ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Mod APK 14.0.2 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu)

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Embark on an epic journey with the new version of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD APK for Android. Experience the ultimate role-playing game adventure today!


Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 14.0.2
Size 144.3 MB
Category Role playing
Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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MOD Features
  • Menu Mod


Step into the vibrant world of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE APK, a thrilling single player adventure game that captivates mobile gamers. Available on Android through Google Play, this game is proudly offered by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Dive into a meticulously crafted universe where you can explore the high seas, engage with beloved characters, and experience the lore of the iconic ONE PIECE series right at your fingertips. This game is your portal to not just playing a story, but living it in a rich, animated world.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE stands out as a game that resonates deeply with its players, having achieved the monumental milestone of Over 100 Million Downloads. This impressive number is a testament to its engaging content and the strong connection it fosters with fans of the beloved series. The game taps into a rich vein of Nostalgia and Fan Service, allowing players to relive the adventures of Luffy and his crew with authentic story arcs and characters straight from the anime. The emotional pull of revisiting familiar tales and seeing favorite characters in action creates a compelling experience that keeps players coming back.

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Additionally, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE offers considerable Strategic Depth, appealing to those who appreciate thoughtful gameplay within the lively format of a mobile RPG. The tactical layer is enriched by the game's innovative turn-based battle system, where players must carefully plan their moves and chain attacks to maximize their effectiveness. Beyond the gameplay itself, the Community and Events fostered by the developers ensure that there is always something new and exciting for players to engage with, from special collaborations to themed challenges, enhancing both the social and competitive aspects of the game.


ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is rich with features that enhance both the game play experience and the depth of engagement for players. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this game a standout choice:

  • Anime Storyline: Dive into the expansive universe of ONE PIECE, meticulously adapted for game play. This feature allows players to experience major events from the anime, from epic battles to heartfelt moments, ensuring fans and new players alike can enjoy the rich narrative that has captivated millions.
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  • Character Recruitment: With over 2,000 characters available for recruitment, this game offers one of the most extensive rosters in mobile gaming. From iconic figures like Luffy and Zoro to lesser-known but equally intriguing characters, players can assemble their dream team, exploring diverse abilities and story arcs.
  • Turn-Based Strategy: This core feature of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE emphasizes strategic planning and skillful execution. Players must think ahead, coordinate their crew's abilities, and utilize effective tactics to overcome challenges and advance through the game.
  • Tandem Attacks: Unique to the game play of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, tandem attacks allow players to unleash devastating combos by aligning specific character abilities. This system adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement, as players must time their taps perfectly to activate these powerful collaborative moves.
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  • Level Up and Limit Break Mechanics: These RPG elements are fundamental in evolving your crew’s capabilities. Players can strengthen their characters by leveling up through battles and further enhance their abilities through the limit break system, which allows for customization and tactical depth beyond the initial skill set of the characters.

Each of these features contributes to a gameplay experience that is both immersive and dynamic, encouraging continuous exploration and growth within the vibrant world of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE.


The characters in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE bring the game to life, each offering unique skills and storylines that enrich the player’s experience. Here are some of the key characters you'll encounter:

  • Luffy (Monkey D. Luffy): The enthusiastic and fearless captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy dreams of finding the legendary treasure, One Piece, and becoming the Pirate King. His abilities stretch beyond the ordinary, thanks to the mysterious Gum-Gum Fruit, making him a formidable character in battle.
  • Zoro (Roronoa Zoro): Known for his fierce determination and unmatched swordsmanship, Zoro serves as the crew's combatant. Wielding three swords in his unique style, he is crucial for any player’s team looking to cut through challenges.
  • Nami: As the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami not only guides the crew through treacherous waters but also controls the weather in battles, using her tactical intellect to turn the tide in her team’s favor.
one piece treasure cruise mod apk
  • Buggy the Clown: A former member of the legendary pirate Gold Roger's crew, Buggy is both comic relief and a threat with his Chop-Chop Fruit powers, which allow him to separate his body parts and control them independently.
  • Whitebeard (Edward Newgate): Known as the "Strongest Man in the World" and the "Man closest to One Piece," Whitebeard commands immense respect and power. In the game, his earthquake-creating abilities can decimate any enemy, making him a valuable ally or a fearsome foe.

These characters from ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE represent just a glimpse of the vast array of personalities that players can recruit, each enhancing the gaming experience with their unique backgrounds and abilities.


Maximizing your success in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE involves strategic gameplay and making the most of the game's features. Here are essential tips to help you navigate the seas more effectively:

  • Level Up Your Crew: Regularly enhancing the abilities of your characters is crucial. Not only does leveling up increase your crew's stats, making them stronger in battles, but it also improves their special abilities, which can be pivotal in challenging fights.
  • Learn Tandem Attacks: Mastering tandem attacks can significantly change the outcome of battles. These require precise timing but yield high damage and spectacular effects. Practice these to take full advantage of your crew's potential.
  • Participate in Events: ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE frequently hosts events offering unique rewards that aren’t available through regular gameplay. These can include exclusive characters or items that can boost your crew’s capabilities. Staying active in these events is key to continual improvement and enjoyment.
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  • Explore Story Mode: The story mode not only progresses the narrative but also provides resources, character recruits, and insights into the vast world of ONE PIECE. Make sure to advance through it to unlock new levels and challenges.
  • Join a Crew: Being part of a crew comes with numerous benefits, including bonuses and support from other players. Collaborate with fellow pirates to tackle high-level content and share strategies for mutual advancement in the game.

Implementing these tips will enhance your gaming experience in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE and help you become a formidable pirate on the high seas.


Join a thrilling pirate journey with ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE. Whether you've been a fan of the series for a long time or are new and excited to discover its detailed world, this game provides a complete role-playing experience that is both captivating and fulfilling. With its complex gameplay, wide range of characters, and tactical depth, there's no better moment to install and team up with Luffy and his companions as they set out to find the legendary One Piece. Feel the thrill of the open waters and strive to become the ultimate pirate king in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD APK!

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