IndyCall Mod APK 1.16.63 (Unlimited minutes/Credits)

Icon IndyCall Mod APK 1.16.63 (Unlimited minutes/Credits)
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Get the latest version of IndyCall MOD APK for seamless connectivity. Download now and join the revolution of free calling apps for Android users.

Information of IndyCall

Name IndyCall
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.16.63
Size 69.63 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Indycall
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • No ads

About IndyCall

In an era where communication should know no bounds, IndyCall APK emerges as a beacon of connectivity for Android users. This ingenious application shatters the conventional barriers of telecommunication, liberating users from the shackles of costly calls. Available on Google Play, this app has been crafted with precision by its developer to ensure that distance is no longer a deterrent to conversation. It stands out as a sterling example of how mobile technology can empower us to maintain ties without the burden of expense. With IndyCall, your voice can traverse the lengths and breadths of India, free of charge.

How to Use IndyCall APK

  • Begin by downloading the IndyCall app onto your Android device from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch IndyCall and grant the necessary permissions for optimal functionality.
indycall mod apk
  • To initiate a call, select the contact from the phone-book or dial a number manually.
  • Upon dialing, an advertisement will start. Feel free to engage with it if it piques your interest, then you can close the ads to proceed.
  • Patience is key; you may need to dial a couple of times to get connected. Perseverance pays off as you get ready to enjoy limitless conversations across India.

Innovative Features of IndyCall APK 

  • Free calls to India: The cornerstone of the IndyCall app is its ability to provide absolutely free calls to any Indian number. It breaks the norm of costly international dialing, offering a cost-free communication avenue for individuals who wish to stay connected with friends and family in India.
indycall mod apk download
  • No ads: Unlike many free communication platforms, IndyCall offers an immersive experience without interrupting your calls with advertisements. This feature ensures that your conversations are smooth and uninterrupted, fostering a more personal and immediate connection with your loved ones.
  • Indyminutes: For those looking to extend their calling capabilities beyond India, the IndyCall app introduces Indyminutes. This in-app currency can be earned or purchased, enabling users to make international calls and enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • Caller ID: Knowing who is on the other end of the line is crucial, and IndyCall doesn’t skimp on this feature. With Caller ID, users are always informed about the identity of the incoming caller, which enhances security and personalization of the service.
indycall mod apk unlimited minutes
  • Temporary caller number: To maintain privacy and security, IndyCall assigns a temporary caller number for each call you make. This ensures that your personal number remains undisclosed, providing peace of mind and anonymity where necessary.

Each feature of IndyCall is meticulously designed to ensure that your calling experience is nothing short of exceptional. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, this app stands out as a stellar communication tool in the digital realm. Whether it's the allure of free calls or the advanced features like Indyminutes and Caller ID, IndyCall is tailored to meet the contemporary needs of a global audience.

Optimal Usage Tips for IndyCall APK 

  • Earn Indyminutes: Maximize your IndyCall experience by engaging in activities that reward you with Indyminutes. Completing tasks or participating in surveys within the app can bolster your balance, allowing you to venture beyond Indian borders with your calls or enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free calling session.
  • Use a good internet connection: The quality of your calls on IndyCall greatly depends on the stability of your internet connection. Ensure that you are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network or have strong mobile data coverage to maintain crystal-clear conversations and a seamless call connection.
indycall mod apk unlimited credits
  • Check the call time limit: Always be aware of the call time limit displayed within IndyCall. Understanding that the duration of a free call may vary based on your location and the recipient’s number will help you manage your calling time efficiently.
  • Remove ads with Indyminutes: If advertisements are not your cup of tea, IndyCall offers a solution. Use your earned or purchased Indyminutes to bypass ads, facilitating a more focused and engaging communication experience.
  • Check the options for free minutes: Regularly explore the "Free minutes" section in the IndyCall app. It's replete with opportunities to increase your minutes without monetary investment, which can extend your talking periods or upgrade your calling features.

By adhering to these tips, users can significantly enhance their IndyCall usage, ensuring that every call made is optimized for the best possible experience. Whether it’s through accruing Indyminutes or securing a strong internet connection, each piece of advice is geared towards empowering you with a more efficient and enjoyable communication platform.

IndyCall APK Alternatives

  • WhatsApp: A behemoth among apps for instant messaging, WhatsApp goes beyond text by offering voice and video calls. Its user-friendly interface caters to a global audience, ensuring you stay connected with friends and family through high-quality calls, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Its encryption promises secure conversations, making it a solid alternative to IndyCall for personal and professional communication.
indycall mod apk latest version
  • Skype: An enduring favorite in the realm of digital communication, Skype offers voice, video calls, and instant messaging. Its ability to connect users to both Skype accounts and traditional landlines and mobile phones makes it a versatile choice. For those seeking to conduct video conferences or international calls with ease, Skype presents a robust option alongside IndyCall.
  • Viber: Viber excels in the arena of connectivity with its free voice and video calls to other Viber users. It blends the borders between social networking and telephony, offering a plethora of stickers and emoticons to enrich conversations. For those wanting a mix of fun and functionality in their communication app, Viber is a worthy contender to consider in lieu of IndyCall.


Exploring the diverse landscape of communication apps brings us to the simplicity and allure of IndyCall MOD APK. It stands out with its user-centric design, offering free calls within India's vast telephonic network. Those inclined to tap into its benefits can readily download the app, stepping into a realm where connectivity is not gated by credit balances but fueled by convenience and accessibility. In the age where digital communication is indispensable, IndyCall emerges as a compelling ally for seamless interaction.

Download IndyCall (69.63 Mb)
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