Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited money)

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Download Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK latest version and enjoy a fast-paced side-scrolling shooting game. Its retro vibe guarantees unforgettable nostalgic gameplay.

Information of Metal Slug Awakening

Name Metal Slug Awakening
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.2.2
Size 1.40 Gb
Category Action
Developer VNGGames International
Google Play Link


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About Metal Slug Awakening

Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK is an exceptional action shooting game offered by VNGGames International (and licensed by SNK Corp). The game pays homage to its classical games while introducing a well-thought-out touch of modernity. 

The game features unique run-and-gun mechanics where players face multiple enemies in an open field. They will use their weapons to attack & exterminate the enemies fast. 

metal slug awakening mod apk

Fortunately, the game has many weapons to enable players to complete their fast-paced shoot 'em-up gameplay hassle-free. They will start with simple weapons and vehicles but can upgrade as they progress, giving them more attacking power to defeat highly sophisticated enemies. 

Additionally, the game’s graphics have been revamped to offer more spending visuals. This way, players will have a crisp view of the battlefield, enabling them to easily outmaneuver their opponents. 

Overall, Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK for Android will transport you back to the game’s classical world while adding freshness to the gameplay. Play it now! 

Why is Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Unique?

In a gaming world that constantly seeks the next big thing, sometimes the most captivating experiences come from the past. Metal Slug: Awakening, the latest addition to the Metal Slug franchise, defies the boundaries of time by seamlessly blending nostalgic elements with innovative features. 

The side-scrolling action shooting mobile game has revived the essence of the legendary arcade masterpiece while introducing captivating novelties that push the franchise into exciting new territories. Its visuals skillfully weave retro aesthetics with modern graphics, managing to retain the classical elements while still feeling fresh and captivating. 

metal slug awakening mod apk download

Each pixel speaks to the care taken in paying homage to the series' roots, ensuring that both veterans and newcomers appreciate the game's visual charm. Even better, the developer paid keen attention to detail in restoring iconic maps from the franchise. 

The pyramid, desert, and mine settings aren't just recreated. They're meticulously reconstructed to elicit the same sense of wonder and nostalgia that players felt when they first encountered them. 

For those who remember the thrill of these classic locales, it's a journey back in time. For those venturing into the Metal Slug world for the first time, it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the legacy that has left an indelible mark on gaming history.

Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK – What’s New?

While nostalgia is the foundation of Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK 2023, innovation is the cornerstone that elevates it to new heights. The game introduces several fresh gameplay features that cater to modern gamers' desires while remaining true to the franchise's essence.

For example, it adds a world exploration element, extending the gameplay beyond the boundaries of traditional linear levels. This challenges players to uncover hidden secrets, unexpected challenges, and thrilling discoveries as they traverse expansive worlds. This departure from the linear format injects a sense of freedom and curiosity, enriching the overall experience.


metal slug awakening mod apk unlimited money

The inclusion of a 3-player mode is another nod to contemporary gaming. Collaborative gameplay is all the rage, and Metal Slug: Awakening embraces this trend by enabling players to team up with friends to tackle challenges together. The camaraderie that emerges from strategizing, coordinating attacks, and celebrating victories as a team creates a social dimension that mirrors the shared experiences of classic arcade gaming.

Additionally, the game’s roguelike gameplay adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to Metal Slug: Awakening. With procedurally generated levels, players face highly dynamic challenges with each playthrough. 

This innovation breathes new life into the franchise by ensuring that even the most seasoned Metal Slug veterans will be met with surprises. As such, everyone will remain on their toes while exploring and anticipating their unforeseeable encounters. 

A Weaponry and Vehicle Arsenal Like No Other

Weapons and vehicles have always been synonymous with the Metal Slug experience, and Metal Slug: Awakening doesn't disappoint. In fact, it takes this signature aspect and expands it to new horizons. 

The game offers a range of advanced super vehicles that add a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay. From sky rides that dominate the skies to ground-breaking tanks that plow through obstacles, players are armed with a versatile toolkit to conquer any challenge.

