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Immerse in the chilling adventure of KAMLA Horror Game APK. Explore the new version, perfect for Android. Download now and unlock a spectral game journey in 2024.

Information of KAMLA Horror Game

Name KAMLA Horror Game
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 3.0
Size 30 MB
Category Simulation
Developer MadMantraGames
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About KAMLA Horror Game

Dive into the eerie world of KAMLA Horror Game APK, a captivating mobile game that redefines horror adventure on Android devices. Developed by MadMantraGames, this game harnesses the mystique of 1970s India, blending cultural folklore with spine-chilling gameplay. It promises an immersive experience that combines ancient rituals and modern thrills. Whether you are new to horror games or a seasoned enthusiast, KAMLA offers a unique adventure that stands out in the mobile gaming landscape. Prepare to explore its dark corridors and haunting story.

What is New in KAMLA Horror Game APK?

The latest update to KAMLA Horror Game brings a host of exciting new features, enhancing the game experience for players across the globe. These additions enrich the game's Cultural Immersion, amplify its Thrilling Atmosphere, elevate the Intellectual Challenge, and boost Community Engagement. Here’s what’s new:

  • Enhanced Character Detail: The characters, including the enigmatic Kamla, receive more detailed backstories and interactions, deepening the player's engagement and emotional connection.
kamla horror game apk
  • Improved Cultural Elements: The game now includes more artifacts and symbols rooted in Indian traditions, enhancing Cultural Immersion and authenticity.
  • Advanced Puzzle Mechanics: New and complex puzzles have been introduced, providing a greater Intellectual Challenge and ensuring that both new and veteran players are equally thrilled.
  • Dynamic Weather Effects: The Thrilling Atmosphere of the game is heightened by real-time weather changes, affecting gameplay and strategy.
  • Community Features: Social connectivity features have been expanded to encourage Community Engagement, including leaderboards, shared challenges, and direct player-to-player communication.
  • Optimized for Android Performance: Improvements in game engine and graphics optimization specifically for Android devices ensure a smoother and more responsive experience.
kamla horror game apk download
  • Localized Voice Acting: To enhance the immersion, the game now includes localized voice acting, capturing the regional nuances of the setting.


These updates promise to enrich your adventure, making each session with KAMLA Horror Game a memorable experience.

Features of KAMLA Horror Game APK

First-Person Survival Horror

The core of KAMLA Horror Game is its immersive First-Person Survival Horror gameplay. Players experience the terror first-hand as they navigate through the haunted landscapes:

  • Immersive Player Experience: Every corner turned could lead to heart-pounding encounters, making the gameplay intensely personal and thrilling.
  • Realistic Horror Elements: The game employs realistic graphics and sound effects that heighten the sensation of being in a truly haunted environment.
kamla horror game apk for android
  • Interactive Horror Scenarios: Every scenario is designed to challenge the player's nerves, with unexpected frights and hidden dangers lurking in the shadows.

Indian Folklore Setting and Exorcism Rituals

KAMLA Horror Game distinguishes itself with an authentic Indian Folklore Setting and intricate Exorcism Rituals and Puzzles. This blend offers a rich cultural tapestry and unique gameplay elements:

  • Culturally Rich Storyline: The game draws heavily from Indian myths and legends, providing a deep narrative that's rare in horror gaming.
  • Ritualistic Gameplay Mechanics: Players must learn and perform various exorcism rituals to progress, adding layers of complexity and authenticity to the puzzles.
  • Integration of Folklore in Puzzles: The puzzles are not only challenging but are also infused with folklore elements, making them integral to the story and setting.
kamla horror game apk latest version

These features combine to create a game that is not just about scares, but also about immersion in a culturally rich narrative and engaging in intellectually challenging activities. The Detailed Environments and Chilling Soundtrack further pull players into the eerie world of KAMLA Horror Game, making every moment in the game an unforgettable adventure.

Best Tips for KAMLA Horror Game APK

To excel in KAMLA Horror Game, players need to employ strategies that leverage the unique aspects of the game. Here are some of the best tips to help you navigate its challenges and enhance your gaming experience:


  • Listen Carefully: Sound plays a crucial role in KAMLA Horror Game. Audio cues can alert you to hidden dangers or guide you to secret areas. Paying attention to these can be the difference between survival and failure.
  • Explore Thoroughly: The game is rich with intricate environments that hold keys to progressing in your quest. Don’t rush; take your time to scour every room, corridor, and hidden nook to find essential items and clues.
  • Manage Resources: Resources in KAMLA Horror Game are scarce. Whether it's health potions, energy, or ritual items, use them sparingly. Plan and strategize how you deploy resources to ensure you can make it through tougher challenges.
kamla horror game apk new version
  • Stay Calm: The eerie and tense atmosphere of KAMLA Horror Game is designed to unnerve players. Keeping a level head will help you make rational decisions in high-pressure situations, preventing costly mistakes.
  • Learn the Rituals: Understanding and mastering the Exorcism Rituals and Puzzles is key to advancing in the game. Take time to learn these procedures; this knowledge is crucial to defeating spirits and unlocking new areas.

Adhering to these strategies will not only enhance your enjoyment of KAMla Horror Game but also increase your chances of successfully overcoming its horrors.


Embark on an enthralling journey with KAMLA Horror Game, where ancient folklore meets modern gaming sophistication. Each element, from the meticulously crafted puzzles to the atmospheric storytelling, is designed to immerse you in a world both terrifying and captivating. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique blend of culture and horror. Download KAMLA Horror Game APK today and step into a narrative that you will not only play but live through, as each decision and discovery shapes your path through its dark and mystic world.

Download KAMLA Horror Game (30 MB)
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