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Download the new version of PortraitAI MOD APK for Android and explore stunning photography filters that transform your selfies into timeless masterpieces.

Information of PortraitAI

Name PortraitAI
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.5.11
Size 10.8 MB
Category Photography
Developer PortraitAI
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Pro Unlocked

About PortraitAI

Step into the world of PortraitAI APK, a revolutionary mobile app that transforms your selfies into stunning century-style portraits. Offered by PortraitAI, this innovative tool leverages AI technology to create timeless masterpieces. Perfect for lovers of photography and art, the app features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to convert your photos into elegant portraits. Available for Android users, you can find PortraitAI on Google Play. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just looking to have fun with your selfies, this app brings a touch of classic elegance to your mobile device.

Reasons Why Users Love PortraitAI

PortraitAI stands out among apps for its ability to deliver high-quality, AI-powered portraits that are both fast and free. Users appreciate the swift processing time, allowing them to see their transformed selfies in seconds. Additionally, the app ensures there are no watermarks on both trial and paid versions, preserving the integrity of the portraits. This feature makes sharing on social media platforms more appealing, as users can showcase their classic portraits without any intrusive branding.

portraitai mod apk

Beyond its artistic capabilities, PortraitAI has garnered praise for raising global attention to Ukraine. By temporarily placing the Ukrainian flag on portraits in the free version, the app highlights important global issues. The diverse filters offered by the app cater to various artistic tastes, from classic and cartoon styles to futuristic and fantasy themes. Furthermore, privacy and data safety are prioritized, with encrypted data in transit and options for data deletion, ensuring users feel secure while using the app.

How PortraitAI APK Works

  • Download and Install: Start by downloading PortraitAI from apps stores or official sources. Once installed, launch the app to transform your selfies into unique portraits.
  • Choose a Photo: Select a photo from your gallery or capture a new one using the in-app camera. Make sure faces are clearly visible to achieve optimal results.
portrait ai mod apk
  • Apply Filters: Explore a range of styles and apply filters that transform your photos into classic paintings or modern artworks. Try different themes, from century portraits to futuristic or cartoon effects.
  • Customize and Save: Refine your portraits with additional options to adjust and enhance details. Save your artwork directly to your gallery or share it on social media.
  • Stay Updated: Ensure your app remains up-to-date by enabling automatic updates for future features and improvements.


Features of PortraitAI APK

  • AI-Powered Portraits: PortraitAI uses cutting-edge AI to analyze your photos and create stunning century-style portraits. The algorithm captures the essence of classic painting, producing images that look like timeless works of art.
  • Multiple Filters: Choose from a wide variety of artistic filters that suit your taste and mood:
  • Classic Portraits: Turn your selfie into an elegant portrait that echoes historical paintings.
  • Halloween: Add spooky, eerie elements for a ghoulish transformation.
  • Chubby: Create a playful, rounded look.
portraitai mod apk download
  • Goblin: Embrace your inner fantasy creature with this whimsical filter.
  • Anime: Capture the distinct aesthetic of anime culture.
  • Cartoon: Become a charming, exaggerated cartoon character.
  • Cubism: Break down your image into geometric shapes for a unique art style.
  • Digital: Go modern with a sleek, digital art effect.
  • Futuristic: Imagine yourself in a high-tech future with this futuristic look.
  • Vampire: Unleash the spirit of Dracula for Halloween or horror themes.
  • Gorilla: Go wild with this primal transformation.
  • Elf: Become a mythical woodland creature.
  • Zombie: Perfect for fans of horror or Halloween aesthetics.
  • Cartoon+: An enhanced version of the classic cartoon style.
  • Alex Katz: Mimic the art style of this renowned artist.
  • Mona Lisa: Recreate the iconic smile of Da Vinci’s famous painting.
  • Pablo Picasso: Pay tribute to the master of Cubism.
portraitai mod apk latest version
  • Werewolf: Howl at the moon as you embody this mythic beast.
  • Henri Matisse: Capture Matisse’s colorful, expressive style.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the PortraitAI app makes it easy to navigate and apply filters. Simply select a photo, choose a filter, and save or share the transformed image.
  • No Watermarks: Both the trial and paid versions are watermark-free, allowing you to enjoy your portraits without distracting logos or branding.
  • Privacy and Data Safety: The app encrypts data in transit and allows users to request data deletion for secure use.


Tips to Maximize PortraitAI 2024 Usage

  • Experiment: Try different poses, expressions, and lighting conditions to see how they affect the final PortraitAI results. Play with various filters to discover new, unique styles that complement each photo.
  • Clear Faces: Ensure faces are clearly visible in your photos, with good lighting and minimal obstructions like glasses or hair. This helps the apps AI engine to identify facial features more accurately.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter errors or issues, reach out to [email protected] with screenshots. The team at PortraitAI is responsive and can help solve problems quickly.
  • Stay Updated: Keep the app updated to the latest version to access new features, improved performance, and bug fixes. Enable automatic updates for seamless performance.
portraitai mod apk pro unlocked
  • Choose the Right Filter: Understand the nature and theme of each filter before applying it to your photo. For example, the Classic Portraits filter suits formal images, while Halloween filters add a fun, spooky touch to selfies.
  • Privacy Settings: Review the privacy settings and the data-sharing policies. Adjust them as necessary to control what information is shared with the app.
  • Share with Style: Share your masterpieces directly to social media platforms and apps to show off your creativity. Use relevant hashtags or captions to attract more attention.
  • Explore New Styles: With PortraitAI constantly updating its filter library, explore new styles to stay ahead of trends and keep your portraits fresh and exciting.


Portrait AI MOD APK is a must-have for anyone seeking to transform their selfies into timeless masterpieces. Its blend of AI precision, a diverse range of filters, and seamless, user-friendly design make it a standout app for artistic expression. Whether you're drawn to classic or futuristic styles, this app offers the creativity and flexibility to suit every taste. Download the new version now and let your imagination soar as you experiment with its varied artistic styles.

FAQs PortraitAI

What makes PortraitAI different from other apps? +

PortraitAI distinguishes itself with its powerful AI that transforms photos into beautiful century-style portraits. The app's vast selection of unique filters, seamless user interface, and privacy-focused design make it stand out among other apps in the market.

How secure is my data when using PortraitAI? +

PortraitAI prioritizes your privacy by encrypting all data during transit and allowing users to request data deletion. This approach ensures your personal photos and information remain secure while you use the app.

Can I use PortraitAI without an internet connection? +

While some features require an internet connection, many apps features are accessible offline. However, uploading your transformed portraits to social media and accessing updates will require connectivity.

Download PortraitAI (10.8 MB)
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