Boss battles, an integral part of the Metal Slug legacy, receive a rejuvenating jolt with character-exclusive ultimate skills. These powerful abilities, coupled with unique advanced weapons, create a symphony of destruction that's as exhilarating as it is visually stunning. 

As players invest in upgrading their arsenal, they're not merely enhancing their combat capabilities; they're crafting a personalized approach to overcoming formidable adversaries.

Hidden Gems and Nods to the Past

Metal Slug: Awakening is more than just a game; it's a treasure trove of surprises and nods to the franchise's rich history. The appearance of iconic characters like Hyakutaro and the ever-active Fat Marco adds a layer of charm and unpredictability. 

These moments of nostalgia offer players the chance to relive the excitement of the arcade era while rediscovering the elements that made Metal Slug an enduring classic. It will be super hypnotic, especially if you value retro vibes!

Other Exceptional Features of Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK 2023

  • Inventive Mechanics. The game introduces inventive mechanics like destroying boulders and blocking paths. This adds strategic depth and makes players active participants in shaping their journey.
  • Weapon-Powered Terrain Crossing. Metal Slug: Awakening takes weapon utility to a new level. Players can now use their weapons strategically to aid in crossing terrain, turning firepower into a tool for navigation.
  • Nostalgia Reimagined. The game's devotion to nostalgia is evident through the revival of iconic elements like the whimsical Fat Marco and enigmatic mummies. This nod to the past resonates with fans and intrigues newcomers.
  • Diverse Locations. Embark on a globetrotting adventure through diverse locales. From the arid Desert Mine to the clandestine Secretive Lab and the lush Southend Rainforest, each location offers unique challenges and visual delights.
  • Revolutionary Super Vehicles. The Metal Slug series is known for its vehicles, and Metal Slug: Awakening takes it to the next level. Enjoy an array of advanced super vehicles, from sky-rides to ground-breaking tanks and SV-camels, each bringing unique strategic advantages.


metal slug awakening mod apk latest version
  • Personalization and Weaponry. Metal Slug: Awakening lets players personalize their combat abilities by choosing from various weapons. Classic options like the H, L, I gun series and imaginative choices like the flame shot, blizzard, and smashing boxing gun empower players to adapt their arsenal to their play style.
  • Easter Eggs and Surprises. Embedded within the game's landscapes are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Players can rescue the iconic Hyakutaro for mysterious gifts and coins, while the lively Fat Marco adds unexpected moments of humor and nostalgia.
  • A Saga of Innovation and Tradition. Metal Slug: Awakening embodies both innovation and tradition. It marries inventive mechanics with cherished elements, inviting players to a world that bridges the past and present, offering a gaming experience that's as timeless as it is exhilarating.
  • Beautiful Graphics and Sound Effects. Unlike its predecessors, some elements in this game are presented in 3D. This gives players unrivaled scenery as they battle their adversaries. Additionally, the game integrates highly hypnotic sound effects that complement all in-game activities.
  • Simple Controls. This game was designed to enable players to concentrate on shooting. Its controls are unsophisticated, ensuring players give 100% to the gameplay. 

Download Requirements and Additional Information 

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK download is relatively heavy. The original game is approximately 1.3 GB, requiring substantial RAM and storage space to work optimally.

It is designed to work with Android 4.4+ devices. This way, players with relatively old devices can still enjoy the game (as long as their devices have adequate storage space).


Metal Slug Awakening APK combines nostalgia with innovation, ensuring a unique shooting escapade for all gamers. It expertly blends retro visuals with modern graphics while introducing gameplay features that cater to contemporary preferences.

As players embark on their Metal Slug journey, they will have unique weapons to help them defeat their enemies. However, it will require dedication and strategy to outsmart your highly committed adversaries.

If you’re looking to relive retro arcade experiences, download Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK unlimited money. It will take you on a thrilling journey to the past, reviving nostalgic memories that will leave you asking for more game time!

Download Metal Slug Awakening (1.40 Gb)
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