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Discover Kuroko Street Rivals APK latest version for Android in 2024. Download this thrilling sports game and experience unparalleled excitement.

Information of Kuroko Street Rivals

Name Kuroko Street Rivals
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 302
Size 941.44 Mb
Category Sports
Developer 5xgames
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited ultimate moves (even if you don't have enough stamina, you can still use them)

About Kuroko Street Rivals

Kuroko Street Rivals APK is a pioneering new mobile sports games market addition. This thrilling game, designed specifically for Android users and available on Google Play, represents a significant advancement in its category. Developed by the innovative team at 5xgames, this game vividly captures the intense realm of street basketball. It's not just a game; it combines high-speed action, strategic gameplay, and the beloved "Kuroko's Basketball" world.

What is New characters in Kuroko Street Rivals APK?

The most recent version of Kuroko Street Rivals has greatly improved the intensity of basketball matches on mobile devices. One of this update's key features is adding new characters, which adds greater complexity and variety to the game.

Original manga and anime series fans will be delighted to encounter familiar and unfamiliar characters. These additions enrich the game's roster and offer new strategies and challenges for players.

The new characters in Kuroko Street Rivals include:

  • Tetsuya Kuroko: Known for his "misdirection" and "phantom shots," Kuroko remains a central figure in the game. His unique playing style offers a distinct advantage in team strategies.
kuroko street rivals apk
  • Taiga Kagami: With his remarkable jumping ability and sheer power, Kagami brings excitement to the game.
  • Many others: A host of other new characters, each with unique skills and abilities, enhancing the realistic gameplay.

The latest members added to the Kuroko Street Rivals lineup guarantee to maintain the game thrilling and captivating. The game features a diverse range of characters, enabling players to encounter various playing styles and team formations.

Additionally, the immersive story mode incorporates these characters into the plot, allowing players to delve into their histories and reasons. This combination of new talent and familiar characters ensures that Kuroko Street Rivals remains essential for basketball game enthusiasts.

Features of Kuroko Street Rivals APK

Heated Online Battles & Character Implementation

Kuroko Street Rivals revolutionizes mobile basketball gameplay with real-time Heated online battles. This feature is a core game component, offering players an exhilarating competitive experience. Below are the key aspects of this feature:

  • Competitive Matches: Players compete against others nationwide, testing their skills and strategies in a high-stakes environment.
kuroko street rivals apk download
  • Global Leaderboards: Success in these matches contributes to global rankings, where players can compete to be the best.
  • Real-Time Interaction: The live, real-time aspect adds an element of unpredictability and excitement, making each match unique.

Additionally, Kuroko Street Rivals is celebrated for its Implemented many characters. This character diversity allows for various gameplay styles and strategies, with each character bringing unique skills to the court.

Engaging Content & Story Mode

The Lots of content in Kuroko Street Rivals ensures that players always have something new and exciting to explore. Key elements include:

  • Mini-Games: Various mini-games, from 3on3 matches to training sessions, provide diverse challenges and ways to enhance player skills.
  • Free Games: These offer casual, stress-free gaming experiences, perfect for unwinding or practicing new techniques.

The Special implementation of newly drawn costumes also adds a unique flair to the game, allowing players to customize their characters in exciting ways.

Moreover, the Story mode, where you can relive the original work, is a standout feature. It allows players to experience the beloved story of "Kuroko's Basketball," bringing a narrative depth to the gaming experience. This model includes:

  • Narrative-Driven Gameplay: Players follow the anime's storyline, engaging in matches and events that align with the original plot.
kuroko street rivals apk mod
  • Character Development: As players progress, they uncover more about each character's backstory, adding layers to the gaming experience.

Kuroko Street Rivals offers a rich and diverse gaming experience, blending competitive gameplay with engaging content and a deep narrative mode. This blend of features ensures that the game remains a favorite among fans of basketball and anime alike.

Best Tips for Kuroko Street Rivals APK

Mastering Kuroko Street Rivals requires more than just basic knowledge of the game; it demands strategic thinking and smart gameplay. Here are some essential tips to excel in the game:

Train Your Characters: Regular training is crucial in Kuroko Street Rivals. Enhancing your characters' skills and abilities will give you a significant edge in matches. Focus on:

  • Skill Improvement: Upgrade your characters' skills to match your gameplay style.
kuroko street rivals apk android
  • Balanced Training: Ensure all team members receive attention to create a well-rounded team.

Participate in Mini-Games: Engaging in the various mini-games not only provides entertainment but also offers numerous benefits:

  • Skill Enhancement: Mini-games are a great way to hone specific skills and tactics.
  • Earn Rewards: These games often provide rewards that can be used to improve your team or characters.

Choose Your Team Wisely: The composition of your team in Kuroko Street Rivals can greatly influence your success:

  • Understand Character Strengths: Align your team members based on their strengths and weaknesses for strategic advantage.
  • Team Synergy: Consider how different characters' abilities complement each other to form an effective team.

Use Special Moves Strategically: Special moves in Kuroko Street Rivals are powerful, but they should be used judiciously:

  • Timing is Key: Deploy special moves at critical moments to turn the game's tide.
kuroko street rivals apk new
  • Energy Management: Be mindful of the energy cost associated with special moves.

Stay Up-to-Date: Keeping abreast of the latest updates and features in Kuroko Street Rivals can significantly enhance your gameplay:

  • New Features and Characters: Updates often introduce new elements that can change the game's dynamics.
  • Event Participation: Special events can offer unique challenges and rewards, providing fresh experiences and opportunities.

By following these tips, players can fully enjoy and excel in the dynamic world of Kuroko Street Rivals, making each gaming session both challenging and rewarding.


Kuroko Street Rivals APK is a must-have game for basketball and anime enthusiasts. Its blend of dynamic gameplay, diverse characters, and engaging storylines creates an immersive experience. For those looking to dive into a world where sports and animation converge in an excitingly unique way, downloading Kuroko Street Rivals is the perfect start.

Download Kuroko Street Rivals (941.44 Mb)
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