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Embrace a refined lifestyle in 2024 with Muslim Pro MOD APK. Download the new version for an unparalleled lifestyle app experience for Android users.

Information of Muslim Pro

Name Muslim Pro
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 15.2.1
Size 59.27 Mb
Category Lifestyle
Developer Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About Muslim Pro

Dive into the digital realm of Muslim Pro APK, a beacon among lifestyle apps tailored for the mobile-savvy Muslim community. This gem, offered by Bitsmedia Pte Ltd, stands out on Google Play as a comprehensive Android application designed to enrich daily faith practices. It's not just an app; it's a companion that guides, informs, and inspires. Whether it's for prayer timings, Quranic insights, or finding the Qibla, Muslim Pro elevates the spiritual journey, making it seamlessly integrate into the modern lifestyle. Its widespread acclaim and utility underscore its position as a must-have mobile application.

How to Use Muslim Pro APK

  • Download the Muslim Pro app from the Google Play Store to begin your enhanced spiritual journey on Android.
  • Upon installation, open the app and grant the necessary permissions, such as location access, to ensure accurate prayer times tailored to your specific locale.
  • Dive into the vast array of features Muslim Pro offers. From checking prayer times to reading the Quran, finding the Qibla direction, and much more, this app serves as an all-encompassing lifestyle guide for the devout.
muslim pro mod apk
  • Tailor the Muslim Pro experience to suit your personal lifestyle and spiritual needs. Customize settings according to your preferences to make the app truly yours, optimizing your daily faith practices.

Features of Muslim Pro APK

  • Prayer Times: Muslim Pro meticulously calculates prayer times using your precise location, ensuring you never miss a Salah. This cornerstone feature supports the foundational practice of prayer in Islam, making it indispensable for Muslims seeking to uphold their daily rituals. The app's reliable alerts serve as gentle reminders throughout the day, seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle.
  • Holy Quran: The app provides an immersive Quranic experience with the entire Holy Quran available at your fingertips. Arabic scripts, phonetic spellings, numerous translations, and a variety of audio recitations cater to diverse user needs, enhancing engagement and understanding of the sacred text. Whether for study or recitation, this feature enriches your spiritual journey.
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  • Qibla Direction: Finding the Qibla direction is simplified with Muslim Pro. Wherever you are in the world, the app guides you to face the Kaaba in Mecca during your prayers. This feature eliminates geographical confusion, allowing for focused and oriented worship.
  • 40+ Translations: Understanding the Quran in your heart language deepens the connection to its teachings. Muslim Pro offers over 40 language translations of the Quran, ensuring that users from various linguistic backgrounds can grasp its profound messages and teachings. This inclusivity underscores the app's global appeal and utility.
  • Duas: The app includes a curated selection of Duas for various moments and needs throughout the day. These supplications, drawn from authentic sources, help users seek guidance, forgiveness, and assistance in their daily lives, fostering a closer relationship with Allah.

These features collectively make Muslim Pro a holistic app for Muslims, enriching their lifestyle and faith practice on mobile platforms.

Best Tips for Muslim Pro APK

  • Customize Notifications: Tailor Muslim Pro notifications to fit your daily schedule and spiritual goals. From setting up prayer alarms to receiving daily Quran verses, personalizing alerts ensures you stay connected with your faith in a way that complements your lifestyle. This customization enhances your engagement and consistency in observances.
muslim pro mod apk premium unlocked
  • Explore Additional Features: Beyond the core functionalities, Muslim Pro offers a wealth of additional resources. Dive into Islamic calendar dates, find nearby Halal places, and access a vast library of Islamic books and articles. These features enrich your knowledge and practice of Islam, making the app a comprehensive lifestyle tool for the modern Muslim.
  • Keep the App Updated: To benefit from the latest features and improvements, regularly update Muslim Pro. Each new version brings enhancements and sometimes new functionalities that enhance user experience. Staying current ensures you're leveraging the most advanced and user-friendly version of the app available, keeping your digital Islamic journey in sync with the times.

Muslim Pro APK Alternatives

  • Prayer Times & Qibla: This app stands as a robust alternative, focusing on delivering precise prayer times and Qibla direction for users worldwide. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies Islamic practices for the devout. Its accuracy and ease of use make it a go-to for those seeking straightforward functionalities to maintain their prayer schedules and orientation during Salah, appealing to users who prioritize specific features over a broad suite of tools.
muslim pro mod apk latest version
  • Quran Majeed: For those deeply interested in the Quranic study, Quran Majeed offers a rich, immersive experience. This app features a comprehensive collection of Quranic texts, translations, and audio recitations, making it ideal for memorization, understanding, and reflection. Its focus on the Holy Quran provides users with detailed insights and educational resources, ensuring a deeper connection with the sacred text.
  • Athan: Prayer Times & Al Quran: Balancing prayer times with Quranic engagement, Athan serves as a comprehensive spiritual assistant. It combines accurate prayer alerts with access to the Quran, including translations and recitations. The app also incorporates Islamic calendar, Hadith, and more, crafting a holistic platform for those seeking a multifaceted approach to their Islamic practices.


Muslim Pro emerges not just as an app but as a comprehensive companion for Muslims aiming to enrich their faith and daily practices. Its features go beyond the basics, offering a deeper, more meaningful engagement with Islamic rituals and teachings. For those on the lookout for an app that integrates seamlessly into their lifestyle, providing prayer times, Quranic resources, and more, Muslim Pro MOD APK is the answer. Embrace this journey by deciding to download and explore its vast functionalities, ensuring your spiritual growth and connection in the digital age are as fulfilling and enriching as possible.

Download Muslim Pro (59.27 Mb)
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