Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited money)

Icon Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited money)
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Download Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Experience unparalleled action in this game that's redefining mobile gaming.

Information of Metal Slug Awakening

Name Metal Slug Awakening
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.8.2
Size 1.92 Gb
Category Action
Developer VNGGames International
Google Play Link
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About Metal Slug Awakening

In diving headfirst into the classics of arcade gaming, Metal Slug Awakening APK is the light at the end of the tunnel in this world of nostalgia. The game joins the never-ending classic charm of side-scrolling shoot-'em-up action with all the conveniences that today's Android devices provide.

Stylized to capture hearts anew, it's seamlessly accessible on Google Play, broadening its reach. Offered by VNGGames International, this incarnation breathes life into the beloved series, inviting veterans and newcomers alike to experience its charm. With every mission, players are whisked away on an adventure that pays homage yet propels the franchise into the future.

What is New in Metal Slug Awakening APK?

Metal Slug Awakening brings many improvements that will refresh the classic experience for players. Everything is perfected for the most engaging gaming session, from refined mechanics to rich visual shooting representations.

  • Enhanced Visual Presentation: Upgraded models, environments, and animations glorify the masterful visual style in this fully remastered game version. Every battle is easy on the eye and just as exciting.
  • Expanded Content-Rich Environments: Players can discover diverse, detailed worlds containing various challenges and secrets. In terms of content richness, players can find many other things in Metal Slug Awakening.
  • Deeper Nostalgia: With the return of iconic maps and characters like Fat Marco and the Mummies, the game dives deeper into the heart of nostalgia, making old fans feel right at home while inviting new ones into its rich history.
metal slug awakening mod apk
  • Innovative Multiplayer Fun: Team up with friends or battle against others in improved multiplayer modes, where cooperation and competition find a new playground.
  • Discoverable Easter Eggs: Easter eggs are hidden throughout the game, rewarding the curious with surprises that enrich the Metal Slug Awakening journey.
  • New Characters and Enemies: Beyond the beloved Fat Marco, new heroes and villains join the fray, bringing fresh dynamics to the game's storied conflicts.

These enhancements ensure Metal Slug Awakening remains a vibrant, ever-evolving adventure for players seeking the pinnacle of mobile shooting games.

Features of Metal Slug Awakening APK

Classic Gameplay with Modern Enhancements

Metal Slug Awakening introduces a refined gameplay experience that perfectly blends classic arcade action with contemporary updates. This seamless integration includes:

  • Classic Gameplay with Modern Enhancements: Metal Slug Awakening's heart and soul remain faithful to the classics with its high-intensity and fast-paced side-scrolling action. Modern graphical updates and improved gameplay make it pulsatingly lively and richly rewarding.
metal slug awakening mod apk download
  • Advanced Super Vehicles: Dive into battle with various powerful vehicles. Tanks, planes, and even camels outfitted with heavy weaponry provide a strategic edge in combat.
  • Character-Exclusive Ultimate Skills: Each hero has unique abilities, allowing for tactical depth and personalized play styles. These ultimate skills are key to turning the tide in difficult encounters.

Expansive Features for Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay in Metal Slug Awakening is designed to keep players on their toes with diverse and dynamic features:

  • World Exploration: Experience handcrafted environments, passing through deserts, underwater ruins, and everywhere in between, with their challenges and new experiences.
  • 3-Player Mode: Team up with two more players to tackle cooperative missions in which joined forces bring down intimidating bosses and earn their due rewards.
metal slug awakening mod apk unlimited money
  • Roguelike Gameplay: Each playthrough is a new challenge because of the randomly generated levels, and encounters with enemies can be wildly unpredictable.
  • Abundant Weapons: A vast arsenal provides a variety of classical firearms and new additions, ensuring varied combat strategies so that no two battles are alike.

Thus, by combining these features, Metal Slug Awakening will be innovative, one-of-a-kind in gameplay, and not only in-depth but also varied, with endless excitement.

Best Tips for Metal Slug Awakening APK

Players must strategize and refine their approach to excel in Metal Slug Awakening. Here are essential tips to navigate the game's challenges and maximize your performance:

  • Upgrade Weapons: Upgrading weapons in your arsenal cannot be overly emphasized. If you want to fight tougher enemies and bosses to survive further into the game, you need upgraded weapons to provide sufficient firepower.
  • Learn Enemy Patterns: In Metal Slug Awakening, the success or failure of most runs will depend on the player's recognition and anticipation of enemy behavior. Knowing enemies' attack patterns will help you dodge effectively and strike when they are most vulnerable.
metal slug awakening mod apk latest version
  • Collect Power-Ups: The game will have many power-ups to enhance your powers. These could be boosts that increase weapon damage or boost the player's health with temporary invincibility; they can change the game.
  • Save Hyakutaro: You can save your one-in-a-million friend Hyakutaro at several points. He will help you in your combats or, in other cases, even provide you with special items. Do not forget him.
  • Explore Easter Eggs: Metal Slug Awakening contains easter eggs and concealed information. Of course, pay attention to all these, as they may lead to information, unlockables, and a lot more fun outside of the main game.

Stick to these tips, and your playing experience might improve as you gain a deeper appreciation of the details in Metal Slug Awakening. These strategies will be the key to victory while navigating treacherous terrains or battling against formidable forces.


To start the classic adventure Metal Slug Awakening for a second time is to experience a masterpiece rediscovered within today's gaming habitat. Every detail is fine-tuned, and each feature is carefully considered. This game proves the spirit and appeal that have made the Metal Slug series so popular among fans.

It's time to plunge into the chaotic action if you're a returning player or to get on board with the charm for the first time if you're a new one. Download Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK and join the community of players where the art of action-packed gaming is pitted against one another in one great clash of time-honored nostalgia and innovation.

Download Metal Slug Awakening (1.92 Gb)
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