to sustain the fight for long. Always ensure you have high stamina to increase your winning chances.  

These factors will primarily be determined by the amount of damage you’ve taken from previous fights (including training). As such, you should be sure to be consistent with your achievements to maintain impressive statistics. 

  1. Head vs Tail Mechanic

This plays a critical role in determining who goes first in a fight. You primarily have no power over this since it’s a gamble. Just pick one and wait for the results!

When gearing for a fight, you can customize your character. This will involve choosing his appearance, clothing, sneakers, combos, and many other aspects.


  1. An Immersive Career Mode

One of the driving forces behind players' engagement is the sense of progression and achievement. Power Slap APK offers a structured progression system that adds depth to the gameplay experience. Players start as rookies in the virtual slap contest arena and must work their way up the ranks by winning matches against increasingly skilled opponents.

As players accumulate victories, they earn rewards, unlock new slap techniques, and gain access to more challenging opponents. The game's carefully designed difficulty curve ensures that players are consistently challenged, keeping them invested and motivated to continue their journey toward becoming the ultimate PowerSlap Champion.

Playful Humor

Power Slap MOD APK download doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's part of its charm. The game infuses every aspect with playful humor, from the exaggerated slap animations to the authentic slap sound effects. This lighthearted approach not only adds to the entertainment value but also serves as a counterbalance to the intensity of the slap contests.

power slap mod apk for android

The humorous elements in the game make it accessible to a broad audience, as it doesn't require players to be familiar with the intricacies of professional slap contests. Instead, it taps into the universal joy of friendly competition and the satisfaction of a well-executed slap.

Visuals and Immersion

Power Slap APK's visuals play a significant role in immersing players in the virtual slap contest arena. The game's graphics are designed to capture the essence of the slap contest experience, from the intense expressions on the contestants' faces to the exaggerated animations that accompany each slap. 

The attention to detail in recreating the anticipation and impact of a slap contest adds to the overall immersion, drawing players deeper into the gameplay.

Download Requirements and Additional Information 

Power Slap APK is approximately 370MB. It requires Android 5.1 to work optimally. As with many free-to-play mobile games, Power Slap APK employs in-app purchases. 

Players can use real money to acquire cosmetic items, unlock slap techniques, or speed up progression. While in-app purchases are essential to spice up the gameplay, they are implemented in a way that doesn't disrupt the core gameplay or create an unfair advantage for paying players. 

This balance is crucial to maintaining the game's integrity and ensuring a positive experience for all players, regardless of their spending preferences.


Power Slap APK translates the thrill of slap contests into a turn-based game that combines timing, precision, strategy, and playful humor. Its carefully designed gameplay mechanics ensure a well-structured progression system, guaranteeing an exciting experience for everyone (including rookies). Players will demonstrate their strategic prowess and precise execution as they seek to become the PowerSlap Champion. 

Power Slap MOD APK for Android isn't just a game; it's an invitation to experience the thrill of the slap contest arena wherever you go. Step into the arena, rise through the ranks and let your well-timed slaps pave the way to victory in this captivating and entertaining mobile gaming sensation.

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