Kings of Pool Mod APK 1.25.5 (Unlimited money)

Icon Kings of Pool Mod APK 1.25.5 (Unlimited money)
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Download the new version of Kings of Pool MOD APK for Android in 2024 and experience the ultimate game with enhanced AR mode.

Information of Kings of Pool

Name Kings of Pool
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.25.5
Size 72.4 MB
Category Sports
Developer Uken Games
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited guideline

About Kings of Pool

Step into the dynamic realm of Kings of Pool APK, the leading pool game available on mobile platforms. Crafted by Uken Games, this game stands out on Google Play for enthusiasts of both athletic endeavors and laid-back gaming. Tailored for users of Android devices, Kings of Pool delivers a fully engaging multiplayer encounter, along with an enjoyable single-player mode for offline amusement. Dive into a universe where authentic pool mechanics blend with contemporary technology, establishing a fresh benchmark for mobile pool games. Whether you seek to compete against global opponents or unwind, Kings of Pool offers a genuine pool hall experience to players worldwide in a convenient format.

What is New in Kings of Pool APK?

The latest update to Kings of Pool has brought a slew of exciting new features and improvements, enhancing the game experience for every player. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Graphics and Controls: The visual appeal of Kings of Pool has reached new heights, with graphics that are more vibrant and detailed than ever before. Controls have been fine-tuned for even greater precision, allowing players to make shots with confidence and accuracy.
  • Expanded Cue Variety: A broader selection of cues is now available, offering a range of abilities and aesthetics. This update ensures that every player can find a cue that not only matches their style but also enhances their gameplay.
  • AR Mode Upgrades: The revolutionary AR Mode has received significant enhancements, providing a more immersive and realistic billiards experience. Players can now enjoy an even more engaging game of pool, with improved AR technology that brings the table to life in any environment.
king of pool mod apk
  • Increased Endless Entertainment: With the introduction of new levels, challenges, and tournaments, Kings of Pool continues to offer endless entertainment. Players will find themselves constantly engaged, with fresh content that keeps the game exciting and new.
  • Community and Social Features: New social features make it easier for players to connect, compete, and share their achievements. Whether you're looking to challenge a friend or brag about a high score, Kings of Pool has enhanced its community features to bring players together like never before.
  • Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes: The game's overall performance has been optimized, and numerous bugs have been squashed. This ensures a smoother, more reliable gaming experience for all players, making Kings of Pool more enjoyable than ever.

Features of Kings of Pool APK

Premier Features of Kings of Pool

Kings of Pool elevates gameplay to unparalleled heights with features designed to engage and thrill. At its core, the Premier Pool Experience combines intuitive controls with stunning visuals, creating an immersive game that appeals to both casual and competitive players. Highlights include:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Pool: This innovative feature allows players to project a life-sized pool table onto any flat surface, merging the digital and physical worlds. The AR mode not only showcases Kings of Pool's cutting-edge technology but also enhances the playing experience with its realism and interactivity.
  • Big Bets and Wins: For those with a competitive edge, Kings of Pool offers high-stakes tables where the risks are as great as the rewards. Victory in these arenas requires skill and strategy, making each win a significant achievement.
king of pool mod apk download
  • Play with Friends in Clubs: Building a community is a breeze in Kings of Pool. Players can form or join clubs, engaging in friendly competition or teaming up to climb the ranks together. This social feature adds a layer of camaraderie and challenge, making the game even more engaging.
  • Leaderboard: Ambitious players can see how they stack up against the best in the world. The leaderboard is a testament to skill, strategy, and dedication, offering fame and bragging rights to those who reach the top.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

Kings of Pool isn't just about hitting balls into pockets; it's about mastering the art through Trick Shots and strategic play. Key aspects include:

  • Trick Shots: The game's sophisticated physics engine allows for creativity and flair in shot-making. Players can execute dazzling trick shots that defy expectations and showcase their skill.
  • Realistic Physics: Every aspect of gameplay in Kings of Pool is underpinned by a physics engine that mimics the real-life behavior of billiard balls. This attention to detail ensures that strategy and skill are paramount, making victories all the more satisfying.
king of pool mod apk unlimited money
  • Diverse Game Modes: Whether you're in the mood for a quick match, a long tournament, or an AR mode adventure, Kings of Pool has something for everyone. The variety keeps the game fresh and exciting, offering endless hours of entertainment.
  • Customization Options: Players can personalize their experience with various cues, table designs, and even AR mode environments. This level of customization ensures that every game feels unique and tailored to individual preferences.

Best Tips for Kings of Pool APK

To dominate in Kings of Pool, it’s crucial to master certain strategies and nuances of the game. Here are the best tips for elevating your gameplay:

  • Master Spin and English: Understanding how to effectively apply spin to the cue ball can drastically change your game. It allows for more advanced shot options, helps in controlling the table, and sets you up for your next shot. Invest time in getting familiar with how different spins affect the ball movement.
king of pool mod apk latest version
  • Practice Trick Shots: Kings of Pool offers a sophisticated physics engine that allows for the execution of impressive trick shots. Regular practice of these shots can not only be fun but also give you a significant advantage in competitive play. They can be game-changers in tight situations.
  • Join Clubs: Being part of a club in Kings of Pool opens up a myriad of benefits, including access to exclusive events and the ability to play alongside skilled teammates. Clubs can provide valuable support, advice, and practice opportunities that can help improve your game.
  • Study Opponents: Paying close attention to your opponents' strategies and shot selections can provide insights into their playstyle and potential weaknesses. Use this knowledge to adapt your approach, anticipate their moves, and counter them effectively.
  • Focus on Positioning: Good positioning is key to maintaining control over the game. Always think a few shots ahead, planning where you want the cue ball to end up after your current shot. This foresight is essential for setting up subsequent shots and can significantly impact your ability to clear the table efficiently.
king of pool mod apk for android

Implementing these strategies in Kings of Pool will not only enhance your enjoyment of the game but also increase your chances of becoming a formidable player.


Immerse yourself in the realm of Kings of Pool and embark on an incredible billiards adventure on your smartphone. This game provides an array of amazing elements including augmented reality, competitive tournaments, and useful advice to enhance players' skills in the strategic aspect of the game. Whether you're an experienced player looking to enhance your abilities or a beginner eager to discover the thrilling universe of pool, Kings of Pool MOD APK caters to all. Do not pass up on this captivating experience - get the game now and begin your journey towards becoming a pool champion.

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