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Experience the allure of Juragan Fauna MOD APK, the game sensation of 2024. Download its new version and enjoy a zoo management thrill on Android!

Information of Juragan Fauna

Name Juragan Fauna
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 3.3.7
Size 492.55 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Trimatra Studio
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money (use gold to buy money)
  • No ads

About Juragan Fauna

In the world of Juragan Fauna APK, becoming a zoo owner is not just a dream but a vibrant reality. This mobile game, bursting with intricate details and lifelike scenarios, captures the essence of zoo management, bringing it right to the palm of your hand. Whether it's curating the perfect habitat for animals or juggling the business side of things, every decision counts.

What is New in Juragan Fauna APK?

The ever-evolving world of Juragan Fauna consistently surprises its ardent players. With each update, the game brings fresh content, ensuring the player's experience remains thrilling:

  • New Exotic Animals: Dive deeper into the world of wildlife with an array of newly added exotic animals. Discover creatures you've never seen, from the mysterious depths of the ocean to the lofty heights of mountain peaks.
  • Advanced Trading System: Enhance your trading acumen! A revamped trading system ensures players get the best deals for their animals and goods, making the business side of the zoo even more intriguing.
juragan fauna mod apk
  • Dynamic Weather Patterns: Experience the game in a whole new light! Dynamic weather changes now affect your zoo's operations, bringing an added layer of challenge.
  • Interactive Animal Shows: Engage your visitors with mesmerizing animal shows. Train your exotic animals to perform, delighting crowds and boosting your zoo's popularity.
  • Upgraded Infrastructure: Modernize your zoo with state-of-the-art facilities. From advanced animal care units to improved visitor amenities, ensure your establishment remains top-notch.

With these fresh additions, Juragan Fauna reinforces its commitment to delivering an unparalleled adventure filled with challenge and excitement at every turn.

How to Play Juragan Fauna APK

Mastering the Basics:

The essence of Juragan Fauna lies in its detailed and immersive simulation, where each player controls every facet of the zoo.

  • Strategic Planning: Before building, ensure you have a strategic layout. Where will the lion's den be? How close should the café be to the playground?
  • Animal Selection: Opt for a mix of cute creatures and majestic beasts. Remember, variety attracts visitors.


juragan fauna mod apk download
  • Staffing: Hire adequate security personnel, cleaners, and caretakers. Ensure the zoo runs smoothly with a well-trained team.
  • Budgeting: Allocate funds wisely. Whether investing in a new animal habitat or upgrading amenities for visitors, every decision impacts the zoo's profitability.

Advanced Gameplay Mechanics:

The complexity grows as you delve deeper into the game, offering a richer gaming experience.

  • Trading & Procurement: Keep your zoo fresh and dynamic by regularly trading animals and procuring new exhibits.
  • Special Events: Organize events like animal birthdays or festive celebrations. This not only keeps visitors engaged but also boosts revenue.
juragan fauna mod apk unlimited money
  • Research & Conservation: Invest in research to understand your animals better. Discover a new dietary supplement that increases their longevity or find innovative ways to preserve endangered species.
  • Feedback & Improvements: Collect feedback from visitors to improve continually. They may want a larger parking space or suggest a new type of food stall.
  • Challenges & Quests: Take on periodic challenges that test your management skills. Completing these gives a sense of achievement and unlocks exclusive content.

Best Tips for Juragan Fauna APK

As you embark on this journey, here are some essential pointers to help you excel:

  • Start Small, Dream Big: When you're ready to become a zoo, start with a modest size and gradually expand. This ensures you manage resources efficiently and don't stretch yourself too thin.
  • Diversify the Animal Kingdom: Ensure your zoo is complete with exotic animals. While lions and tigers might be the star attractions, don't forget about birds, reptiles, and aquatic life. Offer a comprehensive experience with exotic animals and all kinds of diverse habitats.


juragan fauna mod apk for android
  • Research is Key: To truly become a zoo owner who excels, research each animal's needs. This enhances their well-being and boosts visitor satisfaction.
  • Prioritize Animal Welfare: In Juragan Fauna, it's not only animals that are important but also their happiness and health. Regular health check-ups, suitable diets, and spacious enclosures are crucial.
  • Engage with Your Visitors: Feedback is gold. Engage with your visitors to understand what they love and what they believe can be enhanced. This direct insight can shape your strategies.
  • Financial Wisdom: Remember, being a real tycoon who owns a successful zoo means being financially savvy. The balance between investments in new attractions and the maintenance of existing ones.
  • Training & Workshops for Staff: A knowledgeable team enhances the zoo's operations. Regular workshops ensure your team is updated about the latest in animal care and management practices.
juragan fauna mod apk 2023
  • Marketing & Promotions: Regular events, discounts, and marketing campaigns draw more footfalls. Be creative and offer something unique to stand out.
  • Conservation Efforts: Align with global conservation efforts. Not only does it boost your zoo's reputation, but it also plays a part in the larger picture of animal conservation.


Juragan Fauna MOD APK emerges as a standout experience. As players embark on their zoo-owning journey, every decision and strategy echoes the pulse of real-world challenges and rewards. The game captures the essence of management, responsibility, and the joy of watching one's dream unfold in real time. 

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