Hungry Dragon Mod APK 5.2 (Unlimited money/Unlocked/Menu)

Icon Hungry Dragon Mod APK 5.2 (Unlimited money/Unlocked/Menu)
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Dive into relentless action with Hungry Dragon MOD APK, the ultimate game to download for Android in 2024. Experience a new version of fiery fun!

Information of Hungry Dragon

Name Hungry Dragon
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 5.2
Size 139.4 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Hungry Dragon

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Hungry Dragon APK, a captivating single player game that transforms your mobile device into a realm of mythical excitement. Available on Android through Google Play, this immersive experience is offered by Ubisoft Entertainment, inviting players to soar through skies, unleash fiery mayhem, and devour everything in sight. As you navigate through this vibrant world, the sheer pleasure of control and destruction opens up a unique blend of freedom and chaos, tailored specifically for those seeking an unparalleled escapade on their Android devices.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Hungry Dragon

The allure of Hungry Dragon lies in its engaging gameplay that keeps players glued to their screens, exploring an open world where destruction and mayhem reign supreme. The game's dynamic environment, teeming with unsuspecting prey and hidden treasures, provides an ever-changing landscape that challenges players to adapt and thrive. This unpredictability, combined with the thrill of unleashing havoc as a powerful dragon, creates a gameplay experience that is as exhilarating as it is rewarding. The game’s ability to merge freedom with fiery destruction offers an immersive escape that resonates deeply with those who crave action-packed adventures.

hungry dragon mod apk

Moreover, Hungry Dragon elevates the gaming experience with extensive customization options and competitive leagues, ensuring a high replay value. Players delight in the opportunity to personalize their dragons, enhancing not just the visual appeal but also the gameplay strategy. This level of customization, coupled with the game's competitive leagues, adds a layer of depth and competitiveness that keeps players returning for more. The data supports its popularity, boasting millions of downloads, a testament to its engaging content and community. Whether it's the pursuit of the highest score or the thrill of competition, Hungry Dragon offers a rich, detailed world that continuously evolves to meet the desires of its player base.

Features of Hungry Dragon APK

  • Collect Unique Dragons: Hungry Dragon stands out by allowing players to amass a diverse collection of dragons, each with distinct abilities and attributes. This feature not only enriches the gameplay experience but also offers players the excitement of discovering and mastering the unique powers of each dragon, adding a layer of strategy and personalization to the game.
  • Costumes and Customization: A highlight of Hungry Dragon is its in-depth costumes and customization options. Players can outfit their dragons with a wide array of whimsical costumes that do more than change appearances; they enhance abilities. This aspect of customization is crucial for players who wish to optimize their dragon's performance and aesthetics, providing a fun and strategic element to the game.
hungry dragon mod apk all dragons unlocked
  • Exotic Pets and Boosts: The game introduces an innovative feature with exotic pets and boosts, where players can equip their dragons with bizarre creatures that offer various enhancements during flight. These companions not only add to the visual appeal but significantly impact the gameplay, offering new tactics and advantages.
  • Feeding Frenzy: The core of Hungry Dragon is its feeding frenzy mechanic. Players navigate through a richly detailed medieval world, devouring everything in their path to increase their score. The destructible environments and hidden areas encourage exploration and reward curiosity, making each flight a new opportunity for discovery and destruction.
  • Feel the Burn: True to its name, Hungry Dragon allows players to feel the burn by activating Fire Rush, a devastating ability that incinerates everything in its path. This feature not only provides spectacular visual effects but also adds an exciting strategic element to the gameplay, allowing players to clear obstacles and enemies with ease.

Characters in Hungry Dragon APK

  • Blaze: In the world of Hungry Dragon, Blaze stands out as a fiery protagonist whose presence ignites fear in the hearts of villagers and monsters alike. This character embodies the game's essence, with abilities that cater to players who enjoy a direct and explosive gameplay style, making every flight with Blaze a thrilling experience.
  • Nix: Nix offers a refreshing contrast as a water-based dragon in Hungry Dragon. This character introduces a unique dynamic to the game, appealing to players who favor agility and precision over brute force. Nix's abilities allow for a different approach to the game's challenges, providing a versatile gameplay experience.
hungry dragon mod apk download
  • Drako: The fearsome Drako is a testament to the diversity of dragons in Hungry Dragon. This character is designed for players who appreciate strength and resilience, with abilities that emphasize endurance and power. Engaging in gameplay with Drako offers a robust experience, ideal for overcoming formidable obstacles and enemies.
  • Luna: As a moon-themed dragon, Luna adds an element of mystique to Hungry Dragon. This character appeals to players drawn to the mystical and mysterious aspects of gameplay. Luna's unique abilities provide strategic advantages under certain conditions, enhancing the mystical experience of flying through the game's world.
  • Spike: Spike is the embodiment of defense turning into offense in Hungry Dragon. This spiky menace offers a unique gameplay style, attracting players who prefer a more defensive approach that can suddenly shift to aggressive assaults. Spike's abilities make navigating through the game's challenges both strategic and satisfying.

Best Tips for Hungry Dragon APK

  • Upgrade Regularly: A pivotal strategy in Hungry Dragon is to upgrade regularly. Investing in upgrades for your dragons enhances their abilities, making them faster, stronger, and more resilient. This practice is crucial for progressing through the game, as tougher challenges and enemies become easier to overcome with upgraded dragons.
  • Explore Thoroughly: Hungry Dragon's vast world is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Players are encouraged to explore thoroughly, smashing through obstacles to access hidden areas. This exploration not only satisfies curiosity but also rewards players with bonuses, collectibles, and rare items that enhance the gameplay experience.
hungry dragon mod menu
  • Master Fire Rush: To truly excel in Hungry Dragon, players must master Fire Rush, a powerful ability that temporarily makes your dragon invincible and capable of incinerating everything in its path. Learning to activate Fire Rush at the optimal moment can drastically change the tide of any flight, providing a significant advantage in both offense and defense.
  • Complete Challenges: Engaging in and completing challenges within the game offers numerous benefits, including rewards, upgrades, and new content. These challenges push players to refine their skills and strategies, offering a deeper and more rewarding gameplay experience. Focusing on challenges not only progresses your game but also sharpens your abilities as a formidable dragon master.


Delving into the captivating realm of Hungry Dragon offers a unique adventure. This game encourages players to tap into their inner dragon, navigate a intricately designed medieval world, and rise to the top of dragon power. With a wide range of characters, interactive elements, and numerous options for customization and exploration, it provides a captivating and endlessly enjoyable experience. For those prepared to start this fiery quest, choosing to download Hungry Dragon MOD APK is the initial step towards dominating the skies. Embrace the disorder, conquer the flames, and glide to greater heights in this unmatched adventure.

Download Hungry Dragon (139.4 MB)
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