Pixel Car Racer Mod APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited money/Unlocked)

Icon Pixel Car Racer Mod APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited money/Unlocked)
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Download Pixel Car Racer MOD APK latest version 2024, the ultimate drag racing game for Android enthusiasts. Experience unparalleled speed and customization.

Information of Pixel Car Racer

Name Pixel Car Racer
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.5
Size 75.8 MB
Category Racing
Developer Studio Furukawa
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money

About Pixel Car Racer

To dive through this thrilling racing world, Pixel Car Racer APK is one of the best standout games in this category, especially on mobile platforms like Android. Fans of the drag race genre could download it from Google Play Store from Studio Furukawa for a promise of an engaging racing experience that never Pixel Car Racer boasts retro-style graphics and highly detailed car customization, making the game a favorite for casuals and hardcore fans on an Android device. Customize your garage and cars or burn rubber on the streets; the experiences you will get here are truly second to none.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer has people around the globe enthralled and addicted to the concoction of strange allure in its gameplay and arcade-style fun. One of the most talked-about things about this game is how it can be played smoothly on many Android devices, hence opening a path for all lovers of high-speed races to have a good time without hitches.

Such an experience is paramount in a game where every millisecond counts and that's exactly what Pixel Car Racer delivers. The game is also notable for its No Ads policy, which ensures that players can enjoy the world of racing without anything getting in the way, ensuring that every playing session is absolutely fun.

pixel car racer mod apk

Another major reason why players love Pixel Car Racer is the extensive Customization it offers. The game provides players with a vast array of cars and parts as they fully immerse themselves in tuning their cars perfectly according to their style and liking for racing.

Coupled with the challenging AI system, this game challenges one's thought and changing strategies, featuring an adequate difficulty level that can try to reward work and skill. These two create a great recipe for hardcore gamers who enjoy depth within an arcade racing game.

Features of Pixel Car Racer APK

Pixel Car Racer stands out in the mobile gaming sphere with features catering to casual and hardcore racing enthusiasts. Here’s a dive into the game's rich features:

  • Drag and Street Game Modes: With this exciting dual mode of play, the game transforms readily from a high-octane thrill into a drag race to a challenging street racing game. Deep and good replay value for players to enjoy.
  • Extensive Car Collection: Being the superstar of any racing game, Pixel Car Racer has at your disposal a collection of cars that is unthinkably vast—100+ by all counts. Classics that were out several years ago and the ones still driving at insane speeds today will both be in your garage.
pixel car racer mod apk download
  • Car Customization: Besides their look, the modifications that every car features in Pixel Car Racer can become very deep technically. Players can design and build their rides using more than 1000 parts, all engineered carefully to realize a realistic function.
  • RPG-Style Tuning: First in the series to feature an RPG-style tuning aspect for its cars, an authentic and deep new system where players can develop both their car and driver.
  • In-Game Livery Designer: With the new in-game livery editor, making custom liveries with more details on the track is now easier.
  • Dyno Tuning: One feature that sets Pixel Car Racer apart from other car games is the Dyno Tuning. It allows the player to check and improve a car's performance. Using this feature, players test their cars and whether they are in good shape before entering an actual race.
  • Beautiful Pixel Art Graphics: The game's beauty lies in its aesthetics, everything retro beautifully reflecting in the Beautiful Pixel Art Graphics, still being able to create an attractive visual impact.
  • Realistic Engine System: Pixel Car Racer is a fantastic invention with realistic engine features, expressed in its pragmatic behaviors of motor vehicles, such as normal wearing and overheating—almost in real life.
  • Manual Gear Shifting: For games in racing simulators wishing to maximize the effect of presence as a real racer, in Manual Gear Shifting mode, it is possible to transfer the chosen car into the “Manual Transmission” mode.
  • Active Community: Stay tuned and join the live community for tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to craft cars. It is up to date with in-game events related to real racing.
pixel car racer mod menu
  • Cloud Saving: With Cloud Saving, players never have to worry about losing their progress, as their data is securely stored and accessible across multiple devices.
  • Updates and Frequent Content: Last but not least, Pixel Car Racer keeps things interesting with the regular arrival of new content. It introduces fresh cars, parts, and other elements to keep the community alive and the racing scene fresh.

Pixel Car Racer APK Alternatives 

For enthusiasts of Pixel Car Racer seeking different thrills in the racing game genre, here are three notable alternatives:

  • Asphalt 9: Legends were constantly treated as highest-ranked arcade plays; the visually striking playability was fused with a squad of very hyperreal cars. The game has many different facilities from which dynamic control mechanisms stand out. The innovative TouchDrive system will let players free with streamlined steering to go full gas and focus on competitive racing. Asphalt 9: Legends is set in high-octane competition through a long campaign mode and high-stakes online multiplayer.
pixel car racer mod apk lamborghini
  • Real Racing 3 features real-life driving motion capture, accurate car textures in detail, and an amazing degree of exactitude in its official cars and tracks. It has unique availability because of its realistic physics engine and beautiful graphics that tempt players to develop a racing career that includes management of race teams and car service. Undoubtedly, Real Racing 3 is one of the playing games required of any racer who longs for realism in racing games.
  • CSR Racing 2 —the game by the record-breaking franchise—brings hyper-reality drag racing with ultra-customization for your mobile device. It is said to have breathtaking, pretty graphics with an eye on the details of car models. CSR Racing 2 still focuses on the timing and readies a player in gear changes and use of nitrous, holding key moments for success on the strip. It presents a different form of racing than those at Pixel Car Racer.

Best Tips for Pixel Car Racer APK

Embarking on the Pixel Car Racer journey enriches your game experience with a blend of strategy and skill. Here are essential tips to elevate your gameplay:

  • Perfect Shifts: Mastery over Perfect Shifts is crucial. This technique ensures your car accelerates efficiently, shaving seconds off your race time. Practice Launches to synchronize your start with the green light for an unbeatable advantage right from the get-go.
  • Upgrade Wisely: With an array of parts at your disposal, it's tempting to splurge on upgrades. However, Upgrade Wisely by focusing on enhancements that align with your racing style and the demands of the track. Prioritizing engine upgrades or tire improvements can make significant differences in performance.
pixel car racer mod apk new cars
  • Tune Your Car: Delve into the Tune Your Car feature to adjust your vehicle's settings to match the racing conditions. This pixelated world of Pixel Car Racer offers an intricate balance between power and handling, which is crucial for mastering drag and street races.
  • Join the Community: Don't underestimate the power of collective wisdom. Join the Community to exchange tips, discuss strategies, and share your love for Pixel Car Racer. Engaging with other players can provide new insights and help you overcome challenging races or opponents.


Play the Pixel Car Racer MOD APK, the experience of which is enjoyable because of its amazing characteristics. It feels like one of the most dazzling racing thrills, even only for pleasure when creating something with your hand. Download now and become part of an exciting game full of adrenaline and a strategy for those curious about taking the ride in a bright, pixelated world. Most importantly, the travel within Pixel Car Racer never ends.

With constant updating and a strong community, this app gives users limitless hours of exciting gameplay. Whether you tune the best performance out of your favorite car or race like a pro with your hardest online racing competitors, this game epitomizes how the spirit of real arcade racing is kept alive.

Download Pixel Car Racer (75.8 MB)
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