Office Jerk Mod APK 1.8.33 (Unlimited money and coins)

Icon Office Jerk Mod APK 1.8.33 (Unlimited money and coins)
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Ready to revel in playful revenge? Download the Office Jerk MOD APK and dive into a world of cheeky office antics! Perfect game escape for Android users!

Information of Office Jerk

Name Office Jerk
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.8.33
Size 52.5 MB
Category Casual
Developer Fluik
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About Office Jerk

Embark on a journey of lighthearted revenge in the workplace with Office Jerk APK, a game that understands the peaks and troughs of office life. Designed for your mobile device, it's a quirky distraction that offers a respite from everyday responsibilities. This game isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder; it's about indulging in a playful feud with that all-too-familiar annoying colleague. Available for Android systems, it's quickly claimed its spot as one of the must-have distractions in the Google Play store. With just a flick of your finger, you can engage in mischievous fun, turning monotonous office scenarios into scenes of delightful chaos.

What is New in Office Jerk APK?

The year 2024 brings a wave of novel antics to the already mischievous Office Jerk. Devotees of the gameplay will be thrilled to discover enhancements that add depth, humor, and challenges to the experience. Let's unravel the latest features that make this app even more irresistible:

  • Revamped Graphics: Step into an office that's more alive than ever. Enhanced visuals make every reaction priceless, ensuring you'll want to see every item strike its mark.
  • New Reactions from Your Colleague: Your on-screen nemesis now has a wider range of responses when you pester them. Watch the shock, annoyance, or rare amusement cross their face as you engage in your playful torment.
  • Expanded Arsenal for Amusement: Why limit yourself to paper balls? The 2024 update introduces a slew of objects, each quirkier than the last, ready for you to hurl with glee.
office jerk mod apk
  • Interactive Office Elements: The environment isn't just a backdrop anymore. Cause chain reactions and watch as your office setting responds to your mischief, elevating the gameplay.
  • Customized Experience: The app now allows more personalization. Dress your character, choose your items, and even select pranks based on your current mood!
  • Additional Challenges: For those who love achievement hunting, the free version adds fresh milestones to strive for. Test your accuracy, speed, and strategy.

Every new feature is a reason to dive back into the jubilant world of Office Jerk. Whether you're aiming for the head or orchestrating the perfect chaos, each session promises a buffet of laughter and stress relief.


Features of Office Jerk APK

The Office Jerk isn't just a game; it's a world of its own, teeming with features that ensure every dive into its playful universe is unique. From a diverse arsenal for playful revenge to personal touches that make every session special, here's what makes it stand out: 

Arsenal for Amusement: Unleashing Joy One Item at a Time

  • Diverse Implements for Humor: The game isn't about harsh feelings; it's about light-hearted fun. With Multiple items to throw, each interaction becomes a chuckle-filled experiment. Staplers, cream pies, darts - each item is a new joke waiting to happen.
office jerk mod apk download
  • Physics of Fun: Every object obeys the laws of physics, making the trajectory and impact as satisfying to master as they are humorous to witness.
  • Sound Effects to Amplify Mischief: The splat, thwack, or clang isn't just noise; they're part of the comedy. Each item comes with sound effects, adding another layer to the jovial chaos.

Personal Touches: Making the Office Yours

  • Be the Jerk You Want to Be: Why be a generic nuisance when you can be a unique one? With Customizable character features, your avatar can be as stylish or silly as you prefer, reflecting your brand of humor.
  • Climbing the Ranks of Mischief: Nothing says community like a little friendly competition. Leaderboards keep track of who's the most mischievously skilled, adding a social element to your playful revenge.
office jerk mod apk unlimited money and coins
  • Rewards for Your Pranks: The game isn't just about momentary laughter. With various Achievements to unlock, every session in the office is a step towards proving your prowess in playful retribution.

In Office Jerk, every feature serves to transform a simple premise into an engaging experience. It's not about the frustration; it's about finding joy, humor, and maybe a bit of skill in the art of harmless retaliation.

Best Tips for Office Jerk APK 

Becoming a virtuoso of mischief in Office Jerk requires more than a love for office antics; it demands strategy, timing, and a bit of cheeky cunning. Whether you're a newbie looking for a giggle or a seasoned prankster aiming for the top scores, these insider tips will transform your game sessions into legendary tales of harmless office rebellion.

  • Precision is Key: It might seem like lighthearted chaos, but precision makes all the difference. Aim for the head to ensure maximum points and the most hilarious reactions. It’s the sweet spot for office tomfoolery!


office jerk mod apk for android
  • Empower Your Pranks: Why stick to standard office supplies when you can elevate the fun? Use power-ups like the "flaming paper ball" or "dirty sponge" to add a bit of spice to your tricks. They're not just effective; they're riotously entertaining.
  • The Field of Play: Offices aren't battlefields, but they have their hazards. Watch out for obstacles like flying staplers or spontaneous coffee spills that can thwart your mischievous aims. Adapting to these dynamic changes makes victory even sweeter.
  • The Art of Repetition: Every office maestro knows that practice makes perfect. Keep practicing your throws, understanding the physics, and timing your actions impeccably. Mastery in this game isn’t about luck; it’s about skill honed over hilarious attempts.
office jerk mod apk latest version
  • Mindfulness Amidst Mayhem: Here’s the secret sauce - know when to pause. Take breaks between your sessions to come back with fresh eyes and a rejuvenated spirit for pranks. It’s about enjoying each moment, not rushing through the fun!

In the world of Office Jerk, the office space becomes a playground for the mischievous soul. With these tips in your back pocket, each game session will be a journey filled with laughter, skill-building, and maybe a bit of sweet, sweet office revenge. Embrace the spirit of playful chaos, and let the games begin!


In the world of mobile gaming, only a small number of games are willing to satisfy our playful tendencies – a void that Office Jerk MOD APK happily fills with excitement and a hint of defiance in a work setting. This isn't just an ordinary game; it serves as a means to alleviate stress, bring about laughter, and provide a delightful opportunity to engage in mischievous behavior without facing any consequences in the real world.

However, the adventure does not conclude at this point. With every toss, chuckle, and practical joke, you will surely develop a desire for more. So, why are you hesitating? Get the Office Jerk app and immerse yourself in a realm where your mischievous nature is not only accepted but cherished. This game is not just a way to pass the time; it is a jubilant act of defiance against everything ordinary.

Download Office Jerk (52.5 MB)
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